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1911-D Cent, Choice EF+, First Year of Denver Mint Coinage
Year: 1911D
Condition: EF-45
Description: The first issue from the Denver Mint, this date like many of the early San Fransisco Mint coinage tends to be of indifferent quality. For some reason, many specimens have a weakly punched Mintmark, and most are poorly struck - this coin is better than most. Nice original brown surfaces with no problems as well, showing just the smallest signs of "woodgrain" streakinesss (see coin #3910).
Price: $59.00
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1925-S Mercury Dime, Very Fine
Year: 1925D
Condition: VF-20
Description: A VF example of one of the toughest dates in the series to find above Fine, due to horrible striking characteristics overall. Most of the coins in all series struck this year at all Mints suffered from striking issues, which suggests a larger problem with die preparation. This coin seems reasonably original, if a bit dark, but oddly enough has a very good strike for the date.
Price: $58.00
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Year: 1869
Condition: VF-20
Description: A nice original Chocolate Brown VF, with a full "WE" (the "E" just a bit weaker than the "W" as typical). Heavy die break on the Reverse, developing into a "cud".
Price: $57.00
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1906-S Barber Dime, Sharp EF
Year: 1906S
Condition: EF-40+
Description: A very scarce and somewhat underrated date. I will note that this coin shows a light scuff or two, and I suspect but am not entirely sure that it may have been lightly cleaned a very long time ago. This is based simply upon the color, as nothing really shows now.
Price: $57.00
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1873 With Arrows Seated Liberty Half
Year: 1873
Condition: Good/Very Good
Description: A classic Type Coin, which seems a bit scarcer than the 1853-55 With Arrows type, probably as the novelty was not as considerable the second time around, so the public saved fewer. Certainly, this date seems tougher in better circulated grades. Most examples I see, similar this one, were put aside during the "Barber" years when all Seated Halves were potential hoard coins as they were "old" and obsolete. The example offered here is a decent, average circulated coin of this date.
Price: $57.00
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1913-D Type 1, Original AU Coin
Year: 1913D
Condition: AU-55 to 58
Description: A very original coin showing just a bit of wear on the highest points of the Bison. A more typical strike for the date than coin #4322, nothing horrible, just not as sharp.
Price: $57.00
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1906-S Barber Dime, Extremely Fine
Year: 1906S
Condition: EF-40+
Description: A nice original coin, this shows some of the eccentricities of dealing with the Barber coinage: the bottom base of Liberty's cap, right above the knot holding the base of the laurel wreath, is missing, due to overzealous polishing of the Obverse die. This factor is commonly to blame for missing smaller detail in the series, so one has to look at the overall fabric of the coin to establish grade, not focus on one small detail. Most of the major grading guides all have this same problem with over-emphasizing one particular area of a given series to "determine" grade, such as using LIBERTY on almost all coins series that bear that as part of the major relief. While making it easier to learn how to grade, it skips completely over the realities that not all coin are the same. Proof of that is that I commonly purchase coins as EF or AU from other dealers that I get certified as Uncirculated! Regardless, this is a nice original coin.
Price: $57.00
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1869 Seated Liberty Half, Good+
Year: 1869
Condition: Good-6
Description: A nice problem free Good+ example. I don't see this date all that often. Mintage about 3/4 Million.
Price: $57.00
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1891-O Seated Dime, Original EF, Last Year of Type
Year: 1891O
Condition: EF-40
Description: A nice original example of the last year of the Seated Liberty Dime type - oddly enough, this does not seem all that common a date, given that "last year" coins typically were heavily saved by the public. Perhaps the Depression of 1893-95 discouraged saving in the Southern states, or people in that areas where these circulated simply could not afford to put aside coins (or had no interest). This pattern similarly affects better grade Barber Dimes from New Orleans prior to about 1898, other than the "first year" 1892-O. These seem incredibly cheap as a Type overall in VF to AU.
Price: $55.00
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1858 Three Cent Silver, Type 2, VF-EF
Year: 1858
Condition: VF/EF
Description: Original, which in the case of most uncleaned survivors means a bit dark. A well balanced strike for a Type 2, which commonly come very uneven. It is not unusual to have a coin with EF detail where the date is merged into the Obverse rim! Given the less than attractive surfaces, I have discounted the price a bit.
Price: $55.00
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1836 Bust Dime, VG+
Year: 1836
Condition: VG-8+
Description: A nicely detailed strong VG+, close to Fine in fact. Seems very original. The Reverse is rotated to the left about 45 degrees.
Price: $55.00
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1954-S Franklin Half Dollar, Gem BU, Near FBL
Year: 1954S
Condition: Gem BU (MS-65)
Description: This is far better than most examples of the date. Well struck with very clean original surfaces, clearly Gem BU. 90%+ Full Bell Lines - VERY close but not quite there. There are a few vague light hairlines across the base of the Bell, likely due to being "bumped" by an album slide. Considering that a certified MS-65 FBL is basically a $250 coin, this seems like a reasonable alternative.
Price: $55.00
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Year: 1901O
Condition: Uncirculated (MS-62/63)
Description: A bright original Uncirculated coin, from a local group of BU Dollars put away during the 1960's. Most dealers would certainly offer this coin as "Choice BU" (MS-63+), but as it is common and I have a number in stock, I will simply call it "Unc". This particular coin does not noticeably differ in its appearance from coin #2250 (a few more small marks), as they came from the same BU roll.
Price: $55.00
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1903-O Barber Quarter, Fine+
Year: 1903O
Condition: Choice Fine
Description: Close to VF, with the middle feather of the eagle's right wing being basically complete, and still showing some traces of luster. However, as this is a reasonably common date for an O Mint Barber Quarter, I preferred not to push the grade (this was purchased from a someone who had graded it VF). The surfaces are original but look just a trace porous (?); one mark is also noted between the first two stars left of the date.
Price: $55.00
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1894-S Morgan Dollar, Circulated
Year: 1894S
Condition: VG to Fine
Description: Similar in nature to the 1892-S, this date is difficult to find above VF, as apparently most entered circulation. This is a decent VG to Fine coin that will fill the hole, until one of the more elusive VF or EF coins can be found - true AU's are quite rare, especially if original such as the coin being offered as #4071 on this website.
Price: $55.00
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1900-O Barber Half Dollar, Fine
Year: 1900O
Condition: Fine-12
Description: Just makes a Fine with part or all of all letters of LIBERTY showing - the overall details are that of a typical Fine, with allowances for the common softer New Orleans strike. Better yet, problem free and original. Given that it is not as strong as I usually like to sell as a Fine, discounted just a touch.
Price: $55.00
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1938-D Buffalo Nickel, Gem BU
Year: 1938D
Condition: ANACS MS-65
Description: The last Buffalo Nickel date struck, in an old ANACS "mini slab" with a very low serial number. Certified back when they were very conservative, this could easily upgrade to a MS-66 today, however the increase in value is not worth the expense, considering how common this date is in Unc. Better to leave it in the current holder for what it is - a BRIGHT, flashy Gem BU example for Type.
Price: $55.00
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1894-S Barber Quarter, VF, Discounted
Year: 1894S
Condition: VF-20
Description: This makes Very Fine, but is not quite as strong as I typically like to sell, and has some minor problems. Still a "meaty" coin, and should attract someone's attention at the listed price.
Price: $55.00
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1898-O Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1898O
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: A nice original Uncirculated coin, from a local group saved during the bank releases in the 1960's. No huge or ugly marks (the worst being a "mash" spot on the trunk of Liberty's neck), bright and all white. Common, but a nice fresh example if you want just one truly Unc Morgan Dollar. The certified equivalent would likely be MS-63.
Price: $55.00
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1922 Peace Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1922
Condition: MS-63
Description: First year issue of the Peace Dollar from Philadelphia. About as common as a Peace Dollar gets, but a nice Choice BU example without significant problematic "water spots" that seem to plague this issue. These were apparently caused by the methods used to wash the planchets to remove grease before striking, and are present on all the 1922-25 dates to some degree. Oddly enough, NICE Choice BU and better "common" Peace Dollars are NOT as easily found as common date Morgan Dollars are, mainly due to production issues such as the mentioned spotting, and heavy marks from frequent transporting of bags between storage locations. Peace Dollars are just less popular, probably as they are perceived as being "modern" as they all date to the 20th Century.
Price: $55.00
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1923 Peace Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1923
Condition: Choice Uncirculated (MS-63/64)
Description: A common Peace Dollar date, however the 1923 is less common than 1922. A well struck, lightly toned Choice Unc example, this has some of the "water spots" that seem to plague this issue, but they are largely hidden by the original color. Lots of luster and from a foot or more away this looks fully Gem. Likely to certify as a 64, but not worth the money to send it in.
Price: $55.00
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1923-S Peace Dollar, Uncirculated
Year: 1923S
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: A typical 1923-S Peace Dollar, in that the strike is not great - these seem to almost always be at least a bit flat across the high points of Liberty's hair and the eagle top wing area. It also shows some die polish lines on the Reverse, signs of a heavily used die (not objectionable however). Original with some light toning from decades of bag storage, the typical light scuffiness all over from being shifted back and forth between storage locations, which is why really Choice examples are scarce and expensive (a true Gem will fetch about $6000).
Price: $55.00
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