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1920-S Walker, Commercial VF
Year: 1920S
Condition: Fine-15+
Description: About as close to a VF as you can get, and not quite make it there. Certainly a "Commercial VF" and what most dealers try to sell as such for a pre-1927 Walker. This would certify as a Fine-15 at PCGS/NGC, as they do not use the "18" grade, however that is what it is in the eyes of most dealers who know how to grade. This date tends to almost always sell for more than the PCGS price guide in Fine-15, probably as many are cracked out and sold as a "VF". Bowing to the realities of the marketplace, this coin is priced at the level of auction results for a PCGS Fine-15; the potential buyer will have to make up their own mind as to whether the price is worth the coin.
Price: $69.00
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1920-S Walker, Certified Fine to Very Fine
Year: 1920S
Condition: PCGS Fine-15
Description: A certified example of a "Commercial VF" - please see my comments for coin #4960 for further discussion. Outside this holder, what most dealers try to sell as such for a pre-1927 Walker. This date tends to almost always sell for more than the PCGS price guide in Fine-15, probably as many are cracked out and sold as a "VF".
Price: $69.00
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1925 Peace Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1925
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: A probable MS-65 if submitted, other than the tiny nick on the bridge of Liberty's nose. Bright bold luster under light golden toning, the color typical for this date if left undipped. Common to be sure, but a very nice BU coin.
Price: $69.00
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Year: 1876S
Condition: VG/Fine
Description: A common date presumably due to public hoarding related to the Centennial of the Independence of the U. S. celebrated that year. This is a nice original looking coin, however shows a few small marks that suggest a human origin. They are well hidden under the yellow-gray toning and not distracting in a lower grade coin.
Price: $69.00
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1916 Mercury Dime, Choice Uncirculated, Full Bands
Year: 1916
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: A nice original Unc example of this first year of issue - I am calling this Full Bands, not Full Split Bands. There is a difference - the bands need to be full, split AND rounded for the grading services to add the attribution, especially on dates such as this one that are more commonly found "FSB". Regardless, a really nice coin.
Price: $69.00
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1945-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1945D
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: An original Uncirculated coin, this shows some very light streaks on the Obverse, which is likely grease rolled into the planchet strip. The 1944 & '45 Walkers were made in huge numbers due to the booming wartime economy, so quality suffered a bit. Much better struck than many of the date however.
Price: $69.00
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1852 Three Cent Silver, Type 1, Original VF
Year: 1852
Condition: VF/EF
Description: A nice original circulated example, with no problems to note or damage. The usual mild weakness in some of the stars and letters around the rims.
Price: $69.00
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1923-S Mercury Dime, EF/AU, Well Struck
Year: 1923S
Condition: EF/AU
Description: A sharp EF/AU example, with details matching a certified EF-45. Just a touch dark, so I will Net the value at the basic EF level.
Price: $69.00
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1853 Seated Half Dime, Sharp EF Example, Callis Date for Type
Year: 1853
Condition: EF-40 to 45
Description: A nice original certified sharp example of the classic With Arrow Seated Liberty Half Dime Type.
Price: $69.00
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1913 Type 1, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1913
Condition: MS-64
Description: Original, lightly toned Unc, with Choice surfaces and good luster - not a "Gem" but close and it should certainly certify as a MS-64. This type of original color, just slightly toned a golden brown, is natural to coins put aside as a souvenir of the new Nickel type, typically by non-collectors. If you would like a "brighter" copy, please see coin #4327.
Price: $69.00
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1892-O Barber Dime, Certified Mid-Grade Coin
Year: 1892O
Condition: NGC VF-25
Description: A bit more unusual find in a certified holder, this is a solid circulated example in VF.
Price: $69.00
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1913 Type Two Buffalo Nickel, Choice Unc
Year: 1913
Condition: MS-63/64
Description: Original gray-green example, well struck for the type. The Bison's back is very clean and free of marks - a small mark or two on the Indian's face appears to be due to planchet marks not struck out, and not from contact. Good luster, which shows more boldly on the Reverse, slightly muted by the color. A raw "Gem BU" by the standards of many. In my experience however, these will not certify above MS-63/64 usually when this "dark" - PCGS especially likes to see "blasty" luster and only light toning to reward a coin with a MS-65 (even if it has obvious marks - go figure).
Price: $69.00
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1918 Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Very Fine
Year: 1918
Condition: VF-20
Description: An original example, it makes the grade based upon what PCGS considers a VF-20. Not quite as much "meat" at center as I traditionally sell as a VF, but then I am a dinosaur - many of my VF would be sold for an EF by most other dealers.
Price: $69.00
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1879 Indian Cent, Sharp EF/AU
Year: 1879
Condition: EF-45
Description: A solid EF+ with a well balanced strike showing almost full feather details to the tips, and a sharp LIBERTY. The color is perhaps not "perfect" but the coin is original.
Price: $68.00
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1947-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1947D
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: A nice example of the last year's issue from Denver. Well struck & original, this shows some light toning right at the date (shown) from being in an old album. Much better struck than many of the date however.
Price: $68.00
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1900 Liberty Nickel, Original Amost Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1900
Condition: AU-55
Description: Probably saved originally as a souvenir of the last Millennium. Very little wear and technically a"58", but it was stored in non-numismatic conditions and shows some toning and very minor surface issues. Enough that I will "net" down the grade/price as this is a common date.
Price: $68.00
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1952 Lincoln Cent, Gem Proof
Year: 1952
Condition: Gem Proof
Description: An original Proof with nicely mirrored surfaces. By 1952, the Mint had managed to relearn how to produce Proofs closer to the old standard. This coin shows a relatively minor amount of multicolored toning around the rims, from long storage in a Capital-style holder. As this sort of thing is not for everyone, please review my images with care (the toning could be removed through conservation). This is probably just enough to certify as Red Brown, rather than RD, however I feel it is very attractive and worth a premium for the toning as a positive attribute rather than a defect. Out of a full 1952 Proof Set I recently broke up, from a small group of sets that were together since the 1970's.
Price: $65.00
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1883 With Cents Liberty Nickel, Very Fine
Year: 1883WC
Condition: VF-20
Description: A nice problem free VF, with a full bold LIBERTY and 90% of the coronet. Missing a bit too much hair detail to call a solid VF+, but most of those are sold as an "EF"!
Price: $65.00
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1871-S Seated Liberty Half, Original VG/Fine
Year: 1871S
Condition: VG/Fine
Description: A very original, "crusty" problem free example. Typical of many coins in the series, the Reverse has the details of a Fine, the Obverse just a bit weak in the center of the shield. Certainly a "Commercial Fine" by most peoples standards. From a small hoard of Seated Halves that I recently purchased that has been off the coin market for probably three generations! All of these coins come with the original paper envelopes in which they were stored for many years, as shown here - would that their prices be as cheap as they used to be!
Price: $65.00
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1954 Proof Franklin Half, Choice Proof
Year: 1954
Condition: Choice Proof
Description: An original Proof 1954 Franklin Half, in this case I am calling this coin "only" Choice rather than Gem due to some very light hairlines typical of those received from the crispy Mint cello they were originally packaged in. This coin has not been cleaned. Certified equivalent should be PF-64. Some light Cameo does show, but not enough to garner a premium.
Price: $65.00
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1952 Washington Quarter, Gem Proof
Year: 1952
Condition: Gem Proof
Description: Some light cameo contrast evident on the Obverse. Typical of coins from the 1950-51 Proof Sets, this has a bit more of "chrome" or satiny looking finish, rather than the traditional deep mirrored finish - this does show reasonable mirrors for a '52 however. No hairlines evident so it was handled with care, a few very tiny marks some of which could easily have as made by the Mint. The cameo contrast showing is not enough to get that attribution if submitted in my opinion, but enough to make this a really nice looking coin
Price: $65.00
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1954-D Jefferson Nickel, Superb Toning
Year: 1954D
Condition: PCGS MS-64
Description: An unusual specimen, in that the deep toning developed over years spent in an old album, more so that it is a specimen from Denver. Unless out of a Mint Set, most toned Nickels of this type that I have seen all seem to be from Philly. The grade is typical of PCGS, in that they do not like to certify coins above MS-63 or 64, depending upon the series, if they have deeper toning. Certainly, if you look at the coin, it looks much cleaner than the average 64 Jefferson Nickel, which would usually mean a lack of strike leaving planchet voids - none of that here. All of which is immaterial given the color. The Obverse is 100% covered in sheet toning in various shades of orange, salmon and pink and soft green; the Reverse is lightly toned but mostly a natural nickel color. Difficult as usual to image properly, due to reflection from the slab, and the common scuff at the center of the window did not make it any easier! Throw away the "price guide" for this coin as it is strictly for the lover of toned Nickels.
Price: $65.00
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1951-S Mercury Dime, Micro S, Choice BU
Year: 1945S
Condition: Choice to Gem Uncirculated
Description: An original, bright BU example of this popular variety. Not really rare in any sense overall, but more difficult to find as in Uncirculated grades. Well struck for the year/variety as well, with a hint of "Bands" - very few come FSB, something in common with the "King" of this attribution, its 1945-P cousin.
Price: $65.00
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1932 Washington Quarter, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1932
Condition: Choice Unc
Description: Oddly enough, for a "common" date coin, the '32 Washington Quarter is not all that easy to locate as a true Unc coin in the MS-61 to MS-64 range, perhaps as most specimens were put away as souvenirs by the general public and inevitably cleaned at some point. This date was saved as it was actually intended as a one-year commemorative issue, celebrating the Bicentennial of Washington's birth. Its popularity lead to its adoption as a permanent design in 1934, after a hiatus in business strike coinage from 1931 to 1933, no Quarters really being needed in the early 30's due to the Depression. This is a nice, original moderately toned Choice Unc, without hairlines or heavy marks and obvious luster.
Price: $65.00
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1942 Type One Jefferson Nickel, Choice Proof
Year: 1942
Condition: Proof-64
Description: Choice but not fully Gem Proof example. There is a bit of original haze on the surface, common to coins that have not been cleaned. This comes from the storage methods available at the time (no archival storage available remember), as well as the materials the U. S. Mint used to package these in. There is a minor mark on the point of Jefferson cheekbone which is likely from handling, but could also be Mint-made. The 1942 Proof Nickels were typically not as nice, due to more hurried Wartime production. In my experience, this would not likely certify above Proof 64, and it is sold on that basis.
Price: $65.00
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