1804 Draped Bust Quarter, Rare Early Quarter

Year: 1804
Condition: PCGS Good-4 [ PCGS 5312.04/84371041 ]
Country: United States
Browning-1. The second year of U. S. Quarter mintage, after a hiatus since the initial coins were produced in 1796. Not many more struck than that initial 1796 mintage (6,738), and fewer estimated to survive, less than 500 coins. The lower value is accounted for by the "sexiness" of the 1700's date of its earlier cousin. A nice bold Obverse with the common weaker Reverse at bottom. Seems original and problem free for the wear. Not commonly offered. One of the few currently available looks pretty much identical and is priced at $3750 in the same PCGS grade. I leave it to the observer as to whether the presently offered example provides a better value - I think it does.
Item Id #: 006087