1804 Half Cent, Crosslet 4 with Stems, Scarce

Year: 1804
Condition: Very Fine+
Country: United States
Gilbert 5/Craig 9. Breen 8, die state 1 to 2. About R-3 as a variety, this is an early die state with just the beginning of the characteristic die crack through "IBE" of LIBERTY. Just a nib of a crack can see seen to the left of the stand of the "T" as a dash-shape. An image is included courtesy of PCGS CoinFacts that shows the crack in an advanced form for reference (not this coin). Breen reports this as Rare to Very Rare, as apparently the die cracked swiftly. As die states are not collected as popularly as basic varieties, not much premium applied. More importantly is that this is a nice, problem free example (for Early Copper at least). A solid VF, my impression is that this could certify as high as the 30 to 35 range. EAC standards would Net the grade down just a bit for the very minor marks, but then the "Copper Boys" seem to want the ephemeral "perfect" coin, as elusive as that might be.
Item Id #: 006579