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1785 Nova Constellation,
Year: 1785
Condition: PCGS XF-40
Description: A nice example of this classic early U. S. pre-Federal coinage, and a famous Colonial "Red Book" issue. This is considered both a "Pattern" (or more properly, a speculative issue), as well as it was meant to actually circulate at the value of an English Half Penny, so is a precursor to the U. S. Half Cent of 1793. A private issue of a New York business interest, struck in Birmingham, England to order. The designs & legend were copied from the 1783 Nova Constellatio Pattern series designed by Benjamin Dudley, which are extremely rare. The earlier Nova issues were the first attempt to establish a Decimal coinage system, and are considered the first U. S. Patterns in the true sense. Perhaps the original designs were rejected as commercially impractical as the population of the former Colonies would have undoubtedly been more familiar and comfortable with a system based upon the old English system. This is a nice problem free piece, freshly certified by PCGS. The images provided are courtesy of the PCGS "TrueView" service. This is also sold with the original old ANACS photo certificate of the 1980's. The ANACS cert shows the typical overly strict ANACS view of grading and attribution, as they were afraid of making a mistake due to the new nature of "commercial" third-party grading. This is in fact not "corroded" as ANACS stated, but is an example of Crosby 3 (the most common variety), all of which were struck from rusted, failing dies - as can be witnessed by the large "cud" along the bottom on the wreath on the Reverse. This example in fact has nicer surfaces than many. These are typically priced by how "pretty" they are, with strike being a major factor. A recent sale in the same grade brought $1,380 at Heritage, but that coin was exceptional and was probably seen as being undergraded. Regardless, this should be reasonable at my price.
Price: $795.00
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1793 Wreath Cent, Vine & Bars, Problem Free PCGS Coin
Year: 1793
Condition: PCGS Fine-12
Description: (SOLD Mid-2013 for $7500) Sheldon-6, aka Crosby’s “Warped or Sprung Die”. This appears to be Breen Die State II. This coin emerged from an old time Oregon collection in the second half of 2012, and as such has been off the market for a considerable period. Certified by PCGS as Fine-12, with some claims to a higher overall details grade. A particularly well struck Reverse, missing the outer beading just from about 12:00 down to 2:00. The “market” grade may be limited due to the slight weakness of the bottom portion of the “3” in the date – certainly the overall Obverse detail is stronger visually than an average Fine. About as problem free as you can get, with no obvious planchet issues, smooth “chocolate Brown” surfaces that do not show any signs of monkey business such as re-coloring, or heavy porosity. The coin is a bit darker that it appears in the enlarged images due to the lighting used. A notoriously difficult coin to find as a problem free example in a PCGS holder, even though it may be considered “common” by the standards of early Large Cents. NO strictly comparable examples seem to be available on the market at present, as far as I can tell. If you are looking for a NICE example of this edge variety for Type, an opportunity like this is not likely to be available again soon, as many of the certified examples are closely held.
Price: Price On Request
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1794 Large Cent, Very Good
Year: 1794
Condition: Very Good+
Description: Head of 1794, Sheldon-21. A decent and affordable circulated example of this early Cent. Details of close to a Fine, the sharpness reduced by typical light surface issues. The surfaces show some minor roughness, as almost all circulated survivors do, as much due to the use of frequently poor quality planchets as environmental conditions. Regardless, no major problems and perfectly suitable as a Type example.
Price: $549.00
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1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar, A Over E Variety, Scarce
Year: 1795
Condition: PCGS Good-4
Description: (Temporarily unavailable - please inquire) A nice solid example of this early Half Dollar date. One of the more obvious varieties, easily identified by the large die lump to the right of the "5" in the date. On the Reverse, the "A" in STATES is recut over an errantly entered "E". Scarcer overall, extremely so above Very Good to Fine; PCGS CoinFacts calls this an R-6. Also not often offered for public sale - the finest PCGS coin sold at auction was a Fine-15, despite there being about a dozen coins certified in higher grades. This indicates that almost all trade by private treaty to customers on want lists. Not any real premium in this grade, so you get rarity at a discount. PCGS Population in Good-4 of only 3 coins (64 in all circulated grades after 30+ years of grading - not a lot).
Price: Price On Request
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1795 Large Cent, Nice Affordable Specimen
Year: 1795
Condition: About Good+
Description: (SOLD March, 2017 for $349) Sheldon-78. A decent, affordable specimen of the 1795 Plain Edge Cent Type. The Obverse makes a Good by the standards of the ANA and PCGS, although not super sharp. Nice bold LIBERTY and date, just a touch weak at about 7:00. The Reverse as is common is weaker, although most of the wreath is visible, and "ONE CENT" and outer legend are partly visible - a classic AG Reverse. I will note that "commercially" if you were to try to purchase this coin at a show (or certainly off a certain, un-named internet site), this would be called a "Good" by almost all dealers - I just call it a good deal as it should fill the hole at a reasonable price.
Price: Price On Request
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1795 Drapped Bust Half Dollar, 2 Leaves, Net Good to Very Good
Year: 1795
Condition: G/VG
Description: (SOLD February, 2017 for $950) Overton-131, Two Leaves (R-4). A coin that shows very well some of the difficulties in grading the early Half Dollars, due to problems the U. S. Mint had striking these large coins due to primitive equipment. This coin has a solid Very Good to Fine Obverse, but a weaker Reverse. The details around the edge of the rims matches the Obverse, but the center is weak. This may be due to the characteristics of this specific variety, as it was the third use of the Obverse die (#18), and the Reverse is noted for a heavy die crack running from the "CA" of AMERICA around the bottom to UNITED. I also suspect that this is later die state. Interestingly enough, the Condition Census for O-131 is on average a lower grade than for some of the scarcer R-5 varieties, which suggests that perhaps many of this die paring were poorly struck to begin with. This specimen shows evidence of having been unearthed in the past, probably with a metal detector, as it shows some scratches and scuffs, as well as the typical cleaning. However, it was a long time ago as it shows some toning, especially along the Reverse rim where some multicolored toning has developed. With a relatively problem free example typically bringing $1200 to $1600, depending upon how it is graded (I have seen coins that look worse than this graded VG), this seems a reasonable compromise for someone who wished a decent example for Type as it shows a strong clear date which is not always common in lower grades. Offered no too much above current Wholesale ($900+).
Price: Price On Request
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1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar, Better Variety
Year: 1795
Condition: About Fine
Description: (SOLD April, 2015 for $1,000) The classic Flowing Hair date for Type as the 1794 is barely attainable for most collector wallets. This is Overton-119, a unique and readily identifiable variety due to the "pierced" hair curl and die defect at Liberty's bust. Likewise, the Reverse is unique in the leaf point touching the I in UNITED, so no doubt as to the attribution (I was hoping that it might me the elusive and potentially unknown O-118 though!). A solid Very Good+, close to a full Fine - depending upon the grading guide used, you can make a claim that it is a Fine, although I think the Obverse is short. Be that as it may, a solid coin with a strong full rim without bumps or cuts, which is unusual in this low a grade. It does show some very old, fairly light scratches in the fields, principally between the legend and the top of Liberty's head - some on the Reverse are not as obvious and I have included an extra enhanced image to show them. What may be visible as marks or scratches at the Obverse rim at the 3:00 area are Mint-made adjustment marks. Undoubtedly cleaned a very long time ago (like 100 years or so), the color is decent now. I suspect that this was carried as a pocket piece for a while, accounting for the scratches. Given the problems, which are not too serious in the light of a working coin that is 220 years old, it obviously does not carry the full value of a problem free example (which in any case will cost you a healthy premium, especially if certified), I believe that I have priced it within reason. Interested parties are free to make me a reasonable counter-offer is they disagree strongly. Guaranteed genuine as always, forever, backed by our firms 40+ years in the business.
Price: Price On Request
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1796 Draped Bust Quarter, RARE One Year Type
Year: 1796
Condition: PCGS Fair-2
Description: (SOLD June, 2017 for $3,900) Browning-1. A numismatic classic, a one year Type and the only U. S. Quarter bearing a date in the 1700's - as such a "must have" for any complete U. S. Type collection. Unfortunately, a low mintage (6,146) and heavy use mean a four figure price in any grade. While this example is typically low grade, it shows a full clear date and the basic details are strong along the left edge. Most of Liberty's outline is visible; the Reverse as usual in this grade shows little detail. A coin of equivalent PCGS grade has not sold at auction for 5 years, and then at $5,000+; even damaged or heavy abraded coins typically sell for more than $3,000. The current PCGS Price Guide value is $6,000. A similarly graded coin, but with perhaps a touch more detail and nicer surfaces, is currently being offered for $7,000! For information's sake, historical research of auction records going back 50+ years indicates that on average only 15 coins or so are available for sale every year, in ALL grades. The present coin was recovered from a VERY old Type set that had been impounded in a bank. Thus it is new to the PCGS population and has likely been off the market for a couple generations. I was contacted by a researcher of this series who confirmed that fact for me, as he has been identifying & tracking every specimen that comes up for sale for a number of years.
Price: Price On Request
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1798 Draped Bust Silver Dollar, Heraldic Eagle, Nice Mid Grade Example
Year: 1798
Condition: PCGS F-15
Description: (SOLD October, 2018 for $1,700) Large Eagle, 13 Stars, Pointed 9, Four Stripes. Overall details of a Very Fine in my opinion, the stated certified grade "netted" down a few points for some minor marks. As is common for 18th and 19th Century U. S. Silver coins, the minor marks in the field and an area of disturbance at the edge (blown up image shown), appear to have resulted in the deduction of a few grade point by PCGS. This is a good example of their approach to "market grading", which seeks to establish the VALUE of a coin, not the technical state of preservation. By the way, I have certainly seen worse looking coins in certified VF holders! That makes the coin a good deal, as you get a "meatier" looking coin at the value of a lesser grade. This appears largely original, but as is common it is difficult to tell absolutely with coins that have been put away for a Century – this came out of a very old collection that has been off the market since prior to 1950. PCGS Guide value of $2,150.
Price: Price On Request
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1803 Draped Bust Half Dollar, Large 3
Year: 1803
Condition: VG-8+
Description: (SOLD on ebay Jan. 2015 for $275) Overton-101 (R-3). A decent, original VG - the only glitch is a shallow "dig" spot in the Obverse field. I am not sure that this was intentional, but may simply be a random problem that occurred in circulation. It is very old and partially hidden by the nice, medium gray color. This would otherwise be a $350 coin.
Price: Price On Request
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1804 Half Cent, Crosslet 4 with Stems, Scarce
Year: 1804
Condition: Very Fine+
Description: Gilbert 5/Craig 9. Breen 8, die state 1 to 2. About R-3 as a variety, this is an early die state with just the beginning of the characteristic die crack through "IBE" of LIBERTY. Just a nib of a crack can see seen to the left of the stand of the "T" as a dash-shape. An image is included courtesy of PCGS CoinFacts that shows the crack in an advanced form for reference (not this coin). Breen reports this as Rare to Very Rare, as apparently the die cracked swiftly. As die states are not collected as popularly as basic varieties, not much premium applied. More importantly is that this is a nice, problem free example (for Early Copper at least). A solid VF, my impression is that this could certify as high as the 30 to 35 range. EAC standards would Net the grade down just a bit for the very minor marks, but then the "Copper Boys" seem to want the ephemeral "perfect" coin, as elusive as that might be.
Price: $264.00
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1804 Draped Bust Quarter, Rare Early Quarter
Year: 1804
Condition: PCGS Good-4
Description: (Currently listed on ebay - if you wish a price added to this site, simply let me know. Available at $3600 paid by check ONLY upon request) Browning-1. The second year of U. S. Quarter mintage, after a hiatus since the initial coins were produced in 1796. Not many more struck than that initial 1796 mintage (6,738), and fewer estimated to survive, less than 500 coins. The lower value is accounted for by the "sexiness" of the 1700's date of its earlier cousin. A nice bold Obverse with the common weaker Reverse at bottom. Seems original and problem free for the wear. Not commonly offered – one of the few currently available is priced at $4750 in the same PCGS grade; I leave it to the observer as to whether the presently offered example provides a better value - I think it does.
Price: Price On Request
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1805 Draped Bust Quarter, Original Good
Year: 1805
Condition: ANACS Good-4
Description: Browning-2, Die State 2. A well worn but problem free original example of this early Quarter. The Quarter Dollar denomination got way more use in commerce than the Half Dollar, being a lot of money in the early 1800's - the Silver Dollar was no longer being made at this time, and had functioned almost exclusively as a bullion coin prior to the suspension of minting in 1803. Amazingly enough for the wear, NO heavy marks, cuts, scratches, rim dings, etc. Nice color and thankfully unabused. Out of a very old Type Set that had been locked in a bank box for many years. The enlarged images are of the coin prior to certification.
Price: $475.00
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1806/5 Drapped Bust Half Dollar, Original VG+
Year: 1806
Condition: PCGS VG-8
Description: (SOLD November, 2016 for $500) Overton-104a (R-5). A very scarce, late die state example of this overdate, with the characteristic "cud" beginning to develop over "UNITED" on the Reverse. A very strong Obverse, the Reverse is characteristically weaker due to the ongoing die damage and wear.
Price: Price On Request
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1807 Draped Bust Half Dollar, Your Basic Coin
Year: 1807
Condition: Good-4
Description: (SOLD March, 2016 for $200) Overton-103 (R-3) Actually quite scarce: a true Good-4 example of this series without any major problems and apparently original! This shows the value of a Half Dollar in the early 19th Century, as this coin went out and stayed out in circulation for a very long time. Most Bust Halves after the 1830's spent much of their time in bank vaults as cash reserves. Not fancy but an inexpensive example for Type.
Price: Price On Request
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1807 Draped Bust Half Dollar, Choice Very Fine, Very Scarce Original Coin
Year: 1807
Condition: PCGS VF-35
Description: (Temporarily unavailable - please inquire) Overton-102. An astonishingly original & problem free example of this last of the pre-Capped Bust Half design. Known for poor strikes at center, due to problems with die production, few if any are struck this well either. The color is just about perfect, with some small traces of luster remaining in the stars and lettering. I would say a "no brainer" for a sticker at CAC as well. A similarly graded example of the same variety in an older PCGS cert sold in March, 2018 for $1200 at Heritage - and it had been obviously cleaned. It was a late die state of O-102, and that may explain some of the premium paid, but it gives a good explanation of the strength of the market in better grade early Halves. Two other examples of O-102 are currently (April, 2018) being offered at $1100, and BOTH are not struck anywhere as well at this coin, and have also been cleaned at some point. I think the premium being asked for this coin is therefore within reason, compared to the alternatives.
Price: Price On Request
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1810 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Original EF/AU Coin
Year: 1810
Condition: PCGS/CAC EF-45
Description: (SOLD September, 2016 for $669, on ebay) Overton-101. A stunningly original and very well struck example of a date that commonly comes mushy or uneven. The heavy die cracks of this variety show plainly; this coin is an intermediate die state between O-101 and O-101a, some of the cracks not being quite as pronounced as on the latest die state. About as "perfect" as a circulated coin of this period can be - certainly PQ as the CAC sticker attests to.
Price: Price On Request
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1810 Capped Bust Half Dollar,
Year: 1810
Condition: PCGS VF-35
Description: (SOLD) Overton-101. An absolutely 100% original example of this common date, not however very common looking like this. This a a late die state of this variety and shows extensive die cracks and a wedge shaped chip out of the die at the bottom most lefthand star. Problem free examples of this variety always seem to sell at a premium mainly I think as they tend to be very poorly struck due to the incipient die failure, so nice coins are scarce. I will note that I think PCGS might have been 5 points too generous in the assigned grade, so I am offering this at a VF-30 price point. PCGS Price Guide value of $305, so my asking price should be reasonable.
Price: Price On Request
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1813 Large Cent, RARE Problem Free Example, Only CAC Stickered Coin
Year: 1813
Condition: PCGS/CAC Fine-12
Description: (SOLD April, 2015 for $695) The Classic Head Cent series of 1808-1814 seems to be one of the absolutely most difficult Copper coinage to find as a problem free, quality coin - and it is the #1 request from collectors I see at coin shows looking for Large Cents as a Type example. The coin offered here is the first NICE, no problem, original example I have been able to buy in quite some time. A recent purchase from the 2015 Portland, OR ANA Spring Show. As an example of the difficulty in finding these coins, I told some dealers that someone at the show had asked what price I wanted for this coin. When I told them that I quoted him something more than $600 as a quick "flip" (having owned the coin for all of 45 minutes or so) and he had passed on it, the overwhelming response was that he was "an idiot". A bit strong perhaps, but these seem to always command a premium over whatever the current price guides say they are "worth". Doubly difficult to find as a PCGS certified coin approved by CAC! Only 16 total at CAC, this is the sole Fine-12 (out of 6 certified by PCGS).
Price: Price On Request
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1814 Large Cent, Crosslet 4
Year: 1814
Condition: Choice Fine
Description: (SOLD August, 2015 for $539) A nice problem free example, of the second date variety of this year. The certified equivalent would likely be a Fine-15. The weakness of the Reverse rim is characteristic of the variety.
Price: Price On Request
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1814 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Scarce Date
Year: 1814
Condition: ANACS EF-40
Description: Overton-102a. A fascinating example of the attempts at the early U. S. Mint to keep dies in production. This variety is noted for significant damage to the Reverse die, which normally would have caused it to be condemned for service. The Reverse suffered a "sunk die" which caused a bulge to form at the juncture of the Eagle's left (facing) wing weakening detail. Overton mentions that all specimens show at least some die clashing, the most obvious being the transfer of the word "LIBERTY" found on her headband, appearing below the Eagle's right (facing) wing. In this case, the clashing is extremely significant, with a full obvious doubled LIBERTY and doubled (possibly tripled) clashes of other portions of the Obverse design appearing elsewhere. The Reverse die is also rotated about 10-15 degrees to the West, not surprising given the pounding it took. On top of that, the 1814 date itself is difficult to find. While the Overton variety is shown to carry no premium in the PCGS Price Guide (as an R-3, most such do not), an equivalent example in a PCGS/CAC VF-35 holder recently sold for $705 at auction. This present example is in an early ANACS "mini" slab, and it is my opinion that if submitted today it is likely to certify as VF-35 - it is offered as such. Given the extreme nature of the clashing, I believe that it has an equivalent value to the lone PCGS attributed VF-35 coin. Should you get an EF-40 grade, it would easily be worth that or more, as the current Pop is one PCGS coin in EF-40.
Price: $715.00
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1818/7 Capped Bust Half Dollar,
Year: 1818
Condition: ANACS EF-45
Description: O-102, Small 8. A very original coin in an old ANACS mini-slab, very attractive and would easily cross over to PCGS or NGC.
Price: $789.00
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1818 Large Cent, Classic Randall Hoard Coin
Year: 1818
Condition: Choice Almost Uncirculated
Description: (SOLD November, 2016 for $360, on ebay) Newcomb-10, with the obvious encircling Obverse crack. A coin undoubtedly out of the famous Randall Hoard of Large Cents; any quick web search will turn up it's history, for those who are interested. As were most of the coin from that hoard, basically new. This was cracked out of an NGC AU-58 slab; perhaps a bit generous, as I think this more like AU-55 as a "Net" grade and this should easily certify as such at PCGS. This shows few if any marks and nice brown surfaces. Perfect as a Type example.
Price: Price On Request
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1819 Capped Bust Quarter, Large 9, Nice Early Type
Year: 1819
Condition: PCGS VG-8
Description: B-2. A nice original problem free example of this scarcer Type. One "goober" mentioned for accuracy on the Obverse.
Price: $210.00
Item Id #006831    See Details...