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1852 Three Cent Silver, Type 1, Uncirculated
Year: 1852
Condition: PCGS MS-62
Description: A few wispy marks as this came out of a non-numismatic accumulation, but no major marks (the void at 11:00 on the Reverse rim is a planchet flaw). An original example, which is unusual as almost all have been dipped or cleaned over the years as they tend to tone oddly. The reason is the "billon" alloy that the Treasury used to try to keep these from being melted down, the first example of fiat coinage struck by the U. S.
Price: $269.00
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1853 Seated Liberty Quarter, Choice AU, Certified
Year: 1853A&R
Condition: PCGS/CAC AU-55
Description: A very original, lightly worn example of the Arrows & Rays type, obviously put aside almost immediately after release. Thankfully, nothing was done to "improve" the coin, as it retains its natural skin and shows some moderate toning. Perfect as an example for Type.
Price: $529.00
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1853 A&R Seated Liberty Half, Original AU
Year: 1853A&R
Condition: PCGS AU-55
Description: (SOLD March, 2014 for $900) A sharp Choice AU example of this popular Type Coin. The date is by no means rare as many were put away by the general public as a souvenir of the "odd" coin with Arrows and Rays, however few examples seem to have survived in higher circulated grades without being cleaned, usually quite badly. This date does have a significantly higher value than other common dates as a PCGS AU-55 coin, which may be due to striking issues limiting grade, or to the popularity of the design for "Type". This coin seems largely original and little if any high point wear to the coin, mostly a loss of luster in the fields, so this coin shows the Seated Liberty design at its fullest. The stars on the left side of the Obverse are a bit flat due to strike, but the rest of the coin's detail seems normal. The presence of the Rays on the Reverse caused significant problems with achieving a balanced strike, one reason they were removed for the 1855 mintage. Images shown of the coin prior to as well as post-certification.
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1855 Large Cent, Slanted 5, Unusual Lower Grade Certified Coin
Year: 1855
Condition: EF-40
Description: (THIS COIN HAS BEEN SOLD; the listing Archived for the information) This appears to be the exact die of N-9, the infamous "Knob on Ear" variety, in an earlier die state. As there are only 2 Newcomb varieties for the Slanted 5 date logotype, and the dies are clearly different and easily distinguished, I don't know what else it could be. The coin clearly shows the presence of a die chip at the top of Liberty's ear. If you compare it to the enlarged image of the full blown Knob on Ear die state (courtesy of PCGS Coin Facts), this image shows the presence below the hourglass shaped top "knob", of another die chip beneath and on the left edge. The shape of the "blob" on the example offered here matches the profile of this lower defect. One presumes that there had to be various die states that existed prior to the last, big piece falling out of the die, as this coin clearly shows. Not a recognized, separate Newcomb variety, however this still offers something for the student of the series beyond being a decent Type example. See further discussion in the listing for coin #5787.
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1855 Large Cent, Slanted 5, Famous Knob on Ear Variety
Year: 1855
Condition: AU-58
Description: (SOLD April, 2017 for $369) An attractive near Uncirculated example of the famous "Knob on Ear" variety. It is my experience that this variety is not commonly available on the West Coast anywhere near "new". Interestingly enough, while this is an obvious example, it does not show the second, slightly lower profile die chip that commonly appears above the left corner of the hourglass shaped die chip that gave the variety its name. This chip can be seen in the extra image provided of a later die state example, courtesy of PCGS Coinfacts. Compare this to the other 1855 Cent listed as #5181 which I considered as a transitional die state. The coin offered here does however show the thin looping die crack below the "hourglass". This suggests that more research is obviously necessary, or that I have been in error in labeling #5181 as an earlier state of the same die - difficult to fathom as it otherwise matches N-9. Regardless, the coin stands on its own merits.
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1855-S With Arrows Seated Liberty Half Dollar, RARE!
Year: 1855S
Condition: PCGS Fine-15
Description: A phenomenally difficult date to locate in just about any decent grade, even on the West Coast where they circulated. Heavy circulation demand during the Gold Rush period combined with a low mintage condemned most examples to vanish over time; one estimate is that as few as 500 exist in all grades. This is an apparently original example in the tough middle grade range. PCGS Pop of only 9 coins in the grade; 60 circulated examples shown better, which undoubtedly includes resubmissions. Some evident marks on the Obverse are very old and did not appear to bother PCGS. I have had the opinion of others that they were a bit tough on this coin, as some felt it could have graded VF. Regardless, a coin that should sell based upon it's own merits of extreme scarcity - if you need/want one, you have to strike while the iron is hot.
Price: $1,895.00
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1856 Seated Liberty Quarter, UNIQUE CAC Gold Sticker
Year: 1856
Condition: PCGS/CAC AU-55
Description: (SOLD March, 2016 for $465) This coin garnered the rarest of the rare: a CAC Gold Sticker. To put it in perspective, this is the only 1856 Quarter so honored, and one of only nine coins of the No Motto type from 1840 to 1865 with a Gold "Bean" (one of only 26 Seated Quarters in total so designated). The Gold "bean" is typically meant to signify that CAC considers a coin undergraded, and that is certainly the case with this coin. In my opinion, the coin has never been in circulation - whether there is any "rub" from storage or not is subject to dispute. It is likely that this coin sat in a box or can of other coins, hidden away from numismatic abuse, thankfully. As it is unique, value is relative, and the Gold Sticker also tends to add value beyond the perception of being PQ as a novelty, if you will. Regardless, a very nice coin and not one that I am all fired up to sell immediately. For whatever reason, it is incredibly difficult to find original high grade uncleaned examples of ANY Seated Liberty coin. This is perhaps even more difficult with the Quarters, as they saw the yeoman's share of work in commerce as a large denomination (Halves commonly stayed in Banks as a cash currency reserve). Certainly, this is the kind of coin that is commonly "improved" and sold to the unwary as a "Select BU".
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1856 Seated Liberty Quarter, Choice AU/Unc Slider
Year: 1856
Condition: PCGS AU-58
Description: (SOLD January, 2015 for $309)A very nice example of this common date, a light gray with just a trace of wear in the Obverse fields and on the high points, showing 95% of the original luster. The kind of coin that unfortunately usually gets dipped out and sold back East as “Unc”. Should easily CAC as well.
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1856-O Liberty Seated Dime, Large O, Scarce
Year: 1856O
Condition: Very Fine
Description: Not a particularly small mintage at 1.18 Million, but slightly better as a date and very scarce above VF (a R-3 in VF). This suggests that when produced, they got out into circulation and stayed there until they wore out. This is a solid original example, with what seems like typically mismatched sides: the Obverse is clearly a solid VF+, while the Reverse is weaker. This date is noted by Brain Greer as typically being weakly struck on the wreath leaves, such as this coin. It also matches both his grading guide to VF for the Type, as well as PCGS's online grading guide (for a VF-30, no less) - being a bit persnickety when it comes to grading, it is my considered opinion that while this would undoubtedly certify as a VF, I feel that it JUST makes it overall. Never the less, a nice coin.
Price: $89.00
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1857 Flying Eagle Cent, Choice Almost Uncirculated, Scarce Variety
Year: 1857
Condition: PCGS AU-55
Description: An attractive, original Choice Almost Uncirculated example of the Flying Eagle type. Snow-16 variety, widely blundered date with two additional date punches in the Eagle's chest. For reasons that escape me, not a recognized PCGS variety - however fully obvious with the large die break/chip in the center. A nice coin, perhaps just slightly weakly struck on the Obverse at the bottom of "United States", otherwise it would perhaps certified AU-58. This shows considerable luster and original color. A comparable example if being offered elsewhere for $650 as of November, 2018.
Price: $527.00
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1857 Seated Liberty Half Dime, Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1857
Condition: Almost Uncirculated
Description: Lightly cleaned long ago but now showing attractive rim toning from an old album. A decent example for Type.
Price: $137.00
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1857 Seated Liberty Half, Sharp Original AU-58 Coin
Year: 1857
Condition: PCGS AU-58
Description: (SOLD September, 2015 for $450) A REALLY nice original Choice AU/Unc example of this common date, perfect as a Type coin. About as original and untoned as one of this series can get, as it must have been kept carefully for many years - alternatively, it could have come out of a non-numismatic coin hoard and been IGNORED for 100+ years, as I find this sort of thing actually improves the odds of a coin being "left alone".
Price: Price On Request
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1857 Flying Eagle Cent, Choice AU
Year: 1857
Condition: PCGS/CAC AU-55
Description: (SOLD February, 2017 for $360) A very attractive, original Choice Almost Uncirculated example of the Flying Eagle type. Nice color and significant luster, not always obvious on these coins due to the material used to make them. Also, thankfully, no attempt has been made to "process" this coin to make it appear "Unc", all too common for well struck examples, as too few people apparently know how to grade these! Scarce as a CAC stickered coin - only 18 in the CAC Census as of January, 2017. PCGS Population in AU-55 is 242 coins + 132 at NGC, making the CAC Pop at only 4.5% of the total grade. As noted above, many of those certified coins in AU have been cleaned at one point, regardless of the "plastic" they are in.
Price: Price On Request
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1857 Large Cent, Small Date
Year: 1857
Condition: PCGS EF-40
Description: (SOLD April, 2016 for $300, the listing left posted for the information value) As scarce as the 1857 Large Cents are, even given the inevitable hoarding by the public as the last year of the series, they are incredibly difficult to find problem free. Most examples I encounter have been cleaned badly, or are otherwise damaged so will not certify in a normal holder. This coin is a pleasant exception, being original and showing just a couple of smaller marks. I have also found that the Small Date logotype seems to be scarcer than the Large Date in my experience, by about 3 or 4 to 1.
Price: Price On Request
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1857-O Seated Liberty Half Dime, Extremely Fine
Year: 1857O
Condition: Extremely Fine
Description: A nice problem free coin to serve as a Type example.
Price: $84.00
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1858 Three Cent Silver, Type 2, Heavily Die Clashed
Year: 1858
Condition: Fine to Very Fine
Description: (This item has been sold; I left the listing posted for the value of the information.) An original example which shows some of the problems the Mint encountered with this series. The coin is HEAVILY die clashed, with two of the "III" from the Reverse partially filling some of the vertical stripes in the star center. There are also other marks surrounding the star that are transferred detail from the Reverse. My impression is that much of the problem with die clashes was due to problems with the planchet feed mechanism, the planchets being so light that they would commonly misfeed or jam the feed tube, causing the dies to come together without an intervening blank. As common for the Type, an uneven strike, which may not even have been related to the clashing - the central details are of a solid VF, but weak at the Obverse rim from 8:00 to 1:00.
Price: Price On Request
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1858 Flying Eagle Cent, Large Letters, Choice AU
Year: 1858LL
Condition: PCGS AU-58
Description: (SOLD February, 2016 for $445, on ebay) A very original example of the last of the Flying Eagle coinage, probably put away originally as an example of the vanishing series, one the Indian Cent was introduced in 1859. Any minor wear was likely achieved while in non-numismatic storage, aka Prince Albert tin, cigar box, Mason jar, etc. Very sharply struck on the Obverse, the color is a natural darker honey-brown, although the luster is not as obvious as it is on the Reverse. That side is lighter in color and the luster "pops" off the surface, not common in this series even in Unc grades below Gem BU.
Price: Price On Request
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1858-O Seated Liberty Half, Original AU
Year: 1858O
Condition: PCGS AU-50
Description: WB-101. Perhaps oddly enough, this coin does not have a blundered date - fully half of the Obverse dies used this year had errant digits punched somewhere around the date or even into Liberty's figure! However, this DOES have the crookedest last "8" in the date I have ever seen in this series - call it a "lazy eight". Maybe there was something in the water in the Big Easy this year...or too much absinthe perhaps? Otherwise, about as original as you are likely to see on of these coins, and certainly PQ for just a "50".
Price: $319.00
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1859 Indian Cent, Extremely Fine
Year: 1859
Condition: EF-40
Description: A nice example of this one year Type, better struck than most - this date typically comes a bit weak on the Reverse as the Mint had trouble striking these with sharp wreath detail.
Price: $116.00
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1859 Seated Liberty Half, RARE AU-58 Coin, Type Two Hub
Year: 1859
Condition: PCGS AU-58
Description: (SOLD September, 2015 for $700) A flat out RARE coin, and an excellent example of some of the eccentricities of the Seated Half series. All of the Philadelphia dates from 1857 to 1862 are priced the same as AU-58's in the PCGS Price Guide. However, the number of actual coins that exist varies widely, with 68 from 1858 but only 16 from 1859 - as a comparison, the 1859-S, with only 14 coins graded, is priced at $690, a 40% premium, and GOOD LUCK buying one at that price. This "standard pricing" may represent the availability of Mint State or Proof coins that are placed into sets, but even there the 1859 has a lower Population. Better yet, this is struck from the modified Type Two Hub with "lighter" letters on the Reverse. The coin shows some Prooflike surfaces, with lovely russet toning highlights. Rare as a Ty 2 hub, R-4 in EF/AU and R-6+ as an Unc. To put actual value in perspective, PCGS AU's of this date (from Hub One usually) have recently sold for well over $700, with a similar AU-58 reaching $822 at Heritage. That was a stunning coin from Hub 2 that looked truly "new"; the example offered here is close. As value and price are somewhat speculative on such varieties, my price is based upon my best estimate of current value - truly interested parties who strongly disagree are welcome to make me a counteroffer, within reason.
Price: Price On Request
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1859 Seated Half Dime,
Year: 1859
Condition: PCGS PR64
Description: This is the first relatively common Seated Liberty Half Dime date available as a Proof, the Mint having started to publicly sell Proof coins and sets the prior year. "Common" is certainly relative as I do not see them often. This date is UNIQUE in American Numismatics as the only Half Dime (or any other coin denomination) with this Obverse Hub, modified by Anthony Paquet in an attempt to "lighten" up the design. The distinguishing characteristic is the "hollow center" stars, which can be seen even in low grade on a circulated coin (when you can find them - I have only owned two in the last three-four years). This is Valentine-1, a triple repunched date with the repunching showing plainly and boldly on the 1 and 9. Although not noted in Breen, the 8 is also obviously repunched. This would appear to be a very early die state of the die, as in addition to an exceptional strike, the coin shows some light Cameo contrast. This variety is scarcer than V-2 as a Proof, and probably more so as an EDS coin.
Price: $1,749.00
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1859-O Seated Liberty Quarter, Very Fine, Scarce Date
Year: 1859O
Condition: Very Fine
Description: A decent VF-20, allowing for the common slight weakness here and there of a New Orleans Mint coin. A scarce, low mintage date. Probably lightly cleaned a very long time ago; the color is acceptable now. No other problems.
Price: $127.00
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1859-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Original Almost Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1859O
Condition: PCGS AU-53
Description: A nice original AU example of this common New Orleans Mint date. Attractive surfaces with noticeable remaining luster - a nice choice as a Type example.
Price: $369.00
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