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1859-S Seated Liberty Half, Rare Original AU Coin
Year: 1859S
Condition: PCGS AU-50
Description: WB-102, Medium Mintmark. A very attractive example of this date, very much a "sleeper". Wiley & Buggert note this is only slightly more available (R-4+) than the 1858-S. Certainly a nice looking coin, and the point can be made that this is slightly undergraded compared to several other PCGS AU-50 coins I compared it to in the historical record (many of which were NOT original). Darn few of these around to choose from, whether original or not - this is a 100% original coin out of California.
Price: $699.00
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1859-S Seated Liberty Dollar, Classic San Francisco Mint Rarity
Year: 1859S
Condition: PCGS AU-58
Description: An old-time example of this classic American Dollar rarity. There are only four San Francisco Mint Seated Dollar dates to choose from, this one, the very rare 1872-S, the ultra-rare 1870-S and the non-existent 1873-S (Zero known to exist). By those impossible standards, this is relatively 'common'! Only 20,000 struck and fewer than 10% of those left in existence in all likely hood. This is also the only No Motto issue of the Type from this Mint. 3/4 of the entire mintage was struck expressly to be shipped to China for trade, the balance of 5,000 paid out into domestic circulation, resulting in few if any coins being saved in high grade in this country. 17 in the grade at PCGS, which is almost certainly high due to resubmissions to try to get a 61 or 62 - not surprising that dealers would try as this would make it a $10,000+ coin. The PCGS Population of Unc coins sits at about 23. This is also likely high, few are above MS-62 and generally without much eye appeal. This particular coin has never been auctioned, apparently residing in the same collection since being graded in all likelihood, sometime in the late 1990's based on the label. I will be honest in my impression that this coin is resubmitted today it would possibly not certify a 58, as the current trend is to coins that are 'bright' at that grade. Ludicrous in the extreme given the age and circumstance of this issue. However, it merits attention due to its attractive color and hints of lightly Prooflike surfaces, not surprising given the mintage. The primary color is a deep blue with red orange undertones, more visible in the fields around Liberty and the Eagle. Largely free of distracting contact marks, although some very light hairlines are present. There is also the sense of a couple of very light planchet flaws being present, not in terms of roughness, but a difference in color. Not surprising as the source for the Silver used to strike this issue was either Silver bars coming from Mexico, or salvaged non-U. S. fractional coinage. That plus the relatively primitive assay and parting equipment in use in San Francisco meant that planchet streaks were common at this time. These do not however distract too greatly - I mention them for accuracy. Regardless of how you view the assigned grade, given the history of the issue and the abuses heaped upon the series as a whole, few survivors retain this amount of 'pizzaz'. I will leave it to the viewer to decide if that merits my asking price ... as a note, a similarly toned PCGS/CAC specimen sold in August, 2018 at $7,500, well over the PCGS Guide Value (I will note that I thought that coin nicer than the present example).
Price: $5,999.00
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1860 Indian Cent, Pointed Bust, Scarce
Year: 1860
Condition: VF/EF
Description: A nice example of this tougher variety, from the Hub of 1859. Easily identified by the thinner, "pointier" tip to Liberty's bust. For actual wear, this is more like an EF, but the strike was not great so I will Net it down a bit for stated grade.
Price: $85.00
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1860 Seated Liberty Half, Type One Hub, Very Scarce
Year: 1860
Condition: PCGS AU-53
Description: (SOLD September, 2015 for $450) WB-101, this coin is struck from the old Type One hub used pre-1859. James Longacre, possibly with the help of Anthony Paquet, attempted to "lighten up" the appearance of the Reverse of this design. The changes are minor, but can principally be seen in comparing the distance between the top serifs of the "L" and "F" in HALF. The other identifying features, such as smaller arrow heads and "closed" vs. "open" claws on the Eagle can be confounded by how deeply the die was hubbed; the lettering is quite obvious however. Very scarce and underrated as a date, this is fully an R-5 in this grade range, ignoring the Hub variety. For the date, average correctly graded AU+ coins seem to sell consistently at $400+, AU-58's at around $500. Pricing on the variety is a bit difficult as they do not trade too often, and are not separated out by being identified on the label insert. As such my price is a bit speculative; truly interested parties can contact me and make an offer if they object strenuously to my valuation. The coin itself is just a touch scuffy perhaps, but an attractive survivor with significant luster and nice toning.
Price: Price On Request
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1860 Indian Cent, Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1860
Condition: AU-50
Description: An original AU example of the more common of the two Hubs used this year. Well struck overall and with original color and luster. Just short of all four diamonds show. No longer really common when found "unmolested".
Price: $99.00
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1860 Seated Liberty Half, Nice VF, Underrated Date
Year: 1860
Condition: Choice Very Fine
Description: (SOLD December, 2014 for $150) A very original, problem free example of a scarce, underrated, low mintage date. The presumption is that a reasonable number of coins should have been put away at the start of the Civil War in the general hoarding of all Silver & Gold coinage. However this does not seem to be the case, as few examples even show up at auction or on ebay. Considered an R-3 in any grade in the standard text on the series. This should certify as a VF-25 or perhaps 30 if submitted; the Reverse is stronger than the Obverse (basically EF), suggesting the use of mis-matched dies. From a small hoard of Seated Halves that I recently purchased that has been off the coin market for probably three generations! A number of coins from this group are being certified and will be listed upon their return. All of these coins come with the original paper envelopes in which they were stored for many years, as shown here - would that their prices be as cheap as they used to be!
Price: Price On Request
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1860 Three Cent Silver, Type 2, Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1860
Condition: Almost Uncirculated
Description: A popular Civil War-era date. Well struck, evidence of a heavy die clash on the Reverse. This does show some hairlines, so I suspect a very old, very light cleaning (or wiping) - it was a long time ago as the color appears natural now.
Price: $174.00
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1860-O Seated Liberty Dollar, Classic Type Date
Year: 1860O
Condition: PCGS MS-61
Description: (SOLD July, 2017 for $2,200) An original Uncirculated example of the quintessential Type date of the Seated Liberty Dollar series, as least as far as BU coins go. Somewhat surprisingly available as a BU for a date that was struck in a quantity of only 1/2 Million; this is explained by the survival of some number of BU bags released in the 1960's. The number thought released varies with a high side estimate of about 6,000, still not a lot compared to any Morgan Dollar date except perhaps the 1889-CC and 1893-S. Oddly enough, given the tendency to certify such a coin based upon value, less than 800 graded at PCGS. This is a nice bright white BU coin, undoubtedly from the coins released in the 1960's. No spots or stains, this appears to have totally original surfaces with no signs of toning or having been dipped. The marks are generally light and well scattered, with no distracting digs or dents that such large coins were commonly subject to. In an older PCGS holder from the early 1990's I think - from the holdings of a now retired coin dealer who is selling off his "stash" to fund retirement.
Price: Price On Request
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1860-S Seated Liberty Half, Scarce 1860's Date
Year: 1860S
Condition: Very Fine
Description: Considered the second scarcest date of the 1860's after the 1866-S No Motto by PCGS Coin Facts, although this is not reflected by the typical price guide. Poor survival due to heavy demand in the Western economy is the culprit, as coins from Philadelphia did not make it out West that far, as well as a lack of local saving. This is a solid VF+ example, although it shows the typical old light cleaning. If you can get past that, this is a more than decent example of a date that I don't see all that often.
Price: $149.00
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1860-S Seated Liberty Half
Year: 1860S
Condition: PCGS XF-45
Description: (SOLD October, 2015 for $330) WB-101, Large Mintmark. Considered Scarce to Very Scarce in all circulated grades, R-4 in EF/AU. Survival in ALL grades is estimated to be as low as 600 coins. Scarcer as a PCGS certified coin in EF to AU-50 than the pricier 1858-S, this certainly appears to be a sleeper. It also appears that all of this mintage was produced from just 2 die pairs, so some fine high point detail is a bit blunt compared to other dates.
Price: Price On Request
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1861 Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Popular Civil War Era Date
Year: 1861
Condition: Fine
Description: A nice mid grade circulated example of this popular Civil Wra era date, out of an old local non-numismatic hoard. Seems wholly original.
Price: $74.00
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1861-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Louisiana State Issue
Year: 1861O
Condition: AU Details (NGC Genuine)
Description: (SOLD May, 2017 for $475, on ebay) A high grade specimen of this enigmatic transitional issue, recovered from the S. S. Republic shipwreck. For those not familiar, a large group of U. S. Federal coins were recovered from this wreck a number of years ago, including a medium sized group of 1861-O Halves. There were enough coins that specialists in the series were able to do a die emission sequence and determine characteristics for coins struck for the Federal Government, the short-lived Louisiana Republic and the Confederate States (after they took over the New Orleans Mint from the State). The group was sent through NGC for conservation, resulting in coins of varying surface quality, and marketed in NGC holders with the notation of "Shipwreck Effect". Popular on the Saturday morning and late night coin sales programs on TV, the average surface pieces were promoted in this and similar packaging as items of historical interest, rather than strictly numismatic collectibles. This coin displays details of an almost "new" coin, with the slightly fuzzy looking surfaces of the conserved coins, caused by the etching of coin surfaces by salt water, which preferentially pulls Copper out of the 90% Silver coin alloy due to electrolytic action. Regardless of the mild impairment, an interesting numismatic relic. The slabbed coin can be removed from the larger case should the owner wish, as this is not sealed.
Price: Price On Request
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1861-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Confederate Half Dies
Year: 1861O
Condition: PCGS XF-40
Description: One of the coins struck by the Confederate States of America, presumably soon after they took over the New Orleans Mint facility from the State of Louisiana. Catalogued as W-09 in the work by Bill Bugert, based upon research by his associate James Wiley. A solid EF+, perhaps a bit conservatively graded by PCGS. A similar PCGS XF-40 example of this same die pair sold for over $1000 at the June, 2018 Baltimore ANA (Stacks/Bowers #3041). Perhaps a bit strong ("irrational exuberance" perhaps?), however certainly worth a premium as a genuine example of a coin struck by the CSA.
Price: $579.00
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1861-O Seated Liberty Half, Louisiana/CSA Issue
Year: 1861O
Condition: PCGS MS-61
Description: (SOLD February, 2016 for $1,325) An Uncirculated example of the popular, and somewhat confusing, 1861-O issue. This date was struck by three different distinct agencies, the U. S. Treasury (aka "Damn Yankees"), the independent State of Louisiana after secession, and the Confederate States of America. Distinguishing which issue was which was impossible, other than the well known CSA issue with Obverse die crack (FS-401/WB-102), until more extensive research by the authors of the standard text on the series were able to view a hoard of the date and produce a die marriage emission sequence, producing a list of 14 recognized sub-varieties. This coin is one of those attributed to the State of Louisiana. Unlike most of the known better grade examples, this is not one of the much more common sea salvaged piece with "shipwreck effect" that came off the SS Republic. In an old PCGS light green holder, this appears to be an original coin which was likely shipped outside the U. S. (commonly to Central or South America at the time) as bullion or in payment for wartime needs, and repatriated later. "Original" is used advisedly, as darn few if any such coins remained "white" over the intervening 100+ years, but it shows no obvious impairment from being dipped if it was, as the luster is strong. It does show the typical scattering of light scuffs and marks appropriate to a 61 grade, which supports the theory that it left the U. S. in a "bag lot". It is known that many Southern merchants had to operate on a "cash and carry" basis during the Civil War, due to the breakdown of the barter economy using cotton with a loss of confidence in the potential success of the CSA after 1863. I have attempted to identify the specific die variety of this coin, but my first try at it seemed to indicate that the Obverse is described as one Wiley number, and the Reverse is another, so it may be an undescribed transitional pairing. Of course, right now I cannot find the proper reference material, so I have left this posted as "POR" until more work is done. Interested parties can contact me to discuss matters.
Price: Price On Request
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1861-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar, State of Louisiana Issue
Year: 1861O
Condition: Extremely Fine
Description: One of the coins struck by the State of Louisiana after the commandeered the U. S. Mint at New Orleans. Catalogued as W-08 in the work by Bill Bugert, based upon research by his associate James Wiley. This shows the characteristic weakness of the date logotype, and the large clash within the shield on the Reverse which are diagnostics of the variety. The surfaces appear largely original (or at least this has not seen a cleaning since the early 20th Century) but perhaps just a bit "scruffy" - discounted just a touch accordingly.
Price: $280.00
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1862 Seated Liberty Half Dime, Choice Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1862
Condition: AU-58
Description: A stunningly original coin, with bright luster and basically untoned, just some light scuffs. Fully original, this came out of a misc. assortment of U. S. coins that made it to Great Britain, likely during the Civil War. The "perfect" Type example: you get all the detail at half the price of an Unc.
Price: $158.00
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1862 Three Cent Silver, Type 2, Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1862
Condition: Almost Uncirculated+
Description: A popular, low mintage Civil War date. Nice color and obvious luster, especially on the Reverse. Not something you see very often on a circulated 3 Cent due to how they were typically handled by the public. Heavy Reverse die crack as well. Interestingly enough, this date is noted for heavy die clashes, which this coin lacks - unusual considering that the die crack indicates the Reverse die was in service for more than a short time.
Price: $189.00
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1863 Indian Cent, Original Almost Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1863
Condition: Almost Uncirculated
Description: An original AU example typical of coins put aside randomly by the non-collecting public during the Civil War. Nicely toned a honey-brown which is the natural color Copper-Nickel Cents develop if not disturbed or cleaned. Likely to certify above AU-50 if submitted. I note that the Reverse is slightly rotated.
Price: $79.00
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1863 Indian Cent, Uncirculated Copper-Nickel Cent
Year: 1863
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: An original Unc example typical of coins put aside randomly by the non-collecting public during the Civil War. Nicely toned a honey-brown which is the natural color Copper-Nickel Cents develop if not disturbed or cleaned. Some minor scuffs here and there but no major marks.
Price: $132.00
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1863-S Seated Liberty Half, VG/Fine
Year: 1863S
Condition: VG/Fine
Description: (SOLD on ebay October, 2014 for $75) A bit of a mystery coin: this coin may have been struck from an unlisted Reverse die. Clearly struck from Reverse Hub 2 with open claws. The position and "tilt" of the MM seems to match WB-102, however the Mintmark is clearly not "broken" as found on one die, and does not appear to be "partially broken" or damaged as for the other known die. Wiley & Bugert did indicate that the mintmark punch used for WB-101 and -102 appeared to be the same, so this may be a new die using the same punch prior to the top curve of the S being damaged, or it may simply be that the coin is in too low of a grade to be absolutely sure - I leave it to the viewer to decide. In any case, and nice problem free VG+ (VG/Fine) example
Price: Price On Request
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1863-S Seated Liberty Half, High Grade Example
Year: 1863S
Condition: Choice AU Details
Description: (SOLD March, 2015 for $250 - a bargain I think) A sharp AU+ examples, but like most survivors, this has some issues. It shows some obvious marks and some light hairlines - oddly enough, the color appears completely natural for the age, and the coin displays a considerable amount of remaining luster. Based upon my experience with the series, it is most likely that it was not cleaned in the typical numismatic sense, but unearthed at some point long ago and the surface soil wiped off, leaving the hairlines. A shame as otherwise this coin displays 98% of the detail as struck and would likely have certified as an AU-58 if problem free, which would make it worth $600+. Out of California, not likely to be one of the coins from the 1950's Guatemala hoard, as almost all those I have seen were badly cleaned unlike this coin. WB-102, "Broken" Mintmark variety, R-3+. If you can get past the issues, this is an attractive coin with a lot of meaty detail, and oddly enough the marks do not show as readily when viewed in person as they tend to melt into the details on Liberty's body. A decent example for Type, and it certainly saves you some money over the average example (which almost always is cleaned more significantly anyway). As a side note, this is NOT from the smallish hoard of Seated Halves I also have listed - it just fell into the order of the listings by chance.
Price: Price On Request
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1864 Small Motto Two Cents, RARE Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1864
Condition: PCGS MS-63BN
Description: A stunning glossy Brown Uncirculated example of this scarce variety, the first Unc that I have seen in a very long time. Unquestionably "new", with a bold strike and few if any noticeable marks - seems very PQ for only a "63". Bold luster pops off of problem free surfaces that have the wonderful slightly purple-red tones that old Copper and Bronze coins tone to if left undisturbed. This variety is identifiable even in lower grades by the shape of the "D" in IGWT - it is shorter and "squattier" than the Large Motto type (compare to any 1864 LM listed on this site).
Price: $1,699.00
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1864 Large Motto Two Cents, Gem Uncirculated
Year: 1864
Condition: PCGS/CAC MS-65RB
Description: A nice Gem Unc example of the more common of the two 1864 Two Cent Motto varieties. Nice surfaces with a mellow "bricky red" color, no problems to note as should be made obvious by the assigned Gem Unc grade - and the CAC sticker of approval.
Price: $630.00
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1864 Seated Liberty Half, RARE EF Coin
Year: 1864
Condition: PCGS EF-45
Description: (SOLD March, 2015 for $500) A low mintage Civil War date, just under 380,000 struck. Scarcer than the mintage would indicate, likely due to exportation as foreign exchange, with relatively few coins left in this country during the War. Some of this date turned up in a large hoard found in Guatemala in the 1950's, but far fewer than the dates from 1859 to 1862. This suggests that coins shipped overseas went elsewhere, very possibly to Europe where in all probability they were melted. A sharp coin, this is just slightly scruffy, but this is well hidden by the color. I suspect a very light cleaning a very long time ago, but the color appears natural now. It may be simply that the minor marks are from use in circulation. Like the 1862, this date seems to always sell at a premium to listed "retail" values, even coins with some problems, which shows the scarcity of the date. Due to the scarcity of this date, many certified coins are also obviously cleaned or have minor problems, and still get graded! My asking price is not too far above recent observed auction results.
Price: Price On Request
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1864 Indian Cent, Bronze, Choice Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1864Br
Condition: AU-58
Description: An original survivor of the first Bronze Cent issue, undoubtedly put away as an example of the new Type. These would have been seen as "odd" to many people, having gotten used to the "white Cents" as the 1859 to 1864 CN issues were sometimes called. This probably never saw any circulation, but picked up a trace of wear from being in with a bunch of other misc. coins; as a result, it also darkened up just a bit, but still an attractive, sharp coin (and at least it was never cleaned!).
Price: $99.00
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