1796 Draped Bust Quarter, RARE One Year Type

Year: 1796
Condition: PCGS Fair-2 [ PCGS 5310.02/81488004 ]
Country: United States
(SOLD June, 2017 for $3,900) Browning-1. A numismatic classic, a one year Type and the only U. S. Quarter bearing a date in the 1700's - as such a "must have" for any complete U. S. Type collection. Unfortunately, a low mintage (6,146) and heavy use mean a four figure price in any grade. While this example is typically low grade, it shows a full clear date and the basic details are strong along the left edge. Most of Liberty's outline is visible; the Reverse as usual in this grade shows little detail. A coin of equivalent PCGS grade has not sold at auction for 5 years, and then at $5,000+; even damaged or heavy abraded coins typically sell for more than $3,000. The current PCGS Price Guide value is $6,000. A similarly graded coin, but with perhaps a touch more detail and nicer surfaces, is currently being offered for $7,000! For information's sake, historical research of auction records going back 50+ years indicates that on average only 15 coins or so are available for sale every year, in ALL grades. The present coin was recovered from a VERY old Type set that had been impounded in a bank. Thus it is new to the PCGS population and has likely been off the market for a couple generations. I was contacted by a researcher of this series who confirmed that fact for me, as he has been identifying & tracking every specimen that comes up for sale for a number of years.
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Item Id #: 005204