1795 Drapped Bust Half Dollar, 2 Leaves, Net Good to Very Good

Year: 1795
Condition: G/VG
Country: United States
(SOLD February, 2017 for $950) Overton-131, Two Leaves (R-4). A coin that shows very well some of the difficulties in grading the early Half Dollars, due to problems the U. S. Mint had striking these large coins due to primitive equipment. This coin has a solid Very Good to Fine Obverse, but a weaker Reverse. The details around the edge of the rims matches the Obverse, but the center is weak. This may be due to the characteristics of this specific variety, as it was the third use of the Obverse die (#18), and the Reverse is noted for a heavy die crack running from the "CA" of AMERICA around the bottom to UNITED. I also suspect that this is later die state. Interestingly enough, the Condition Census for O-131 is on average a lower grade than for some of the scarcer R-5 varieties, which suggests that perhaps many of this die paring were poorly struck to begin with. This specimen shows evidence of having been unearthed in the past, probably with a metal detector, as it shows some scratches and scuffs, as well as the typical cleaning. However, it was a long time ago as it shows some toning, especially along the Reverse rim where some multicolored toning has developed. With a relatively problem free example typically bringing $1200 to $1600, depending upon how it is graded (I have seen coins that look worse than this graded VG), this seems a reasonable compromise for someone who wished a decent example for Type as it shows a strong clear date which is not always common in lower grades. Offered no too much above current Wholesale ($900+).
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