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United States Dollar Coinage 1794 to Present. The item shown is a specimen striking of adopted 1794 Silver Dollar design, struck in Copper, from the National Numismatic Collection.

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1798 Draped Bust Silver Dollar, Heraldic Eagle, Nice Mid Grade Example
Year: 1798
Condition: PCGS F-15
Description: Large Eagle, 13 Stars, Pointed 9, Four Stripes. Overall details of a Very Fine in my opinion, the stated certified grade "netted" down a few points for some minor marks. As is common for 18th and 19th Century U. S. Silver coins, the minor marks in the field and an area of disturbance at the edge (blown up image shown), appear to have resulted in the deduction of a few grade point by PCGS. This is a good example of their approach to "market grading", which seeks to establish the VALUE of a coin, not the technical state of preservation. By the way, I have certainly seen worse looking coins in certified VF holders! That makes the coin a good deal, as you get a "meatier" looking coin at the value of a lesser grade. This appears largely original, but as is common it is difficult to tell absolutely with coins that have been put away for a Century – this came out of a very old collection that has been off the market since prior to 1950. PCGS Guide value of $2,150.
Price: $1,799.00
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1847 Seated Liberty Dollar, Original Circulated Coin
Year: 1847
Condition: Fine-12
Description: A nice original circulated example. In the typical situation with Seated Dollars, this date is considered "common". Yet only 141,000 struck, roughly 4,000 estimated to survive, and I don't see this particular date very often. About as problem free as one of these gets - the vast majority all seem to have been abused at some point, as they were hoarded out of circulation starting in the 1860's.
Price: $399.00
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1859-O Seated Liberty Dollar, Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1859O
Condition: PCGS AU-55
Description: A nice coin showing considerable luster, more than I could capture properly. A splash of red-purple toning from long storage in an old album. Far nicer than the usual certified AU common date Seated Dollar, most of which have been obviously cleaned (yes, both major services DO certify cleaned coins) or are very dark. Also, much nicer "in the hand" than shown here.
Price: $1,159.00
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1859-S Seated Liberty Dollar, Classic San Francisco Mint Rarity
Year: 1859S
Condition: PCGS AU-58
Description: An old time original example of this classic American Dollar rarity. There are only four San Francisco Mint Seated Dollar dates to choose from, this one, the incredibly rare 1872-S (9,000 struck, maybe 750 known?), the ultra-rare 1870-S (12 known and a 1/2 Million Dollar+ coin, when you can find one) and the non-existent 1873-S (Zero known to exist). By those impossible standards, this is relatively "common"! Only 20,000 struck and fewer than 10% of those left in existence in all likely hood. This is also the only No Motto issue of the Type from this Mint. The entire mintage was struck expressly to be shipped to China for trade, resulting in few if any coins being saved in high grade in this country. Most survivors are VF or EF at best, and usually cleaned or damaged. 17 in the grade at PCGS, which is almost certainly high due to resubmissions to try to get a 61 or 62 - not surprising that dealers would try as this would make it a $10,000+ coin. The PCGS Population of Unc coins sits at about 21, also likely high. This particular coin has never been auctioned, apparently residing in the same collection since being graded in all likelihood, sometime in the late 1990's based on the label. I will be honest in my impression that this coin is resubmitted today would likely not certify a 58, as the current trend is to coins that are "bright" at that grade. Ludicrous in the extreme given the age and circumstance of this issue. However, it merits full attention due to its complete originality, attractive color and and hints of lightly Prooflike surfaces, not surprising given the mintage. The primary color is a deep blue with red orange undertones, more visible in the fields around Liberty and the Eagle. Seemingly mark-free, you have to look hard to find any contact marks or disturbances. There is the sense of a couple of very light planchet flaws being present, not in terms of roughness, but a difference in color. Not surprising as the source for the Silver used to strike this issue was either Silver bars coming from Mexico, or salvaged non-U. S. fractional coinage. That plus the relatively primitive assay and parting equipment in use in San Francisco meant that planchet streaks were common at this time. These do not however distract too greatly - I mention them for accuracy. Regardless of how you view the assigned grade, given the history of the issue and the abuses heaped upon the series as a whole, few survivors retain this amount of originality and attractiveness. I will leave it to the viewer to decide if that merits my asking price ...
Price: $6,845.00
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1873 Trade Dollar, Very Scarce First Year Coin
Year: 1873
Condition: VF/EF
Description: (SOLD for $250 May, 2014 - the listing left posted for its information value) The typical first year of issue for most coin series is reasonably common, due to hoarding by the general public - the perfect example is the 1909 VDB Cent. The 1873 Trade Dollar however is a distinct exception, as virtually the entire mintage was shipped directly to the Orient, as that is what this very "commercial" coin was meant for. As a result, survivors are very few, with an estimate of as few as 2,000 coins left existing out of the mintage of 400,000 or so. As such this is a "sleeper" that suffers from the general lack of collectors for the Series, and one of my favorite dates. By the way, I have sold this same coin TWICE. I had sold it to a dealer for his own collection, then purchased it back, selling it again to a happy collector.
Price: Price On Request
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1875-S Trade Dollar, Original Uncirculated Example, RARE CAC Stickered Coin
Year: 1875S
Condition: NGC/CAC MS-61
Description: An original, truly Uncirculated example of a Trade Dollar. No major or heavy marks, just light random scuffs on light red-gray surfaces, with lots of luster to show that it has not been processed or abused. Most MS-60 to 62 Trade Dollars (as well as Seated Dollars) are dull and lifeless, or heavily abraded – many are Net graded for some sort of damage but still allowed into “normal” Unc holders due to market demand. The total PCGS + NGC population for this date in MS61 is a large 240 coins for this common date – but only EIGHT have garnered a CAC sticker, which shows some of the (forgive the expression) CRAP to be found in certified holders. NOTE ADDED MAY, 2015: I recently returned from a large regional show, at which I was able to view a large number of certified Uncirculated Trade Dollars, all of which did not come anywhere near matching the eye appeal of this specimen. Purchased from one of the most respected West Coast dealers in quality coinage, the CAC sticker merely confirms the obvious – this is a nice coin! Priced near the value of a MS-62, which I believe the quality and CAC approval command, but please do remember my 5% discount for payment by check.
Price: $1,399.00     Sale Price! $1,299.00
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1876-CC Trade Dollar, Doubled Die Reverse, RARE Date & Variety
Year: 1876CC
Condition: Fine
Description: Breen 5805A. "Eye obvious" doubling, one of the most displaced in all of U. S. coinage. Rare as a date with one estimate of only 300 coins surviving overall, perhaps 50 of the Doubled Die Reverse. PCGS & NGC combined have about 400 coins in the Pop reports I believe, in all grades - there are certain to be duplicates due to resubmissions. "Mox Nix" as they used to say, as an affordable specimen of this date rarely comes along in any case. This was cleaned at some point in the long ago past, but has retoned now to an acceptable shade for a circulated coin. It is a bit of an axiom that it is better to have a neat variety or error on a common date, rather than a rare one. That holds true in this case somewhat as the premium for the DDR is not too significant. Guaranteed to be genuine of course.
Price: $525.00
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1877 Trade Dollar, Almost Uncirculated Example, Nice Color
Year: 1877
Condition: NGC AU-50
Description: Attractive light toning of orange & yellow around the periphery of the Obverse rim, along with signs that the coin's surfaces were at least Semi-Prooflike when struck. The overall color of the fields is a light purple gray. One interesting feature that I had never before noticed on this date is that the logotype has the same "dropped 7" that is one of the markers of authenticity for the 1877 Indian Cent. If I remember correctly, the master hub for this coin had the "187-" as part of the design, the final digit to be punched in as needed when dies were actually made. The shape and position of the final 7 is not quite exactly the same as the Indian Cent, the punch used being of course larger than that used on a Small Cent, but it shares the same slightly bulbous serif and clearly hangs lower than the other 7. Perhaps of interest - certainly worthy of paying more attention to such in the future!
Price: $449.00
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1877-S Trade Dollar, Classic Type Coin
Year: 1877S
Condition: EF-45
Description: One of the most commonly encountered Trade Dollar dates, along with the 1876-P & S, and the 1877-P, which makes it perfect as an example for Type. Well struck with obvious luster remaining in the protected areas - what most "commercial" dealers call an AU.
Price: $329.00
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1878 Morgan Dollar, 8 Tailfeathers
Year: 1878
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: (SOLD May, 2016 - the listing left posted for the information value) A nice original example of the first Morgan Dollar Hub type, minted in the fairly limited numbers of 750,000 - 800,000 (stated mintage figures vary). The production ceased due to someone pointing out that the Eagle should have had only 7 tail feathers. A plethora of varieties exist - this coin has not been attributed to VAM number, for those who like a challenge. Otherwise, an original Uncirculated coin (MS-60 to 61), bright, original and problem free. While a bit scuffy as shown, a more than acceptable example of a true BU coin. Many of this date were never released at the time of minting, and spent nearly a Century in Treasury bags being moved multiple times between various storage facilities. As a result, they tend to come "baggy" and even certified MS-63's have more marks on them that you will see on a common dates such as 1881-S or 1884-O.
Price: Price On Request
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1878 Morgan Dollar, 7 Tailfeathers, Rev. of 1878
Year: 1878
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: A nice Uncirculated example of the first year Morgan Dollar design, from the modified 7 Tailfeather Reverse hub. Due to how the distribution of the first year's mintage was handled by the Treasury, all the various 1878 types tend to come "baggy". And due to the relatively tight spread in Wholesale values between AU and MS-63, many Sliders (AU-58) get sold as "Unc", as that is commonly the only way dealers can make their spread. No problem with that problem here, as this is a true BU. The one scuffed area on Liberty's cheek keeps this out of the Choice category (MS-63+), but it would still likely certify as an MS-62 if submitted. Little point in that, as this is most appropriate as a coin for an album set of high end circ to low end Unc coins.
Price: $105.00
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1878-S Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1878S
Condition: MS-63+
Description: For those who prefer a "white" coin, this is a nice original Choice BU.
Price: $85.00
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1878-S Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated, Interesting Color
Year: 1878S
Condition: PCGS MS-63
Description: A decent original Uncirculated example of this first year San Francisco issue, with old folder toning. More interesting on the Reverse, which shows a solid ring around the rim of light blue with red centers. The Obverse is a mishmash of similar colors, more colorful and with more blue in it that I could capture. The Reverse is not as dark either; I changed the contrast to try to reduce the "flare" from the lighting used. It always seems like the perfect angle to show the toning on a coin is the same that produces the most reflection in a slabbed coin!
Price: $105.00
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1879-CC Morgan Dollar, Sharp Key Date, Close to EF
Year: 1879CC
Condition: NGC VF-35
Description: Clear Mintmark variety. A meaty example of this Key Date that frankly looks EF to me. I am sure that most dealers would offer it as such outside this holder. Decent color although signs of an extremely old cleaning - obviously this did not bother NGC, but may account for the slight deduction in grade.
Price: $559.00
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1879-O Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated, Underrated Date
Year: 1879O
Condition: PCGS/CAC MS-64
Description: One of my favorite Morgan Dollar dates, and definitely underrated ... or perhaps "underestimated" might be a better term. The typical feeling is that date is common in BU grades, being the first struck at New Orleans and in a reasonable number (2.9 Million). However, it is my opinion this belief is due to the large number of Sliders (AU-58) masquerading as BU coins. As nice, genuinely BU coins are not that available, the grading services have taken it upon themselves to certify what I consider questionably Uncirculated coins in the grades of MS-61 and MS-62. This in order to help make the date "marketable" for telemarketers and mail order grind houses. This creates the sense of BU coins being available, whenever you want one. However, NICE no question Choice BU coins, such as this one are not. Very original surfaces with a nice bit of rim toning, with a stunning Gem BU Reverse. This is a date where a CAC sticker really means something, both to assure quality within the grade, and due to the paucity of MS-65 coins, which bring 5 times as much. I think that this makes this date in this grade a good deal. My price is comparable to what a similar CAC stickered coin brought Nov. of 2017 - and that did not have the nice color.
Price: $659.00
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1879-O Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated, Scarce Prooflike Coin
Year: 1879O
Condition: PCGS MS-64
Description: I think PCGS missed the boat on this coin, as it clearly shows obvious, watery surfaces that appear Prooflike, perhaps a bit less so on the Reverse. That might be why the no "P/L" - call it Semi-Prooflike. In any case a very scarce coin. Well struck and with obvious Cameo contrast; only 41 in MS-64PL versus 2,300 in MS-64 at PCGS. Really big money in MS-65, more so with P/L surfaces - this is a nice compromise. This should CAC easily, based upon the coin listed as #6266.
Price: $699.00
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1879-S Morgan Dollar, Prooflike Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1879S
Condition: PCGS MS-64PL
Description: A bright, fully Prooflike example in an early PCGS "Rattler" slab, with a CAC sticker to boot. Bright clean surfaces with strong mirrors and some obvious Cameo contrast - a pretty coin.
Price: $199.00
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1879-S Morgan Dollar, Gem Uncirculated, Unusual Toning Pattern
Year: 1879S
Condition: PCGS MS-65
Description: An original Gem Uncirculated coin in an older PCGS holder. This shows an unusual russet-colored toning pattern across the bottom of the Obverse, caused by that part of the coin laying against the side of a canvas bag. This is commonly called "textile toning", as it shows the weave of the bag's material. I find it interesting, and the coin is unquestionably original - the viewer will have to make up their own mind as to whether they like it or not.
Price: $149.00
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1879-S Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1879S
Condition: MS-63+
Description: For those who prefer a raw coin to place into an album, this is a nice original Choice BU.
Price: $66.00
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1879-S Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1879S
Condition: NGC MS-64
Description: A nice original Choice BU, with a hint of light rim toning from some time spent in an album.
Price: $89.00
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1880-S Morgan Dollar, Prooflike Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1880S
Condition: PCGS MS-64PL
Description: A bright, fully Prooflike example in an early PCGS "Rattler" slab. Bright clean surfaces with strong mirrors and some Cameo contrast - a pretty coin.
Price: $189.00
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1881 Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1881
Condition: MS-63
Description: The early Philadelphia Mint Morgan Dollars are a bit scarcer than those from the Branch Mints, especially in MS-64 and above. This was due to excessive handling of bags, meaning more marks from banging together during transport. This is a nice bright white Choice BU coin. This date shoots up in MS-64 to close to $150, making a correctly graded MS-63 a bargain.
Price: $89.00
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1881-O Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated, Scarce
Year: 1881O
Condition: Choice Uncirculated+
Description: I can't quite figure out why the wide disparity in values exists between the 1880-O and '81-O Dollars, given that their mintages were similar. While the '81-O is lumped in with the common Dollar dates, I don't see as many of them that are really Unc as the price would indicate I should. The population in MS-63 & 64 is notably lower than the common O Mints (1882-1885), yet below MS-65/Gem BU it bears little premium over those dates. In MS-63, it is even priced LOWER on a Wholesale basis than the 1882-O, while the PCGS Population of the 1881-O is 20% lower - go figure. This is a nice Uncirculated example, with no heavy marks, just the random chatter expected of the grade.
Price: $79.00
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1881-S Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1881S
Condition: MS-63+
Description: A typically flashy BU example of this popular San Francisco Mint date.
Price: $64.00
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1881-S Morgan Dollar, Uncirculated
Year: 1881S
Condition: Uncirculated (MS-62)
Description: A bright original Uncirculated coin, showing a scattering of light marks, but nothing serious.
Price: $54.00
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