1884-O Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated, Deep Mirror Prooflike??

Year: 1884O
Condition: PCGS MS-64PL [ PCGS 7155.64/34183858 ]
Country: United States
Not sure what the boys in Newport Beach were smoking the day they graded this coin. I submitted this myself and measured 4+ Inches of reflection, so felt sure that it would come back DMPL, especially given the obvious Cameo contrast. About as close to DMPL as you can get without getting the nod from PCGS, apparently. Deep, watery mirrors that are plainly obvious, all white with a touch of color at the rim from years spent in a paper-wrapped roll of Dollars. "Mox Nix" as they used to say ... offered at my cost, this should be a decent deal for someone.
Item Id #: 006268