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1903-O Barber Quarter, Fine+
Year: 1903O
Condition: Choice Fine
Description: Close to VF, with the middle feather of the eagle's right wing being basically complete, and still showing some traces of luster. However, as this is a reasonably common date for an O Mint Barber Quarter, I preferred not to push the grade (this was purchased from a someone who had graded it VF). The surfaces are original but look just a trace porous (?); one mark is also noted between the first two stars left of the date.
Price: $55.00
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1920-D Mercury Dime, Choice AU
Year: 1920D
Condition: AU-53 to 55
Description: An original coin which retains most of its original luster, but shows a light overall "scuffyness". This is typical of coins that saw some actual use in normal commerce and then got saved in a misc. lot of loose coinage, rather than having been cleaned. Well struck and without die cracks, which seem common for this date normally.
Price: $55.00
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1900-O Barber Half Dollar, Fine
Year: 1900O
Condition: Fine-12
Description: Just makes a Fine with part or all of all letters of LIBERTY showing - the overall details are that of a typical Fine, with allowances for the common softer New Orleans strike. Better yet, problem free and original. Given that it is not as strong as I usually like to sell as a Fine, discounted just a touch.
Price: $55.00
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1938-D Buffalo Nickel, Gem BU
Year: 1938D
Condition: ANACS MS-65
Description: The last Buffalo Nickel date struck, in an old ANACS "mini slab" with a very low serial number. Certified back when they were very conservative, this could easily upgrade to a MS-66 today, however the increase in value is not worth the expense, considering how common this date is in Unc. Better to leave it in the current holder for what it is - a BRIGHT, flashy Gem BU example for Type.
Price: $55.00
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1894-S Barber Quarter, VF, Discounted
Year: 1894S
Condition: VF-20
Description: This makes Very Fine, but is not quite as strong as I typically like to sell, and has some minor problems. Still a "meaty" coin, and should attract someone's attention at the listed price.
Price: $55.00
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1922 Peace Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1922
Condition: MS-63
Description: First year issue of the Peace Dollar from Philadelphia. About as common as a Peace Dollar gets, but a nice Choice BU example without significant problematic "water spots" that seem to plague this issue. These were apparently caused by the methods used to wash the planchets to remove grease before striking, and are present on all the 1922-25 dates to some degree. Oddly enough, NICE Choice BU and better "common" Peace Dollars are NOT as easily found as common date Morgan Dollars are, mainly due to production issues such as the mentioned spotting, and heavy marks from frequent transporting of bags between storage locations. Peace Dollars are just less popular, probably as they are perceived as being "modern" as they all date to the 20th Century.
Price: $55.00
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1923 Peace Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1923
Condition: Choice Uncirculated (MS-63/64)
Description: A common Peace Dollar date, however the 1923 is less common than 1922. A well struck, lightly toned Choice Unc example, this has some of the "water spots" that seem to plague this issue, but they are largely hidden by the original color. Lots of luster and from a foot or more away this looks fully Gem. Likely to certify as a 64, but not worth the money to send it in.
Price: $55.00
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1923-S Peace Dollar, Uncirculated
Year: 1923S
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: A typical 1923-S Peace Dollar, in that the strike is not great - these seem to almost always be at least a bit flat across the high points of Liberty's hair and the eagle top wing area. It also shows some die polish lines on the Reverse, signs of a heavily used die (not objectionable however). Original with some light toning from decades of bag storage, the typical light scuffiness all over from being shifted back and forth between storage locations, which is why really Choice examples are scarce and expensive (a true Gem will fetch about $6000).
Price: $55.00
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1938-D Jefferson Nickel, Superb Gem BU
Year: 1938D
Condition: PCGS MS-66
Description: As typical for PCGS's grading of early Jefferson Nickels, a stunning coin that appears near perfect (certainly better than a 66) from any farther than 12" away. The Reverse die does show some light die erosion so no Full Steps, but otherwise very clean with just a touch of light toning. Certainly a PQ example.
Price: $55.00
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1918 Lincoln Cent, Choice Red Brown Unc
Year: 1918
Condition: MS-63 RB
Description: A decent BU specimen, a faded Red with some darkening in a "speckled" pattern (the coin is a bit brighter than it appears here). No major marks, just a few light scuffs - coins like this almost always survived in a mixed, loose lot of coins, hence picked up a few scuffy marks, rather than more traditional "reed marks". The strike is decent for this large mintage date.
Price: $55.00
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1893-S Barber Dime, Very Fine
Year: 1893S
Condition: Choice VF/EF
Description: A decent higher circulated grade example of this second year date from San Francisco. Details of an EF, more or less, but this suffered a light cleaning a very long time ago - it was purchased out of the holdings of a long-time local collector who probably owned it for 50 years. Sold at a bit of a discount due to the minor issues, this is till a "meaty" example.
Price: $55.00
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1881-S Morgan Dollar, Uncirculated
Year: 1881S
Condition: Uncirculated (MS-62)
Description: A bright original Uncirculated coin, showing a scattering of light marks, but nothing serious. Not as nice as coin #2332 (available as of July, 2013), but then it is not quite as expensive either.
Price: $54.00
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Year: 1902
Condition: AU-50+
Description: A lightly worn AU+, however it appears to have been lightly dipped at one point, probably well over a decade ago, to remove some toning. This seems to be the fate of any number of such pieces, as the 1902 is not terribly common on the West Coast as an original AU or Unc coin. Images upon request.
Price: $54.00
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1952-D Franklin Half Dollar, Choice Unc, Full Bell Lines
Year: 1952D
Condition: PCGS MS-64FBL
Description: A nice Choice Uncirculated example.
Price: $54.00
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1928 Cent, Choice/Gem Uncirculated, Struck Through
Year: 1928
Condition: Choice/Gem BU
Description: An original Uncirculated coin, basically a full Gem other than one unusual feature: a small "pit" that shows on the Reverse at the very bottom. This is a minor "strike through" where something such as a grease spot was present on the die. I use the term "unusual" as it appears to be an example of a "dropped letter". This occurs when a combination of grease or oil and small metal fragments packs into a portion of the incuse details of a die, usually the lettering or date, and hardens under repeated hammering until it is is dense enough that when it falls out onto the die face, it leaves an impression on a struck coin. In this case, if you look closely it appears that a portion of this "pit" has the shape of the "P" from E PLURIBUS... It is hard to be certain, but it adds something to the interest level of what is otherwise a nice coin in its own right.
Price: $53.00
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1878-S Morgan Dollar
Year: 1878S
Condition: AU-50+
Description: Due to the "First Year" nature of this date, many were saved as souvenirs of the new Dollar coin type. As such, nice examples are usually available on the West Coast, such as this coin. Problem free and original.
Price: $53.00
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1870 Nickel Three Cents, Original EF+
Year: 1870
Condition: EF-45
Description: Fairly well struck, with just some weakness on the middle "I" on the Reverse, and significant luster remaining. Most dealers would call this "AU".
Price: $52.00
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1883-O Morgan Dollar, Uncirculated
Year: 1883O
Condition: Uncirculated (MS-62 to 63)
Description: A bright original Uncirculated coin, showing a scattering of marks, but nothing serious. Probably equivalent to a certified MS-63, but as this date is so common (I once bought a complete bag of 1883-O's), and as there are some VERY light roller marks on Liberty's cheek, I will call it a nice Unc and be done with it. The roller marks were caused by the process used to roll out the metal strip that planchets were punched out of. If the rollers were worn or scratched, it would leave a series of very fine, parallel lines on the planchet. The typically less than complete strike common to New Orleans issues would often leave these marks still visible on the finished coin. Nothing awful looking, just part of the fabric of an original coin of this period.
Price: $52.00
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1950 Proof Roosevelt Dime
Year: 1950
Condition: Proof-64 to 65
Description: Out of an original 1950 Proof Set, this coin shows some of the problems the Mint had in restoring Proof production in 1950, after a 8 year hiatus. The depth of Roosevelt's portrait on the Obverse does not seem as deep as is for later years of Proof Dimes, and the surfaces have a sort of "sunburst" look to them that made taking a sharp image difficult. As usual for the badly handled Proof Sets of 1950-52, a couple very light ticks on FDR's jaw keep this out of the Superb Gem category. Some light rim toning in light purple shows that this has not been dipped, however.
Price: $52.00
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1899-O Morgan Dollar, Uncirculated
Year: 1899O
Condition: Uncirculated (MS-61 to 62)
Description: A bright original Uncirculated coin, from a local group of BU Dollars put away during the 1960's. Oddly enough, the '99-O is more common as an Unc than it is in EF or AU, indicating that most struck were stored by the Treasury and released from 1955-63, rather than earlier.
Price: $52.00
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1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar, First Year Philadelphia Example
Year: 1916
Condition: Good+
Description: A solid Good+ example of this first year date. The major difference between a Good and a VG for the early Walkers tends to be the boldness of the Reverse rim, as the Obverse of most coins grading Good, VG or even VG+ is almost identical - presumably something having to do with strike.
Price: $52.00
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1916-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar, First Year Denver Mint Example
Year: 1916D
Condition: Good-4
Description: There is very little difference on the Wholesale level between what is called a "Good" and what is called a "Very Good" for any of the three 1916 Walker dates (a bit more for the 16-S). The main reason is that the major difference in what makes a VG tends to be the boldness of the Reverse rim, as the Obverse of most coins grading Good, VG or even VG+ is almost identical - presumably something having to do with strike. This example of the first year issue from Denver is a solid Good-4 - close to VG on the Obverse, but a weaker Reverse rim.
Price: $52.00
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1925-S Lincoln Cent, Choice AU/Unc
Year: 1925S
Condition: Choice AU/Unc
Description: A nice original Choice AU, with the typical mismatched dies seen on almost all of the 1920's S Mint coinage. A very sharp, fresh Reverse die paired with a slightly worn Obverse die, with lack of detail in Lincoln's beard/jaw. The majority of the luster remains - I would say that this would likely certify as AU-58 and far superior to most of this date. Compare to coins #4084.
Price: $52.00
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Year: 1929S
Condition: Fine and Better
Description: Put away during the 1940's or earlier, when it was still possible to find roll quantities of slightly better dates over time where the coins were not too heavily worn or damaged. A nicer roll, averaging a Fine with many coins that make VF; a very few in the VG range. Decent quality, but please allow that as these are circulated coins there may be some with marks, scratches, spots, etc. Still a value as a solid San Francisco Mint date roll. While the 1929-S is the first common S Mint date after 1920, it becomes slightly better in Fine and better due to the usual poor strikes of the period. These have a wholesale value of well over $1.00 each, so my price should still leave some room for someone who might want to purchase this for re-sale.
Price: $50.00
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1918 Cent, Very Choice Uncirculated, Nice Toning
Year: 1918
Condition: Choice Uncirculated+
Description: A nice original Choice Uncirculated coin, likely fully "Brown" by the definition used by the grading services (it does stand a chance at RB). However, that does a disservice to this coin. This has medium reddish-purple surfaces with a slight "woodgrain" effect. Not everyone's cup of tea of course given the paranoia about "toning" these days, and the over emphasis on "Original Red" (which often is not), but offered here for the lover of toned Bronze & Copper coinage, as am I. A small die crack can be seen on the Reverse through the "E" of E Pluribus...
Price: $50.00
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