1798 Draped Bust Silver Dollar, Heraldic Eagle, Nice Mid Grade Example

Year: 1798
Condition: PCGS F-15 [ PCGS 6873.15/34183857 ]
Country: United States
(SOLD October, 2018 for $1,700) Large Eagle, 13 Stars, Pointed 9, Four Stripes. Overall details of a Very Fine in my opinion, the stated certified grade "netted" down a few points for some minor marks. As is common for 18th and 19th Century U. S. Silver coins, the minor marks in the field and an area of disturbance at the edge (blown up image shown), appear to have resulted in the deduction of a few grade point by PCGS. This is a good example of their approach to "market grading", which seeks to establish the VALUE of a coin, not the technical state of preservation. By the way, I have certainly seen worse looking coins in certified VF holders! That makes the coin a good deal, as you get a "meatier" looking coin at the value of a lesser grade. This appears largely original, but as is common it is difficult to tell absolutely with coins that have been put away for a Century – this came out of a very old collection that has been off the market since prior to 1950. PCGS Guide value of $2,150.
Price On Request
Item Id #: 006093