1813 Large Cent, RARE Problem Free Example, Only CAC Stickered Coin

Year: 1813
Condition: PCGS/CAC Fine-12
Country: United States
(SOLD April, 2015 for $695) The Classic Head Cent series of 1808-1814 seems to be one of the absolutely most difficult Copper coinage to find as a problem free, quality coin - and it is the #1 request from collectors I see at coin shows looking for Large Cents as a Type example. The coin offered here is the first NICE, no problem, original example I have been able to buy in quite some time. A recent purchase from the 2015 Portland, OR ANA Spring Show. As an example of the difficulty in finding these coins, I told some dealers that someone at the show had asked what price I wanted for this coin. When I told them that I quoted him something more than $600 as a quick "flip" (having owned the coin for all of 45 minutes or so) and he had passed on it, the overwhelming response was that he was "an idiot". A bit strong perhaps, but these seem to always command a premium over whatever the current price guides say they are "worth". Doubly difficult to find as a PCGS certified coin approved by CAC! Only 16 total at CAC, this is the sole Fine-12 (out of 6 certified by PCGS).
Price On Request
Item Id #: 004348