1823 Capped Bust Half Dollar, So-Called "Ugly 3", Scarce

Year: 1823
Condition: PCGS XF-40 [ PCGS 6134.40/34183852 ]
Country: United States
(SOLD December, 2017 for $799, on ebay) Overton-110a. A long famous variety, so called for the malformed nature of the "3" digit in the date logotype. This occurred when the die was touched up to strengthen the center juncture of the upper & lower curves of the 3. With repeated use, it had become thin and wispy, and apparently the fear was the date would become partially illegible if the coin was not struck up properly. Unfortunately, the alteration was accomplished with a sloppy and heavy hand. 74 coins at PCGS in this grade and higher (68 circulated/8 Uncs), undoubtedly with duplication in AU-58 (supposedly 10 coins), as well as MS-63 (6 of the 8 Uncs). As the current NGC population is 16 circ + 4 Unc (XF-40 and above), the likely number of actual certified survivors is likely no more than about 80-85 coins. PCGS Coinfacts estimates about 300 total survive in all grades. Given that the nature of the variety is obvious and has been known & popular for a long time, it is not likely that any large number of better grade coins remain yet to be certified. Out of a very old collection that had not seen the light of day since prior to 1950.
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