A "Net" Graded Early U.S. Silver Dollar

This 1799 Draped Bust Silver Dollar has been cleaned, as almost all have been.  However, the cleaning was relatively light and is not considered objectionable in terms of the coin's commercial value.  There is also a mark in the Reverse field; again, this is considered commercially "normal" or acceptable in this grade range for this series of coins - as large as they were, the early dollars tended to pick up marks in rough handling, as they served mostly as "bullion".

The coin grades close to Fine-12; certainly the Obverse qualifies as Fine (or extremely close), and based upon this the coin would be called a Fine by many dealers.  The dealer that sold the coin sold it as a Very Good, an example of "Net" Grading.  In this case unlike some, I believe that this was appropriate, as the coin was discounted to the customer that bought it.  The reduction in potential value from the cleaning is about "washed out" by the fact that he received a coin that looks better than the assigned grade, not worse.