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1859-O Seated Liberty Half, Solid G/VG
Year: 1859O
Condition: Good/VG
Description: A nice original average circulated example of this popular Type coin date. Full bold rims, some definition in Liberty's features and about half of the feathers in the Eagle's wings. Problem free.
Price: $59.00
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1925-S Lincoln Cent, Choice Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1925S
Condition: AU-55
Description: A bit sharper Obverse than coin #4083, but less so on the Reverse - typical mis-matched 1925-S die pair. Otherwise original and very nice, and would almost certainly also certify as a 58.
Price: $59.00
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1901 Barber Quarter, About Very Fine
Year: 1901
Condition: Choice Fine/Very Fine
Description: Exceedingly close to Very Fine, this lacks just a bit of detail as it was struck from the Type Two Obverse master hub (or Type Three depending upon how you see it) introduced in 1900. Coins struck from this hub have weaker detail, especially in Liberty's head from the laurel wreath leaves down to her eye/nose. While in my opinion just short of what I like to see in a full VF, this still might certify as such. Otherwise, a solid example. This date is priced ludicrously, with a Good being worth 75% of the value of a Fine; I can assure you that the Good versus Fine population for this date does not run 3 to 1, but more like 300 to 1 or fewer. So either the Goods (and VG's) are overpriced, or Fine & VF are underpriced - I think the latter.
Price: $59.00
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1889 Liberty Nickel, Original VF+
Year: 1889
Condition: VF-30
Description: A nice VF to EF, certainly a Commercial EF. It still shows some luster around the rims and strong hair detail. A few light marks from circulation are not too distracting, and seem appropriate to the level of circulation.
Price: $58.00
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1886 Indian Cent, Type One, Original Very Fine
Year: 1886
Condition: VF-20
Description: A nice mid-grade circulated example of this better date. Likely to certify as a VF-30, given the current commercial standard, but I will simply call it VF.
Price: $58.00
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1909 VDB Lincoln Cent, Choice/Gem BU, Original Roll Coin
Year: 1909VDB
Condition: Ch/Gem BU
Description: This is an original Choice Uncirculated coin, out of a stash of rolls of this date put away by my now retired business partner, many years ago - I am offering a number of similar coins that also came from this same source. Most of the coins in these rolls showed at least some toning, this coin just enough to not make a full Red. It shows mellow traces of reddish-yellow over the original "straw gold" color. There is also some light "flecks" indicating finger contact at some point - remember, no 2x2's, Airtites or coin tubes back then - coins were handled by hand when rolled from original Mint bags, or when a merchant went to the bank to get some coin. Still, a bright obvious BU coin.
Price: $57.00
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1873 With Arrows Seated Liberty Half
Year: 1873
Condition: Good/Very Good
Description: A classic Type Coin, which seems a bit scarcer than the 1853-55 With Arrows type, probably as the novelty was not as considerable the second time around, so the public saved fewer. Certainly, this date seems tougher in better circulated grades. Most examples I see, similar this one, were put aside during the "Barber" years when all Seated Halves were potential hoard coins as they were "old" and obsolete. The example offered here is a decent, average circulated coin of this date.
Price: $57.00
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1913-D Type 1, Original AU Coin
Year: 1913D
Condition: AU-55 to 58
Description: A very original coin showing just a bit of wear on the highest points of the Bison. A more typical strike for the date than coin #4322, nothing horrible, just not as sharp.
Price: $57.00
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1952 Roosevelt Dime, Gem Proof, Multicolored Toning
Year: 1952
Condition: Gem Proof
Description: Gem Proof with multicolored toning around the rims on both sides, from long storage in a Capital-style holder. The toning is nicer than I could really capture here, given the reflections of the Proof surfaces. As this sort of thing is not for everyone, please review my images with care (the toning could be removed through conservation). I feel the coin is very attractive and worth a premium for the toning as a positive attribute rather than a defect. Out of a full 1952 Proof Set I recently broke up, from a small group of sets that were together since the 1970's.
Price: $55.00
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1903-O Barber Quarter, Close to VF
Year: 1903O
Condition: Choice Fine
Description: Close to VF, with the middle feather of the eagle's right wing being basically complete, and still showing some traces of luster. However, as this is a reasonably common date for an O Mint Barber Quarter, I preferred not to push the grade (this was purchased from a someone who had graded it VF). The surfaces are original but look just a trace porous (?); one mark is also noted between the first two stars left of the date.
Price: $55.00
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1891-O Seated Dime, Original EF, Last Year of Type
Year: 1891O
Condition: EF-40
Description: A nice original example of the last year of the Seated Liberty Dime type - oddly enough, this does not seem all that common a date, given that "last year" coins typically were heavily saved by the public. Perhaps the Depression of 1893-95 discouraged saving in the Southern states, or people in that areas where these circulated simply could not afford to put aside coins (or had no interest). This pattern similarly affects better grade Barber Dimes from New Orleans prior to about 1898, other than the "first year" 1892-O. These seem incredibly cheap as a Type overall in VF to AU.
Price: $55.00
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1954-S Franklin Half Dollar, Gem BU, Near FBL
Year: 1954S
Condition: Gem BU (MS-65)
Description: This is far better than most examples of the date. Well struck with very clean original surfaces, clearly Gem BU. 90%+ Full Bell Lines - VERY close but not quite there. There are a few vague light hairlines across the base of the Bell, likely due to being "bumped" by an album slide. Considering that a certified MS-65 FBL is basically a $250 coin, this seems like a reasonable alternative.
Price: $55.00
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1906-S Barber Dime, Sharp EF
Year: 1906S
Condition: EF-40+
Description: A very scarce and somewhat underrated date. I will note that this coin shows a light scuff or two, and I suspect but am not entirely sure that it may have been lightly cleaned a very long time ago. This is based simply upon the color, as nothing really shows now.
Price: $55.00
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1942 Type One Jefferson Nickel, Choice Proof
Year: 1942
Condition: Proof-64 to 65
Description: This example appears fully Gem Proof as far as mark free surfaces. However, it has a light overall haze on it common to Proof coins of the period due to the storage methods available at the time (no archival storage available remember), as well as the materials the U. S. Mint used to package these in. In my experience, this would not likely certify above Proof 64, and it is sold on that basis.
Price: $55.00
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1925 Peace Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1925
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: A nice original coin with the typical strong strike characteristic of this common date, noted by Wayne Miller in his book on Silver Dollars. He also noted that many of these come with a light golden yellow original toning overall, as does this coin - it is not quite as "blue" as it appears here, due to the lighting used. This coloring seems to be common, and I have purchased entire rolls of this coin so toned. It is not objectionable, and does not hide the strong luster underneath.
Price: $55.00
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1920-D Mercury Dime, Choice AU
Year: 1920D
Condition: AU-53 to 55
Description: An original coin which retains most of its original luster, but shows a light overall "scuffyness". This is typical of coins that saw some actual use in normal commerce and then got saved in a misc. lot of loose coinage, rather than having been cleaned. Well struck and without die cracks, which seem common for this date normally.
Price: $55.00
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1900-O Barber Half Dollar, Fine
Year: 1900O
Condition: Fine-12
Description: Just makes a Fine with part or all of all letters of LIBERTY showing - the overall details are that of a typical Fine, with allowances for the common softer New Orleans strike. Better yet, problem free and original. Given that it is not as strong as I usually like to sell as a Fine, discounted just a touch.
Price: $55.00
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1923 Peace Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1923
Condition: Choice Uncirculated (MS-63/64)
Description: A common Peace Dollar date, however the 1923 is less common than 1922. A well struck, lightly toned Choice Unc example, this has some of the "water spots" that seem to plague this issue, but they are largely hidden by the original color. Lots of luster and from a foot or more away this looks fully Gem. Likely to certify as a 64, but not worth the money to send it in.
Price: $55.00
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1923-S Peace Dollar, Uncirculated
Year: 1923S
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: A typical 1923-S Peace Dollar, in that the strike is not great - these seem to almost always be at least a bit flat across the high points of Liberty's hair and the eagle top wing area. It also shows some die polish lines on the Reverse, signs of a heavily used die (not objectionable however). Original with some light toning from decades of bag storage, the typical light scuffiness all over from being shifted back and forth between storage locations, which is why really Choice examples are scarce and expensive (a true Gem will fetch about $6000).
Price: $55.00
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1938-D Jefferson Nickel, Superb Gem BU
Year: 1938D
Condition: PCGS MS-66
Description: As typical for PCGS's grading of early Jefferson Nickels, a stunning coin that appears near perfect (certainly better than a 66) from any farther than 12" away. The Reverse die does show some light die erosion so no Full Steps, but otherwise very clean with just a touch of light toning. Certainly a PQ example.
Price: $55.00
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1918 Lincoln Cent, Choice Red Brown Unc
Year: 1918
Condition: MS-63 RB
Description: A decent BU specimen, a faded Red with some darkening in a "speckled" pattern (the coin is a bit brighter than it appears here). No major marks, just a few light scuffs - coins like this almost always survived in a mixed, loose lot of coins, hence picked up a few scuffy marks, rather than more traditional "reed marks". The strike is decent for this large mintage date.
Price: $55.00
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1881-S Morgan Dollar, Uncirculated
Year: 1881S
Condition: Uncirculated (MS-62)
Description: A bright original Uncirculated coin, showing a scattering of light marks, but nothing serious.
Price: $54.00
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