A Glossary of Terms Used on This Website

Standard Grading Terms:

Tipsico Coin uses the standard grading terminology defined by and used in the American Numismatic Association "Official A.N.A. Grading Standards for United States Coins"©.  While the specific listed standards for each grade defined may be subject to interpretation, the basic terms used are the industry standard, having been in general use for over 60 years.  We recommend that every collector (and dealer) should have a copy of this text, as well as others that are available.

Grading Abreviations:

These are the typically used adjectival (verbally descriptive) grade "points" used in industry practice, followed by the typically accepted NUMERIC equivalents, such as used on Certified coinage.



Adjectival Grade     Numeric
Commonly Used Shorthand Version 
About Good AG-3 Abt. Good, AG
Good    G-4 
Very Good  VG-8 V. Good, VG
Fine F-12  F
Very Fine VF-20 V. Fine, VF  
Choice Very Fine VF-30 Ch. V. Fine, Ch. VF
Extremely Fine EF-40 E. Fine, E (Sometimes called "Extra Fine")
Choice Extremely Fine EF-45 Ch. E. Fine, Ch. EF
Almost Uncirculated  AU-50  AU
Choice Almost Uncirculated AU-55 Ch. AU, AU/Unc