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U.S. Ten Cents 1796 to Present (Coin shown is a 1792 Pattern Dime from the National Numismatic Collection)

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1849 Seated Dime, Popular Gold Rush Date
Year: 1849
Condition: Choice Very Fine
Description: A solid VF+ example of this date, made popular by being the same year as the start of the California Gold Rush. Noted in Greer as being tough in better circulated grades (EF and better), this is close to the accepted standard as certified by PCGS/NGC. In my opinion by "old school" standards, VF-30 to 35.
Price: $65.00
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1856-O Liberty Seated Dime, Large O, Scarce
Year: 1856O
Condition: Very Fine
Description: Not a particularly small mintage at 1.18 Million, but slightly better as a date and very scarce above VF (a R-3 in VF). This suggests that when produced, they got out into circulation and stayed there until they wore out. This is a solid original example, with what seems like typically mismatched sides: the Obverse is clearly a solid VF+, while the Reverse is weaker. This date is noted by Brain Greer as typically being weakly struck on the wreath leaves, such as this coin. It also matches both his grading guide to VF for the Type, as well as PCGS's online grading guide (for a VF-30, no less) - being a bit persnickety when it comes to grading, it is my considered opinion that while this would undoubtedly certify as a VF, I feel that it JUST makes it overall. Never the less, a nice coin.
Price: $89.00
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1865-S Seated Dime, Very Scarce Civil War Era Date, Greer-102
Year: 1865S
Condition: PCGS VF-20
Description: Greer-102, Fortin-102. A very scarce late Civil War date from San Francisco, with a low mintage and lower survivorship, perhaps as few as 250 by one estimate (R-3 as a date in Brian Greer's text on the series, R-4+ in Fortin for the variety). As noted in Greer, almost always poorly struck, and with a weak Mintmark. This last is due to the fact that perhaps half or more of survivors are the Greer-101 variety. The present coin is the rare variety which pairs the "sloping date" Obverse with a Strong S Reverse. PCGS does note distinguish by Greer #, so estimating a proper premium is difficult. The few listings I could trace indicates that grade, originality and whether a coin will certify have a greater influence on price, but I think a modest premium is still in order, given that this is one of the relatively few PCGS coins in the grade, let alone of the variety.
Price: $709.00
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1868 Seated Liberty Dime, Better Date
Year: 1868
Condition: Choice Very Fine
Description: A date of reasonable Mintage, however noted by Greer as getting scarce above VF (R-3+). This is a solid Choice VF, equivalent to what will typically certify as VF-30 or 35, and seems original although it does show some light rim issues. These are mainly on the Reverse, and would not likely show once placed into an album. This appears to be Fortin-107 (his R-4), showing a downward sloping date and a broken S in STATES.
Price: $99.00
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1892 Barber Dime, Original Type Coin
Year: 1892
Condition: Choice Almost Uncirculated
Description: A nice AU+ example of the first year of the series, perfect as a Type coin. An original coin that would likely certify as AU-55 if submitted.
Price: $79.00
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1892-O Barber Dime, Choice Uncirculated, Nice Color!
Year: 1892O
Condition: PCGS/CAC MS-64
Description: A very attractive, moderately toned example of the first New Orleans Mint Barber Dime issue. Saved in some reasonable quantity as an example of the first year's coinage of the new Type, which would have been refreshing after the 50 year run of the Seated Dime series! Well struck and without die chips which sometimes plague this issue. The toning is a light gray-green with red and pink undertones. Very expensive the next grade up.
Price: $635.00
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1894-O Barber Dime, Extremely Fine+, Very Scarce
Year: 1894O
Condition: EF-40+
Description: Close to Choice (EF-45), and exceptionally difficult to find in this grade range. Probably lightly cleaned a long time ago, but looking acceptable now. One soft scrape on Liberty's cheek, but not a significant problem in my eyes. I would not normally purchase a coin such as this one, with any problems showing, however as tough as these are in any decent grade I had to take the shot.
Price: $474.00
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1895-S Barber Dime, Very Fine, Tough Grade
Year: 1895S
Condition: VF-20+
Description: The 1895-S Dime is an interesting date. There is not a lot of price "spread" between Fine and Extremely Fine, compared to the 1895-P Dime. This is perhaps a bit odd, as while the mintage of the 1895-S is larger, the survival rate is estimated to be smaller. The PCGS Populations of the two dates is close, with the 1895-S being about 20% larger - a few more coins in EF-40 mostly. I can honestly say that I do not see very many VF and EF 1895-P Dimes, however the 1895-S is "no chopped liver" either. The coin offered here is the first I have found in a while. Basically, the date seems cheap compared to its scarcity, as even on the West Coast I do not find the 1895-S above a Good very often.
Price: $200.00
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1896-S Barber Dime, Rare High Grade Example
Year: 1896S
Condition: AU-50+
Description: (SOLD January, 2017 for $499) A truly difficult date to find anywhere better than maybe a VG. I once purchased a virtually complete EF to Unc Barber Dime set from a customer who had been working on it for many years. Other than two other dates, 1895-O and I think 1896-O, the 1896-S was the only coin missing, a testament to the difficulty in finding a quality specimen. This is a sharp coin with details approaching Choice AU, but like most survivors is slightly impaired. There are some old marks in the field in front of Liberty's face, hidden by the light toning but visible when the coin is viewed under a 3 to 5x glass. My opinion is that this would likely prevent it certifying, but the possibility exists that they would grade it and "Net" it down 5 points for the minor problem. Otherwise a very attractive coin.
Price: Price On Request
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1897-O Barber Dime, Original Very Fine, Extremely Scarce
Year: 1897O
Condition: VF-25
Description: A fully original, problem free VF+ example of this tough New Orleans Mint date. Attractive surfaces and "perfect" color for a circulated coin.
Price: $395.00
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1897-S Barber Dime, Very Fine
Year: 1897S
Condition: Very Fine
Description: An original mid-grade example of this better date with nice color - a couple of wispy old marks to do not detract significantly.
Price: $119.00
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1897-S Barber Dime, Original VF/EF, Scarce
Year: 1897S
Condition: Choice Very Fine
Description: An original mid-grade example of this better date with some old album color. This would probably certify as an EF by the commercial standard. It certainly displays considerable remaining luster around the rims, but I am a bit more old fashion so will call it Choice VF. A couple of very old, mind marks are partially hidden in Liberty's wreath area do not significantly detract, and would likely not prevent certification.
Price: $179.00
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1898-O Barber Dime, Original Fine
Year: 1898O
Condition: Fine-12
Description: A nice original example with strong Fine+ details overall, other than the typical New Orleans Mint weakness in LIBERTY.
Price: $95.00
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1899-O Barber Dime, Fine+
Year: 1899O
Condition: Fine to Very Fine
Description: Full LIBERTY, the bottom of the B and E are just a bit weak. The Reverse taken on its own is fully VF and still shows some luster, and the slightly weaker Obverse can possibly be put off to the typical softer New Orleans Mint strike. A rim mark showing on both sides at 9:00 relative to the Obverse is noted - this would be almost invisible in a folder or album. Not perfect, but acceptable for most mid-grade sets.
Price: $79.00
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1899-S Barber Dime, Famous
Year: 1899S
Condition: EF-45
Description: Most of the 1898 to 1900-dated Silver coinage from San Francisco was shipped to the Philippine Islands after the annexation by the United States following the short lived Spanish-American War. We needed to replace all of the Spanish Colonial coinage in circulation there. As a result, the Dimes, Quarters and Halves from San Francisco of those dates are traditionally a bit scarcer than the mintage would indicate. Between melting by the Chinese through trade, just flat being worn out and the effects of the Second World War, not many of these made it back to the U. S. Those that did were inevitably cleaned. This is a nice original EF/AU that apparently never left our shores. Not quite enough luster left for me to call it a full AU. A bit scuffy but seems wholly original.
Price: $63.00
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1900-O Barber Dime, Choice Fine, Scarce
Year: 1900O
Condition: Fine to Very Fine
Description: Tough in the mid range grades. A pleasing coin that appears to be problem free.
Price: $132.00
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1901-S Barber Dime, Choice Very Fine+, RARE
Year: 1901S
Condition: Choice Very Fine
Description: I am calling this coin Choice Very Fine, equivalent to a certified VF-35, by "old school" standards. However, I will note that it exceeds the posted PCGS EF standard shown on CoinFacts. Allowing for fact that their choice of coins used to show specific grades for Barber Dimes are (forgive the expression) crap in my opinion, it stands to reason that it would likely certify as EF-40 if submit. "Mox Nix" as they used to say - sold based upon my cost, and if you choose to submit it and get a "forty", good for you! A very scarce to flat out rare grade for this Key Date.
Price: $553.00
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1902-S Barber Dime, Original Extremely Fine, Better Date
Year: 1902S
Condition: NGC XF-40
Description: A sharp EF example of this "tweener" date, lodged between the 1901-S and 1903-S, both Key Dates in this grade range. The '02-S is a bit scarcer, however not to the degree of those other two.
Price: $149.00
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1903-O Barber Dime, Choice Extremely Fine
Year: 1903O
Condition: EF-45+
Description: Very close to AU and I am sure many dealers would be tempted to call it that, usually after dipping the coin out to make it "shiny". Nice original grey surfaces, with plenty of evident luster in protected areas.
Price: $71.00
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1903-O Barber Dime, Extremely Fine
Year: 1903O
Condition: EF-40
Description: Out of an old set and like most Barbers collected during the early part of the 20th Century, cleaned a long time ago. The Obverse has retoned nicely, the Reverse is still a bit bright. Not a bad strike although more or less typical of an O Mint. An attractive coin regardless of the old cleaning.
Price: $52.00
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1903-S Barber Dime, Very Fine+, Scarce and Original!
Year: 1903S
Condition: PCGS VF-25
Description: An attractive mid grade example of this key date, more amazingly apparently 100% original! Almost all of these seem to have been abused at some point. This has the classic "tobacco gray" color I associate with undisturbed Silver coins of the period.
Price: $459.00
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1906-O Barber Dime, Choice Extremely Fine
Year: 1906O
Condition: EF-45
Description: Like the 1903-O listed as coin #6931, close to AU and I am sure many dealers would be tempted to call it that. In this case, the victim of a very old, light cleaning, which has "skinned" over now. The coin shows an even overall blue-grey color in the Obverse fields, with Liberty's features being lighter - the Reverse is the exact opposite. Nice strike for an O Mint, especially on the Reverse which shows considerable luster in the protected space around the rim.
Price: $106.00
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1907-O Barber Dime, Fine
Year: 1907O
Condition: Fine-12
Description: A typically poorly struck date, Lawrence felt the worst in the series. This coin does demonstrate that, as it has decent Fine+ detail overall, but the LIBERTY and band are mushy - all the letters are there however. A touch dark perhaps, but a scarce coin. The first image shown has had the contrast reduced to show the detail better; the second Obverse image is true to color.
Price: $37.00
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1907-O Barber Dime, Very Fine
Year: 1907O
Condition: VF-20
Description: David Lawrence felt this date had the worst overall strike in the Dime series. This is better than most, with a nice even strike overall, but perhaps a bit less detail than found in a VF of a common, well struck date. Original & problem free, and surprisingly scarce.
Price: $53.00
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