1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar, Better Variety

Year: 1795
Condition: About Fine
Country: United States
(SOLD April, 2015 for $1,000) The classic Flowing Hair date for Type as the 1794 is barely attainable for most collector wallets. This is Overton-119, a unique and readily identifiable variety due to the "pierced" hair curl and die defect at Liberty's bust. Likewise, the Reverse is unique in the leaf point touching the I in UNITED, so no doubt as to the attribution (I was hoping that it might me the elusive and potentially unknown O-118 though!). A solid Very Good+, close to a full Fine - depending upon the grading guide used, you can make a claim that it is a Fine, although I think the Obverse is short. Be that as it may, a solid coin with a strong full rim without bumps or cuts, which is unusual in this low a grade. It does show some very old, fairly light scratches in the fields, principally between the legend and the top of Liberty's head - some on the Reverse are not as obvious and I have included an extra enhanced image to show them. What may be visible as marks or scratches at the Obverse rim at the 3:00 area are Mint-made adjustment marks. Undoubtedly cleaned a very long time ago (like 100 years or so), the color is decent now. I suspect that this was carried as a pocket piece for a while, accounting for the scratches. Given the problems, which are not too serious in the light of a working coin that is 220 years old, it obviously does not carry the full value of a problem free example (which in any case will cost you a healthy premium, especially if certified), I believe that I have priced it within reason. Interested parties are free to make me a reasonable counter-offer is they disagree strongly. Guaranteed genuine as always, forever, backed by our firms 40+ years in the business.
Price On Request
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