1875-S Trade Dollar, Original Uncirculated Example, RARE CAC Stickered Coin

Year: 1875S
Condition: NGC/CAC MS-61 [ NGC 3312457-017 ]
Country: United States
An original, truly Uncirculated example of a Trade Dollar. No major or heavy marks, just light random scuffs on light red-gray surfaces, with lots of luster to show that it has not been processed or abused. Most MS-60 to 62 Trade Dollars (as well as Seated Dollars) are dull and lifeless, or heavily abraded – many are Net graded for some sort of damage but still allowed into “normal” Unc holders due to market demand. The total PCGS + NGC population for this date in MS61 is a large 240 coins for this common date – but only EIGHT have garnered a CAC sticker, which shows some of the (forgive the expression) CRAP to be found in certified holders. NOTE ADDED MAY, 2015: I recently returned from a large regional show, at which I was able to view a large number of certified Uncirculated Trade Dollars, all of which did not come anywhere near matching the eye appeal of this specimen. Purchased from one of the most respected West Coast dealers in quality coinage, the CAC sticker merely confirms the obvious – this is a nice coin! Priced near the value of a MS-62, which I believe the quality and CAC approval command, but please do remember my 5% discount for payment by check.
$1,399.00 Sale Price! $1,299.00
Item Id #: 004050