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1864 Indian Cent, Copper Nickel, Original Almost Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1864CN
Condition: AU-55+
Description: A nice original AU coin, well struck for the Type and with nice color. Difficult to find original, as most coins close to Uncirculated were cleaned at some point in the past to pass a "Unc". The nature of the coin's alloy worked in favor of such abuse as it takes a good "polish".
Price: $149.00
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1864 Indian Cent, Copper Nickel, Last Year of Type
Year: 1864CN
Condition: EF-40
Description: A nice original EF, showing the somewhat less than spectacular strikes that this date tends to show, as by now the master hub being used to make dies had started to wear out. 1864 was the last year that Copper-Nickel Indian Cents were struck, as the Mint had gotten tired of dealing with the very hard alloy used for this series. Also, the experience shown during the Civil War that the general public would accept Bronze minor coinage, in the guise of private Civil War Tokens, allowing for the removal of Nickel from the Cent's composition. It may be difficult to imagine now, but at the time Nickel was almost a semi-precious metal, due to the difficulty and cost in producing it from its major ores. This was the first step towards a Fiat coinage, one where it had a lesser intrinsic value (melt value) than its stated Face Value. It should also be noted that there was a political angle as well. At the time, the U. S. Nickel industry was basically the output of of ONE individual's business interests, Joseph Wharton of the Wharton School of Business fame. His political influence was one reason for the addition of Nickel into the Cent in the first place. Its removal from this denomination, and the subsequent brouhaha in Washington (they had lobbyists back then too) led inexorably to its re-introduction into U. S. coinage in the 3 Cent Nickel and Shield Nickel series in 1865 and 1866 respectively.
Price: $119.00
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1864L Indian Cent, Choice Extremely Fine
Year: 1864L
Condition: NGC XF-45
Description: Conservatively graded, this shows considerable areas of original planchet color on the Reverse, as well as around the date. A touch of woodgrain toning but an otherwise problem free planchet. A nice example of this popular variety.
Price: $275.00
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1864L Indian Cent, Original VF+
Year: 1864L
Condition: VF-20+
Description: (SOLD Feb. 2015 for $215) A nice original brown circulated example of this variety, with a bold "L". The Obverse is not too far from an EF, the Reverse is weaker as it shows some loss of detail due to a clashed die that was repolished, which seems common for the date. This would likely certify as a VF-30 if submitted.
Price: Price On Request
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1864-S Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Problem Free Very Fine, Scarce
Year: 1864S
Condition: Choice Very Fine
Description: WB-1 (W101), Large S Mintmark. Very scarce as a date, although this is considered the most "common" die pair. A nice problem free coin, that might just squeak into an EF holder if attempted.
Price: $318.00
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1865 Nickel Three Cents, Original Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1865
Condition: Uncirculated (MS-60+)
Description: A nice example of the first year of Copper-Nickel Three Cent coinage. Very well struck and very original, showing the unmistakable signs of being saved as a non-numismatic souvenir. This shows some minor spotting and toning typical of a coin held in a "can lot" (or box, bag, etc.). 99.5% complete luster except for two area of contact on Liberty's cheek and eyebrow region, as shown in the enlarged image. This sort of thing comes from random contact with other coins in a lot - whether you choose to call this "wear" or not is relative, but it certainly does not constitute circulation wear. The kind of coin typically cleaned up by dipping and sold as "Choice BU" or better, I think just calling it "Unc" suffices.
Price: $89.00
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1865 Indian Cent, Fancy 5, Extremely Fine
Year: 1865
Condition: EF-40+
Description: A nice solid EF+ coin, with attractive chocolate Brown color. Seems problem free.
Price: $45.00
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1865 Seated Liberty Quarter, Very Scarce Civil War Date, Low Pop Coin
Year: 1865
Condition: PCGS Fine Details
Description: (SOLD March, 2015 for $400) A very scarce (R-4) Civil War Date with less than 60,000 struck. The Reverse makes VF, but the Obverse is slightly weaker. Like almost all coins put aside in the 1940’s-60’s, presumably lightly cleaned at some point, and an overall sense of light roughness, I think from use and not abuse. The color seems OK now. Submitted to PCGS primarily for authentication, as I can certainly grade these myself. A VERY low pop at PCGS from VG-8 to Fine-15, only six coins. Obviously this coin has been determined to be "impaired", however it is up to the potential buyer to determine how badly - personally, I have seen far worse coins in "regular" certified holders, and the notation of "code 92" (cleaned) may be more a reflection of PCGS's current strictness. This should still find a home with someone as this is a very tough date. Very difficult to price as the various price guides seem to indicate a value in the $300 range, but all of the actual coins being offered are priced higher. This may be due simply to the lack of available examples, obvious in the PCGS numbers. The present example is much nicer than a similar example graded VG being offered on another site at $455.
Price: Price On Request
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1865-S Seated Dime, Very Scarce Civil War Era Date, Greer-102
Year: 1865S
Condition: PCGS VF-20
Description: Greer-102, Fortin-102. A very scarce late Civil War date from San Francisco, with a low mintage and lower survivorship, perhaps as few as 250 by one estimate (R-3 as a date in Brian Greer's text on the series, R-4+ in Fortin for the variety). As noted in Greer, almost always poorly struck, and with a weak Mintmark. This last is due to the fact that perhaps half or more of survivors are the Greer-101 variety. The present coin is the rare variety which pairs the "sloping date" Obverse with a Strong S Reverse. PCGS does note distinguish by Greer #, so estimating a proper premium is difficult. The few listings I could trace indicates that grade, originality and whether a coin will certify have a greater influence on price, but I think a modest premium is still in order, given that this is one of the relatively few PCGS coins in the grade, let alone of the variety.
Price: $709.00
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1865-S Seated Liberty Quarter, RARE PCGS Certified Example
Year: 1865S
Condition: PCGS VF-20
Description: (SOLD May, 2015 for $550) A very scarce (R-3+) Civil War date, this has the exact same PCGS Population as the very rare 1864-S in VF-20 to 35. This is the Late Die State of Briggs Obv. 1, which accounts for the somewhat lesser detail than one would expect in a VF-20. Still a worth example, and as the saying goes "try to find another one".
Price: Price On Request
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1866 Shield Nickel, Original Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1866
Condition: Uncirculated (MS-60+)
Description: (SOLD December, 2017 for $369) An original "raw" Uncirculated example, highly unusual today. Most real BU's have been certified; most raw "Uncs" are not, in my experience. I got lucky and found this at a show where a number of local club members set up, many of whom are "old school". This coin shows no wear but a slightly uneven strike, primarily on the right side of the Obverse. This is due to the die beginning to fail, with a heavy die crack that developed causing the Mint to repolish the die, actually removing a portion of the leaf details. The Reverse is better struck than most, and with relatively few die cracks and some light scattered marks - I note one old, light spot that looks more like a grease stain (this could be Mint-made). In my experience certifying this series, this would likely come back MS-62.
Price: Price On Request
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1866 Three Cent Silver, RARE Post Civil War Date
Year: 1866
Condition: PCGS AU-55
Description: (SOLD June, 2017 for $1,125) Only 22,000 coins struck, in the first year after the Civil War, perhaps 600+ survive in all grades. This is actually considered "common" by the standards of the 1863 to 1872 period, a statement rendered close to meaningless as there are basically none to be found in the market. For reference, someone I know has two DAMAGED AU Details coins available, at $1,600 each (!). The last relevant sale information has similar original coins selling at Heritage in recent times for $1,000+, well over the "Guide" price. There was one "outlier" in an old PCGS holder that sold for $1,880, but looking at that coin suggests that the thoughts of the bidders ran towards the coin being an Uncirculated coin that was net graded AU-55 for an old, very light cleaning. In any case, my price should be reasonable - as the saying goes, "go find one".
Price: Price On Request
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1866 Two Cent Piece, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1866
Condition: ICG MS-63 BN
Description: (SOLD sometime in 2014, I forgot the price unfortunately) A good reason not to "fear" or shun non-PCGS or NGC certified coins. If you know how to grade well enough, or work with an honorable, knowledgeable dealer (not to blow my own horn too much, but I hope that most of my customers count me in that category!), you can venture farther afield and pick off NICE coins in other people's holders. This coin is conservatively, and correctly graded, the majority of the "only" MS-63 grade being accounted for by a couple of light planchet flaws on the Obverse, which were very common to this series, the first where the Mint was using French Bronze. This necessitated "learning" how to produce and work in this alloy, both by the Mint and their suppliers or planchets and/or strip. The color is a nice deep purple-red with glossy surfaces and NO spots. A coin that just evenly toned darker over time, and very attractive.
Price: Price On Request
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1866 Indian Cent, Very Fine, RPD, Snow-6, Scarce
Year: 1866
Condition: VF-20
Description: Repunched Date, Snow-6, considered very scarce - a nice "obvious" repunching. Should be worth a premium above a plain jane VF 1866, which isn't a common coin in any case.
Price: $139.00
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1866 Nickel, Choice Uncirculated First Year Issue
Year: 1866
Condition: PCGS MS-63
Description: (SOLD July, 2016 for $475) A choice, original example of the first year of the Shield Nickel issue - more amazing is the absence of die cracks. This must have been struck from fresh dies early on in the production. VERY PQ for the grade, one of the nicest I have seen in quite a while and a likely upgrade candidate if resubmitted - I will state that this is one series that I know VERY well, having been the owner of the PCGS #5 or #6 Shield Nickel Registry Set at one time.
Price: Price On Request
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1866 Indian Cent, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1866
Condition: PCGS/CAC MS-64BN
Description: A nice original Brown Unc example, with some remaining traces of original planchet color. This is also a minor repunched date (RPD), with the bottom serif of an errant "1" sticking out from the base of the "1" in the date. This is not in my copy of Snow's opus, but adds interest if now value to the coin. The CAC sticker however, is another matter, as they do not like Brown coins generally.
Price: $799.00
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1866 Indian Cent, Extremely Fine, RPD, Snow-2, Scarce
Year: 1866
Condition: Extremely Fine
Description: Repunched date (RPD), Snow-2. A nice clear repunching, appears to be a fairly early die state. A nice original coin and none too common. The slightly lighter areas seen on the Union shield on the Reverse, and on Liberty's cheek area are where I removed some accumulated dirt and grunge (using a coin-safe material) that just did not tone as darkly due to being protected from air. Should not be a problem.
Price: $200.00
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1866 Shield Nickel, Choice Extremely Fine
Year: 1866
Condition: Choice Extremely Fine
Description: Well struck for the date and close to AU, with noticeable remaining luster. A nice example for Type.
Price: $140.00
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1867 Indian Cent, Choice Very Fine, Scarce
Year: 1867
Condition: VF/EF
Description: This coin closely matches the detail for an EF-40 according to the PCGS grading guide, and might make it into such a holder, but as I am a bit old school I feel this is more of a Choice Very Fine. You can argue the exact "number" if you wish. Regardless, a nice brown mid-grade example.
Price: $145.00
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1867 Two Cent Piece, Proof, Very Scarce
Year: 1867
Condition: PCI PF-64 RD
Description: (SOLD May, 2015 for $1000) An apparently original Proof example. The surfaces do appear fully Red, if slightly hazy, and it has nice "mirrors". The light haze is no surprise given how these were sold and packaged by the Mint at the time. The relief shows some light Cameo contrast, especially on the Obverse. Certified by the OLD PCI, back when they were a legitimate grading service in my personal & professional opinion. Out of the "personal stash" of a long-time dealer now retired. It is priced in accordance with my professional opinion as a PCGS/NGC dealer as to the likely equivalent grade/value if it was in one of their holders.
Price: Price On Request
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1867 Indian Cent, Sharp Original AU+ Coin
Year: 1867
Condition: Choice AU
Description: (SOLD June, 2016 for $235) A sharp, original Almost Uncirculated example of this somewhat underrated date. This is the equivalent of a certified AU-55 coin (or, perhaps AU-58 on a really good day!). A very sharp strike considering that the Reverse die was obviously long in the tooth, as it shows a couple of significant die cracks.
Price: Price On Request
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1867 Proof Three Cent Silver, Monster Toning!
Year: 1867
Condition: NGC PF-64 Star
Description: (Sold July, 2014 for $1200) Basically WOW! The assigned grade does not begin to describe this coin, however I think the images speak for themselves better than I can. Typical light lint marks and "hairlines" associate with Proofs of this era due to the packaging used by the Mint and owners, but no problems.
Price: Price On Request
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1867 Indian Cent, Fine
Year: 1867
Condition: Fine-12
Description: A true Fine, original and with decent if not absolutely perfect surfaces.
Price: $109.00
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1867 Indian Cent, Extremely Fine
Year: 1867
Condition: Extremely Fine
Description: A higher grade circulated example of this underrated date. The Obverse is generally sharp but shows just a slight bit of weakness around the rims in the lettering. The Reverse is noticeably weak around the periphery, which appears to be due to strike rather than die wear. Probably lightly cleaned a very long time ago, the color appears natural now to all but the most discerning eye.
Price: $205.00
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1867 Two Cents, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1867
Condition: PCGS MS-63BN
Description: (SOLD September, 2016 for $219) A nice glossy Brown Uncirculated coin, with a few remaining hints of Red. Also, some of the lovely blue tones that old Copper & Bronze will tone to, if left alone.
Price: Price On Request
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