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United States Half Dollars 1794 to Present. The image shown is of an attractively toned 1827 Capped Bust Half Dollar, PCGS/CAC AU-58.

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1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar, A Over E Variety, Scarce
Year: 1795
Condition: PCGS Good-4
Description: A nice solid example of this early Half Dollar date. One of the more obvious varieties, easily identified by the large die lump to the right of the "5" in the date. On the Reverse, the "A" in STATES is recut over an errantly entered "E". Scarcer overall, extremely so above Very Good to Fine; PCGS CoinFacts calls this an R-6. Also not often offered for public sale - the finest PCGS coin sold at auction was a Fine-15, despite there being about a dozen coins certified in higher grades. This indicates that almost all trade by private treaty to customers on want lists. Not any real premium in this grade, so you get rarity at a discount. PCGS Population in Good-4 of only 3 coins when listed(64 in all circulated grades after 30+ years of grading - not a lot).
Price: $1,199.00
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1807 Draped Bust Half Dollar, Choice Very Fine, Very Scarce Original Coin
Year: 1807
Condition: PCGS/CAC VF-35
Description: Overton-102. An astonishingly original & problem free example of this last of the pre-Capped Bust Half design. The date is known for poor strikes at center, due to problems with die production, so relatively few are struck this well either. The color is just about perfect, with some small traces of luster remaining in the stars and lettering. 143 coins at PCGS in VF-35 (687 overall in VF-20 to 35), plus another 331 at NGC, which does not break down their Census in VF. That might seem like a lot, however the demand for these early Halves means anything that will pass is generally submitted for certification. The story at CAC is a different matter: 20 in VF-35, 86 in all VF grades. A similarly graded, non-CAC example of the same variety in an older PCGS cert sold in March, 2018 for $1200 at Heritage - and it had been obviously cleaned. It was a late die state of O-102, and that may explain some of the premium paid, but it gives a good explanation of the strength of the market in better grade early Halves. Two other examples of O-102 were as of April, 2018 being offered at $1100, BOTH are not struck anywhere as well at this coin, and both had also been cleaned at some point. I think the premium being asked for this coin is therefore within reason, compared to the alternatives.
Price: $1,279.00
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1814 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Scarce Date
Year: 1814
Condition: ANACS EF-40
Description: Overton-102a. A fascinating example of the attempts at the early U. S. Mint to keep dies in production. This variety is noted for significant damage to the Reverse die, which normally would have caused it to be condemned for service. The Reverse suffered a "sunk die" which caused a bulge to form at the juncture of the Eagle's left (facing) wing weakening detail. Overton mentions that all specimens show at least some die clashing, the most obvious being the transfer of the word "LIBERTY" found on her headband, appearing below the Eagle's right (facing) wing. In this case, the clashing is extremely significant, with a full obvious doubled LIBERTY and doubled (possibly tripled) clashes of other portions of the Obverse design appearing elsewhere. The Reverse die is also rotated about 10-15 degrees to the West, not surprising given the pounding it took. On top of that, the 1814 date itself is difficult to find. While the Overton variety is shown to carry no premium in the PCGS Price Guide (as an R-3, most such do not), an equivalent example in a PCGS/CAC VF-35 holder recently sold for $705 at auction. This present example is in an early ANACS "mini" slab, and it is my opinion that if submitted today it is likely to certify as VF-35 - it is offered as such. Given the extreme nature of the clashing, I believe that it has an equivalent value to the lone PCGS attributed VF-35 coin. Should you get an EF-40 grade, it would easily be worth that or more, as the current Pop is one PCGS coin in EF-40.
Price: $715.00
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1818/7 Capped Bust Half Dollar,
Year: 1818
Condition: ANACS EF-45
Description: O-102, Small 8. A very original coin in an old ANACS mini-slab, very attractive and would easily cross over to PCGS or NGC.
Price: $789.00
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1823 Capped Bust Half Dollar, So-Called
Year: 1823
Condition: PCGS XF-40
Description: (SOLD December, 2017 for $799, on ebay) Overton-110a. A long famous variety, so called for the malformed nature of the "3" digit in the date logotype. This occurred when the die was touched up to strengthen the center juncture of the upper & lower curves of the 3. With repeated use, it had become thin and wispy, and apparently the fear was the date would become partially illegible if the coin was not struck up properly. Unfortunately, the alteration was accomplished with a sloppy and heavy hand. 74 coins at PCGS in this grade and higher (68 circulated/8 Uncs), undoubtedly with duplication in AU-58 (supposedly 10 coins), as well as MS-63 (6 of the 8 Uncs). As the current NGC population is 16 circ + 4 Unc (XF-40 and above), the likely number of actual certified survivors is likely no more than about 80-85 coins. PCGS Coinfacts estimates about 300 total survive in all grades. Given that the nature of the variety is obvious and has been known & popular for a long time, it is not likely that any large number of better grade coins remain yet to be certified. Out of a very old collection that had not seen the light of day since prior to 1950.
Price: Price On Request
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1828 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1828
Condition: PCGS AU-50
Description: Square Base 2, Small 8's, Large Letters. Very original and attractive, and perhaps a bit of a conservative grade. The Reverse struck just a bit flat perhaps for PCGS, but I have seen worse looking coins in 53 and 55 holders. Attractive color, perfect for a Type example and should easily CAC.
Price: $425.00
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1829 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Choice Extremely Fine
Year: 1829
Condition: EF-45
Description: A very sharp, well balanced strike. This came out of a very old set and was almost certainly lightly cleaned at one point. No noticeable hairlines or other obvious signs, just an assumption on my part based upon the age of the set. Certainly NOT what would be defined as a “problem coin” today. This was impounded for many years and developed very attractive color, with a bright blue ring around the outer part of the rim.
Price: $239.00
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1834 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Original AU Coin
Year: 1834
Condition: Almost Uncirculated
Description: Large Date, Small Letters, Overton-106, Large 4 over Small 4. An original coin, this appears to have completely been missed by the legions of those who cleaned such items in the 1950's/60's, suggesting that it was never owned by a collector. The moderate blue-grey toning does not hide the luster visible underneath, although it may not be obvious in my images. Almost Uncirculated in my opinion, while understanding the realities of "commercial" grading, which rewards flash over substance, so that very possible they would only certify this as a EF-45. Be that as it may, a great coin as a Type example, if you like originality. An interesting side-light is the strike-through that appears at the "LI" of LIBERTY beneath the cap edge. This is NOT a scratch as it travels "below" the letters, and probably was the result of a piece of wire from the brushes used by the Mint to clean out the dies prior to use.
Price: $265.00
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1835 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1835
Condition: PCGS AU-50
Description: Very original and perhaps a bit of a conservative grade. The Reverse on its own is clearly nicer, with well over 50% of the luster remaining. Excellent color, a sort of smoky grey, that does not hide the obvious luster. Perfect for a Type example and should easily CAC. PCGS Price Guide value of $375.
Price: $329.00
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1837 Reeded Edge Bust Half Dollar, Interesting Variety
Year: 1837
Condition: Almost Uncirculated
Description: GR-14, from the recent text on Reeded Edge Half varieties. Seems like a later die state, with a strong and evident die crack from outside star #4 completely around to star #12. Choice AU details, equivalent to an AU-55, with the inevitable old cleaning. This was very light and the coin would normally almost certainly certify today. However, I suspect that it was lightly wiped in the date area, leaving a small patch of hairlines, so did not bother to submit the coin. This is hard to see unless you look for it and largely toned over. The coin retains a considerable amount of luster and displays attractive color, so would make an excellent Type example for someone who isn't worried about having a coin entombed in plastic. Absent the minor problem, a $650+ coin in a PCGS holder (more like $850 if they like it and graded it AU-58!). My price seems reasonable ...
Price: $425.00
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1837 Reeded Edge Bust Half Dollar, Choice Extremely Fine
Year: 1837
Condition: PCGS XF-45
Description: A nice example of the most common of the Reeded Edge Half dates, and the only affordable one with the "50 Cents" Reverse. Finding a sharp example with a balanced strike is another matter, as the Reverse Hub used seems to have had a shallow raised rim, often causing the lettering to look mushy or to wear into the edge. This is a well struck, original coin that came out of a very old accumulation off the market for well over a Half Century. This coin has also not been reviewed for any potential variety found in the Graham reference.
Price: $315.00
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1839-O Reeded Edge Bust Half Dollar, RARE New Orleans Mint Issue
Year: 1839O
Condition: PCGS/CAC VG-10
Description: Popular as the only Capped Bust Half Dollar date struck at New Orleans (other than the uber rare 1838-O Specimen strike coinage), and also for having the unusual case of bearing the Mintmark on the Obverse of the coin. As a result, actual sales values trump supposed "retail" price guide values, including those at PCGS. My price based upon actual auction results in the last half of 2017. Otherwise, a nice problem free circulated example, confirmed by CAC - perhaps a bit unusual on a coin in this grade, but welcome nonetheless. This also shows the unusual feature of heavy die cracks on the Reverse, indicating die failure was not long off. That in itself is a bit unusual for a coin of which less than 180,000 were struck, but may say something about the relatively primitive nature of the equipment at the "Big Easy".
Price: $949.00
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1840 Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Extremely Fine
Year: 1840
Condition: Extremely Fine+
Description: Reverse of 1839 (Small Letters). A solid EF+ example of the second year of production. Overall details of close to AU, the typical old cleaning causes me to Net this as EF+. Attractive old album color is visible when the coin is tipped to the light. I will mention here that the toning is not as obvious when the coin is stapled into a 2x2 holder. The coin needs to be outside a holder to see the full effect, as the mylar covering of a 2x2 tending to cause light reflection. For this reason, the coin may be removed from the holder for proper inspection, should the purchaser desire, without losing the return privilege.
Price: Price On Request
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1840 Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Repunched Date
Year: 1840
Condition: Choice Extremely Fine
Description: Reverse of 1839 (Small Letters). WB-104/W-10 (FS-302), an obvious Repunched Date variety. The extra image of the date area is courtesy PCGS CoinFacts (not this coin). A sharp EF+ coin, close to AU for details and might grade as such if submitted. Nice color that suggests it is original, or at least has not been cleaned since the 19th Century. A few minor rim disturbances that would not show much once placed into an album. Solidly in the Condition Census for the variety. One each VF-35 and XF-45, three AU-55 and one MS-61 attributed at PCGS, plus perhaps three other known Uncirculated specimens, however those were sold unattributed. As is common to this series, which tends to attract the specialist, while quite scarce there appears to be little premium added for the variety.
Price: $369.00
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1842 Seated Liberty Half, Medium Date, Tripled Date
Year: 1842
Condition: PCGS/CAC AU-53
Description: (SOLD March, 2015 for $700, the listing left posted for its information value. Other better Seated Halves sold may be found in my Archive section) Medium Date/Large Letters Reverse, the size of the Reverse lettering changed sometime during the year to presumably improve the striking quality of the series. Modestly common as a date, but not looking like this. A stunning original AU coin with original pearl gray surfaces showing more luster than I could properly image,and PQ for the date & grade. This is also an example of WB-105, a Tripled Date variety, and so noted on the PCGS label. Rare, rated as an R-5 in the standard text on the series, and infrequently traded. From a small hoard that I recently purchased that has been off the coin market for probably three generations! All of these coins come with the original paper envelopes in which they were stored for many years.
Price: Price On Request
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1849 Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Scarcer Date & Variety
Year: 1849
Condition: Choice Very Fine
Description: W-9 (WB-103), Repunched Date. A decent VF+ example of this "Gold Rush" date. Not rare but slightly underrated, always popular as all pre-1853 Halves are generally scarcer. A clearly repunched date, with strong remnants of an underlying "1" showing beneath that digit in the date (there is also repunching on the 8, a bit harder to see). An Early Die State, with only the very start of the diagnostic die cracks Wiley reports for this variety. His text on the 1840's Philadelphia Mint Halves reports that "all" of the specimens of W-9 seen have obvious die cracks, so this can be presumed to be quite scarce to rare as a die state. If submitted for certification, this would come back either VF-30 or 35; I would say the Obverse if a 35, the Reverse more like a 30.
Price: $199.00
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1855-S With Arrows Seated Liberty Half Dollar, RARE!
Year: 1855S
Condition: PCGS Fine-15
Description: A phenomenally difficult date to locate in just about any decent grade, even on the West Coast where they circulated. Heavy circulation demand during the Gold Rush period combined with a low mintage condemned most examples to vanish over time; one estimate is that as few as 500 exist in all grades. This is an apparently original example in the tough middle grade range. PCGS Pop of only 9 coins in the grade; 60 circulated examples shown better, which undoubtedly includes resubmissions. Some evident marks on the Obverse are very old and did not appear to bother PCGS. I have had the opinion of others that they were a bit tough on this coin, as some felt it could have graded VF. Regardless, a coin that should sell based upon it's own merits of extreme scarcity - if you need/want one, you have to strike while the iron is hot.
Price: $1,895.00
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1858-O Seated Liberty Half, Original AU
Year: 1858O
Condition: PCGS AU-50
Description: WB-101. Perhaps oddly enough, this coin does not have a blundered date - fully half of the Obverse dies used this year had errant digits punched somewhere around the date or even into Liberty's figure! However, this DOES have the crookedest last "8" in the date I have ever seen in this series - call it a "lazy eight". Maybe there was something in the water in the Big Easy this year...or too much absinthe perhaps? Otherwise, about as original as you are likely to see on of these coins, and certainly PQ for just a "50".
Price: $319.00
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1859-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Original Almost Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1859O
Condition: PCGS AU-53
Description: A nice original AU example of this common New Orleans Mint date. Attractive surfaces with noticeable remaining luster - a nice choice as a Type example.
Price: $369.00
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1859-S Seated Liberty Half, Rare Original AU Coin
Year: 1859S
Condition: PCGS AU-50
Description: WB-102, Medium Mintmark. A very attractive example of this date, very much a "sleeper". Wiley & Buggert note this is only slightly more available (R-4+) than the 1858-S. Certainly a nice looking coin, and the point can be made that this is slightly undergraded compared to several other PCGS AU-50 coins I compared it to in the historical record (many of which were NOT original). Darn few of these around to choose from, whether original or not - this is a 100% original coin out of California.
Price: $699.00
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1860-S Seated Liberty Half, Scarce 1860's Date
Year: 1860S
Condition: Very Fine
Description: Considered the second scarcest date of the 1860's after the 1866-S No Motto by PCGS Coin Facts, although this is not reflected by the typical price guide. Poor survival due to heavy demand in the Western economy is the culprit, as coins from Philadelphia did not make it out West that far, as well as a lack of local saving. This is a solid VF+ example, although it shows the typical old light cleaning. If you can get past that, this is a more than decent example of a date that I don't see all that often.
Price: $149.00
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1861 Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Popular Civil War Era Date
Year: 1861
Condition: Fine
Description: A nice mid grade circulated example of this popular Civil Wra era date, out of an old local non-numismatic hoard. Seems wholly original.
Price: $74.00
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1861-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Confederate Half Dies
Year: 1861O
Condition: PCGS XF-40
Description: One of the coins struck by the Confederate States of America, presumably soon after they took over the New Orleans Mint facility from the State of Louisiana. Catalogued as W-09 in the work by Bill Bugert, based upon research by his associate James Wiley. A solid EF+, perhaps a bit conservatively graded by PCGS. A similar PCGS XF-40 example of this same die pair sold for over $1000 at the June, 2018 Baltimore ANA (Stacks/Bowers #3041). Perhaps a bit strong ("irrational exuberance" perhaps?), however certainly worth a premium as a genuine example of a coin struck by the CSA.
Price: $579.00
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1861-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar, State of Louisiana Issue
Year: 1861O
Condition: Extremely Fine
Description: One of the coins struck by the State of Louisiana after the commandeered the U. S. Mint at New Orleans. Catalogued as W-08 in the work by Bill Bugert, based upon research by his associate James Wiley. This shows the characteristic weakness of the date logotype, and the large clash within the shield on the Reverse which are diagnostics of the variety. The surfaces appear largely original (or at least this has not seen a cleaning since the early 20th Century) but perhaps just a bit "scruffy" - discounted just a touch accordingly.
Price: $280.00
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