About Tipsico Coin

Tipsico Coin LLC is a well established, full service mail order coin firm. We buy, sell and trade all manner of coinage, currency and exonumia (tokens, medals and related items), but we concentrate on U.S. collector coinage of the popular series.  We also offer more individual services such as servicing want lists.  We principally attend coin shows in the Pacific Northwest, but also travel to major shows in other areas of the U.S.


Who We Are

Tipsico Coin is owned and operated by Alex A. Pancheco, the third owner of the firm that bears the Tipsico name.  If you are interested in more on where we came from, please refer to the Our History page.  I have been a collector since childhood, but returned to collecting seriously in my adult years, as many in the hobby have.  I have been a dealer since 1990, full time since 1997.  My personal interests include the classic U.S. collector series, especially nickel coinage, as well as World’s Fair exonumia.  Tipsico and myself are members of a number of collector organizations, such as the ANA, Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association (I am a former Director of that organization), Barber Coin Collector’s Society and Liberty Nickel Collector’s Club.


Our Philosophy

Simply put, we believe in quality and value for the collector dollar.  We have long been recognized as one of the most conservative graders in the mail order business, and have maintained this consistency for several decades, even in the face of the current trend towards “gradeflation”.  You can read further on this and similar topics on the “Our Philosophy” page(s).