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1914 Buffalo Nickel, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1914
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: A decent original Uncirculated specimen of the second year of the series - far fewer were put away as souvenirs as the novelty had passed by then. This date also suffers from quality issues sometimes. This coin shows some light alloy streaks typical of a coin that has not been cleaned, but nothing serious. A few light marks, again nothing serious, but enough to keep it out of the really Choice or better grade levels - equivalent to a certified MS-62/63 coin.
Price: $65.00
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1905-S Barber Dime, Original EF+
Year: 1905S
Condition: EF-45
Description: A nice sharp original coin, close to AU. The Reverse on its own seems to make that grade.
Price: $65.00
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1881-S Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1881S
Condition: MS-63+
Description: A typically flashy BU example of this popular San Francisco Mint date.
Price: $64.00
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1942 Walker, Choice BU
Year: 1942
Condition: Choice Uncirculated (MS63/64)
Description: Bright white and problem free - please note the slightly "yellow" cast of the Reverse image is due to lighting, the coin itself is natural and untoned.
Price: $63.00
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1905-O Barber Dime, Very Fine, Scarce
Year: 1905O
Condition: VF-20+
Description: An attractive original coin, and none too easy to find – an R-3 in this grade.
Price: $63.00
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1887-S Morgan Dollar, Choice Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1887S
Condition: AU-55+
Description: An original AU/Unc example of this better date, which circulated very briefly, likely in the 1960's, before being put aside. Nice color and almost all of the luster remains, just a bit of scuffing wear.
Price: $63.00
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1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1943
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: An original frosty white Choice BU coin.
Price: $63.00
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1915-S Barber Dime, Choice Very Fine
Year: 1915S
Condition: VF-35
Description: Not a particularly common date considering it was at the end of the series, which usually encourages hoarding. A combination of a relatively modest Mintage of less than 1 Million, and the excitement over the new Mercury Dime design, probably resulted in fewer being saved.
Price: $60.00
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1945-D Walker, Choice BU, Bright White
Year: 1945D
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: An original Uncirculated coin with bright luster, the sort of typical slightly mushy late '40's Denver Mint strike. Untoned other than a tiny spot at center where the mylar window of the old holder had torn open (as shown in my images here); I have replaced the 2x2 this is in so it is secure. This would likely certify as an MS-64, however not worth the cost to submit it.
Price: $60.00
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1941-S Washington Quarter, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1941S
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: A true Uncirculated example, very typical of coins that come out of old time sets originally housed in Whitman or similar folders. No wear from circulation, this shows some wispy hairlines from light handling or contact with paper in the folder. The Reverse shows no hairlines, just a touch or original toning. To the naked eye, this looks "Gem BU", and should fit nicely into a raw BU Quarter set.
Price: $59.00
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1951 Jefferson Nickel, Choice Proof
Year: 1951
Condition: Gem Proof
Description: Cracked out of a PCGS PR-66 holder by my customer, who just wanted a true Gem Proof for his set. Nice watery surfaces with some evidence of Cameo contrast - NOT quite as strong as my images make it appear, due to the lighting used. When was the last time you heard a dealer say THAT.
Price: $59.00
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1925-S Lincoln Cent, Choice Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1925S
Condition: AU-55
Description: A bit sharper Obverse than coin #4083, but less so on the Reverse - typical mis-matched 1925-S die pair. Otherwise original and very nice, and would almost certainly also certify as a 58.
Price: $59.00
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1901 Barber Quarter, About Very Fine
Year: 1901
Condition: Choice Fine/Very Fine
Description: Exceedingly close to Very Fine, this lacks just a bit of detail as it was struck from the Type Two Obverse master hub (or Type Three depending upon how you see it) introduced in 1900. Coins struck from this hub have weaker detail, especially in Liberty's head from the laurel wreath leaves down to her eye/nose. While in my opinion just short of what I like to see in a full VF, this still might certify as such. Otherwise, a solid example. This date is priced ludicrously, with a Good being worth 75% of the value of a Fine; I can assure you that the Good versus Fine population for this date does not run 3 to 1, but more like 300 to 1 or fewer. So either the Goods (and VG's) are overpriced, or Fine & VF are underpriced - I think the latter.
Price: $59.00
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1940-S Washington Quarter, Gem Uncirculated
Year: 1940S
Condition: PCGS MS-65
Description: For those who prefer a Certified example, this is an original "blast white" Gem BU coin, with no doubts as to the grade. Frankly, I had anticipated getting this back in an MS-66 holder. There are less attractive coins priced higher on the web, if you look for them.
Price: $59.00
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1915 Lincoln Cent, Almost Uncirculated, Scarce
Year: 1915
Condition: AU-53 to 55
Description: A nice original AU coin, much scarcer than usual for an early Philly Mint Lincoln. One presumes that the red hot economy stoked by the First World War caused most of the coinage to get well used, as the average coin seen tends to be Fine or less. Problem free original chocolate Brown surfaces.
Price: $59.00
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1936-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Choice Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1936D
Condition: AU-58
Description: An original AU/Unc "slider". 99% of the original luster with a good strike & color, just a hint of wear. This would fit into a BU set easily - certainly many dealers on ebay would try to call this "Unc", especially on a certain unnamed website.
Price: $58.00
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1902 Morgan Dollar, Choice Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1902
Condition: AU-58
Description: A nice example of this better P Mint date - not as common in nice condition as it's low price current price indicates.
Price: $58.00
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1957 Franklin Half, Superb Gem Proof, Old PCGS Holder
Year: 1957
Condition: PCGS PR-66
Description: A true Gem example in an old second generation PCGS PR-66 holder, the "wraparound" added to Rattlers to help seal the edge. Probably today's 67, with superb mirrors and some hints of Cameo. Looks much nicer in the hand than shown here, due to the difficulty of getting a good image of the reflective Proof surfaces with "backwash". Better yet, the holder is fresh, with no marks, scuffs or chatter - one wonders where it has been hiding for the last 25 years! Regarding price, please note that you are buying the holder as much as the coin, as this is a true piece of numismatic history (as well as a nice coin).
Price: $58.00
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1955 Franklin Half Dollar, Famous
Year: 1955
Condition: ICG MS-64
Description: A nice original example of this popular variety, also sometimes comically known as "Count Frankula". Clash marks caused a set of pointed "teeth" appearing to jut out of Franklin's upper lip. The variety is noted on the holder, which you don't see as often. Also very close to Full Bell Lines, about 90+%. Not really rare, but this has always been popular as it is an "eye visible" variety with a good story to go along with it.
Price: $58.00
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1897 Barber Quarter, Extremely Fine+, Discounted
Year: 1897
Condition: EF-45
Description: Seems original with has nice color with significant luster remaining. There are a few scratches on the coin, so discounted accordingly from the typical $100 level these commonly command. Still worthy as a decent example for Type.
Price: $58.00
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1915 Lincoln Cent, Extremely Fine, Tough Coin
Year: 1915
Condition: EF-40
Description: An original EF example, struck from about evenly matched dies. Seems problem free which is quite unusual for this date when found on the West Coast.
Price: $57.00
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1909 VDB Lincoln Cent, Choice/Gem BU, Original Roll Coin
Year: 1909VDB
Condition: Ch/Gem BU
Description: This is an original Choice Uncirculated coin, out of a stash of rolls of this date put away by my now retired business partner, many years ago - I am offering a number of similar coins that also came from this same source. Most of the coins in these rolls showed at least some toning, this coin just enough to not make a full Red. It shows mellow traces of reddish-yellow over the original "straw gold" color. There is also some light "flecks" indicating finger contact at some point - remember, no 2x2's, Airtites or coin tubes back then - coins were handled by hand when rolled from original Mint bags, or when a merchant went to the bank to get some coin. Still, a bright obvious BU coin.
Price: $57.00
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1952 Roosevelt Dime, Gem Proof, Multicolored Toning
Year: 1952
Condition: Gem Proof
Description: Gem Proof with multicolored toning around the rims on both sides, from long storage in a Capital-style holder. The toning is nicer than I could really capture here, given the reflections of the Proof surfaces. As this sort of thing is not for everyone, please review my images with care (the toning could be removed through conservation). I feel the coin is very attractive and worth a premium for the toning as a positive attribute rather than a defect. Out of a full 1952 Proof Set I recently broke up, from a small group of sets that were together since the 1970's.
Price: $55.00
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1885 Indian Cent, EF
Year: 1885
Condition: EF-40+
Description: A solid EF coin with nice Brown surfaces. There are some small traces of original Red remaining, but not nice enough to make AU.
Price: $55.00
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1897 Liberty Nickel, Extremely Fine
Year: 1897
Condition: EF-45
Description: A nice original EF example, certainly not common. This has the slightly "greasy" looking grey-green color of a truly original circulated Liberty Nickel.
Price: $55.00
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