An Overgraded 1805 Dime

The 1805 Draped Bust Dime shown here was sold by a major national firm as a "Very Good".  A quick review of the ANA Grading Standards shows that it isn't even close!  It is not too far from a Good, and I had hoped that it would certify as such, but no such luck.  Obviously, the customer who purchased this overgraded coin lost out in two ways: first, he paid too much for the coin at the time of purchase; second, he lost the appreciated value of this coin had it been a Very Good.  This series has had a significant increase in values since the time he purchased the coin, on the order of double what he originally paid for it.  This shows the absolute necessity to learn the basics of grading, and to work with a dealer who does not "push the envelope" as far as grading is concerned.  A reliance on certified coins is not necessary, but enough of an understanding of basic grading skills most certainly is, in my opinion.