Crusader's Anti-Prohibition Token

Year: 1930
Condition: Ch. BU
Country: United States
(SOLD Early 2014; left posted for the information contained) 1930's era anti-prohibition advertising token issued by the Crusaders, a Lake State-area political group. They were founded in 1929 as a response to the obvious failure of the 18th Amendment; the instigating event was the infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre. This served as both a "good luck" token of the general sort, as well as a political piece in the crusade to repeal the 18th Amendment. The notation of "5 Cents" is likely just to refer to the traditional "5 Cent Beer" and not to serve as a merchant token, as it carries no specific merchant advertisement. With the original envelope of sale from Tatham Stamp & Coin, famous mailorder coin dealers of the era. The Reverse carries a typed notation referring to an "Edward Schmidtz" of Sandy (near Portland), Oregon - no idea if this means Tatham got these from Schmidtz, who may have run a liquor-related business or wanted to post-repeal. I would judge this item to be fairly scarce, especially in this condition.
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