1880-S Morgan Dollar, Redfield Hoard, Choice Unc

Year: 1880S
Condition: MS-64
Country: United States
1880-S Morgan Dollar housed in the famous "Redfield Hoard" holder from Paramount International. This was one of the first large commercial silver dollar hoards promoted. Like the GSA government hoard, the coins were split into two basic groups, the more Choice specimens being housed in a holder with a red insert, those considered less choice, toned, etc. housed in a black insert holder. The red holder coins were are marked as "Mint State 65", the Unc grading standards being less precise at this time (the 1970's) as this was prior to PCGS and NGC. The establishment of those services helped define and standardize silver dollar grading considerably. This coin, while not up to today's commercial grading service standard of a MS-65, is actually a nice, choice example which meets the modern standard for a MS-64 in my opinion. FYI, NGC does certify these coins today in the original holder with "cigar band" label similar to that used for the GSA and even Proof 40% Ike Dollars. Prices for these tend to be all over the board, but they are commonly seen on a certain auction website that shall remain nameless, at between $500 and $600 even for common date coins! I offer this example here at a more moderate and I think more reasonable value.
Item Id #: 001187