1793 Wreath Cent, Vine & Bars, Problem Free PCGS Coin

Year: 1793
Condition: PCGS Fine-12 [ PCGS 1347.12/26825259 ]
Country: United States
(SOLD Mid-2013 for $7500) Sheldon-6, aka Crosby’s “Warped or Sprung Die”. This appears to be Breen Die State II. This coin emerged from an old time Oregon collection in the second half of 2012, and as such has been off the market for a considerable period. Certified by PCGS as Fine-12, with some claims to a higher overall details grade. A particularly well struck Reverse, missing the outer beading just from about 12:00 down to 2:00. The “market” grade may be limited due to the slight weakness of the bottom portion of the “3” in the date – certainly the overall Obverse detail is stronger visually than an average Fine. About as problem free as you can get, with no obvious planchet issues, smooth “chocolate Brown” surfaces that do not show any signs of monkey business such as re-coloring, or heavy porosity. The coin is a bit darker that it appears in the enlarged images due to the lighting used. A notoriously difficult coin to find as a problem free example in a PCGS holder, even though it may be considered “common” by the standards of early Large Cents. NO strictly comparable examples seem to be available on the market at present, as far as I can tell. If you are looking for a NICE example of this edge variety for Type, an opportunity like this is not likely to be available again soon, as many of the certified examples are closely held.
Price On Request
Item Id #: 002837