Two and Three Cents

U.S. Two and Three Cent Coinage: Two Cents 1864 to 1873; Three Cent Silver 1851 to 1873; Three Cent Nickel 1865 to 1889

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1851 Three Cent Silver, Type 1, Uncirculated
Year: 1851
Condition: NGC/CAC MS-63
Description: (SOLD January, 2017 for $365) An original Choice Uncirculated example of the first year of the 3 Cent Silver coinage. Moderately toned as almost all original survivors are - any that are "white" should be viewed with suspicion. The Obverse shows a distinct die crack through the date, the first I have noticed in some time on these - this indicates that the die did not have long to live unless refinished (polished). In an older NGC "fatty" style holder, conservatively graded by the current standard, confirmed by the CAC sticker. Combined NGC/PCGS Pop of 586, but only 21 CAC'd! Allowing that this grade is somewhat less likely to be submitted, this still shows the amount of "questionable" material in commercial holders.
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1852 Three Cent Silver, Type 1, Uncirculated
Year: 1852
Condition: PCGS MS-62
Description: A few wispy marks as this came out of a non-numismatic accumulation, but no major marks (the void at 11:00 on the Reverse rim is a planchet flaw). An original example, which is unusual as almost all have been dipped or cleaned over the years as they tend to tone oddly. The reason is the "billon" alloy that the Treasury used to try to keep these from being melted down, the first example of fiat coinage struck by the U. S.
Price: $269.00
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1858 Three Cent Silver, Type 2, Heavily Die Clashed
Year: 1858
Condition: Fine to Very Fine
Description: (This item has been sold; I left the listing posted for the value of the information.) An original example which shows some of the problems the Mint encountered with this series. The coin is HEAVILY die clashed, with two of the "III" from the Reverse partially filling some of the vertical stripes in the star center. There are also other marks surrounding the star that are transferred detail from the Reverse. My impression is that much of the problem with die clashes was due to problems with the planchet feed mechanism, the planchets being so light that they would commonly misfeed or jam the feed tube, causing the dies to come together without an intervening blank. As common for the Type, an uneven strike, which may not even have been related to the clashing - the central details are of a solid VF, but weak at the Obverse rim from 8:00 to 1:00.
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1860 Three Cent Silver, Type 2, Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1860
Condition: Almost Uncirculated
Description: A popular Civil War-era date. Well struck, evidence of a heavy die clash on the Reverse. This does show some hairlines, so I suspect a very old, very light cleaning (or wiping) - it was a long time ago as the color appears natural now.
Price: $174.00
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1862 Three Cent Silver, Type 2, Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1862
Condition: Almost Uncirculated+
Description: A popular, low mintage Civil War date. Nice color and obvious luster, especially on the Reverse. Not something you see very often on a circulated 3 Cent due to how they were typically handled by the public. Heavy Reverse die crack as well. Interestingly enough, this date is noted for heavy die clashes, which this coin lacks - unusual considering that the die crack indicates the Reverse die was in service for more than a short time.
Price: $189.00
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1864 Small Motto Two Cents, RARE Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1864
Condition: PCGS MS-63BN
Description: A stunning glossy Brown Uncirculated example of this scarce variety, the first Unc that I have seen in a very long time. Unquestionably "new", with a bold strike and few if any noticeable marks - seems very PQ for only a "63". Bold luster pops off of problem free surfaces that have the wonderful slightly purple-red tones that old Copper and Bronze coins tone to if left undisturbed. This variety is identifiable even in lower grades by the shape of the "D" in IGWT - it is shorter and "squattier" than the Large Motto type (compare to any 1864 LM listed on this site).
Price: $1,699.00
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1864 Large Motto Two Cents, Gem Uncirculated
Year: 1864
Condition: PCGS/CAC MS-65RB
Description: A nice Gem Unc example of the more common of the two 1864 Two Cent Motto varieties. Nice surfaces with a mellow "bricky red" color, no problems to note as should be made obvious by the assigned Gem Unc grade - and the CAC sticker of approval.
Price: $630.00
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1865 Nickel Three Cents, Original Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1865
Condition: Uncirculated (MS-60+)
Description: A nice example of the first year of Copper-Nickel Three Cent coinage. Very well struck and very original, showing the unmistakable signs of being saved as a non-numismatic souvenir. This shows some minor spotting and toning typical of a coin held in a "can lot" (or box, bag, etc.). 99.5% complete luster except for two area of contact on Liberty's cheek and eyebrow region, as shown in the enlarged image. This sort of thing comes from random contact with other coins in a lot - whether you choose to call this "wear" or not is relative, but it certainly does not constitute circulation wear. The kind of coin typically cleaned up by dipping and sold as "Choice BU" or better, I think just calling it "Unc" suffices.
Price: $89.00
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1867 Two Cents, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1867
Condition: PCGS MS-63BN
Description: (SOLD September, 2016 for $219) A nice glossy Brown Uncirculated coin, with a few remaining hints of Red. Also, some of the lovely blue tones that old Copper & Bronze will tone to, if left alone.
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1868 Nickel Three Cents, Choice Uncirculated, Well Struck
Year: 1868
Condition: PCGS MS-63
Description: A very well struck Choice BU example, and very PQ. Frankly, blatantly undergraded by PCGS. There are no major or even minor bothersome marks to explain the grade. However, there are obvious die polish lines running East-West on both sides, which may have bothered the graders for some reason. Otherwise, bright and flashy with bold luster under a very slight original haze to show that it has not been abused. A very nice example for Type.
Price: $179.00
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1869 Two Cents, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1869
Condition: PCGS/CAC MS-63RB
Description: (SOLD April, 2017 for $350) A nice Uncirculated example with a conspicuous amount of remaining mellowed Red, on original problem free surfaces. An excellent example for Type and very PQ, with a very low CAC population of only three coins. While this grade would not as commonly be submitted, the fact that there are 109 coins certified by PCGS & NGC combined in the grade (Sept., 2016), yet only three with a "bean", speaks volumes about the quality of this piece.
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1888 Nickel Three Cents, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1888
Condition: PCGS MS-64
Description: A scarce Business Strike example of this low mintage year, with only originally 36,500 struck. Very original with nothing serious in the way of marks present - the certified grade may be limited slightly by the presence of obvious heavy clash marks surrounding Liberty's head. These are common to the series, but some would find them mildly distracting. I find them interesting as it shows the nature of the production process by the Mint during this period. So much effort was going into making Morgan Dollars that minor coinage, particularly the "token" (non-Silver) coinage below the Dime denomination, was largely ignored as far as quality control. If it showed a date and denomination, it was OK to go. A few tiny specks from bank storage otherwise problem free and in an older light blue label holder. PCGS Price Guide value of $485.
Price: $449.00
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1888 Nickel Three Cents, Original Proof
Year: 1888
Condition: PCGS PF-64
Description: An original Proof example of this low mintage year, one where Business Strike coinage is much scarcer than Proofs. During this period most numismatists simply ordered a Proof from the Mint, both as they were seen as being "better", and they were dirt cheap in current terms, commonly being sold at a very small markup over face value (!!!). Some light, obvious Cameo contrast on the Obverse, but not enough for PCGS to make the call. A very light original haze over the surfaces, showing that it has not been disturbed or abused. One small "spot" on Liberty's cheek which appears to be due to a small area of alloy difference rather than a corrosion spot of some kind. There are also some "lumps" within the 8's of the date, which may be die chips of a minor repunching of the date - not listed in the Flynn/Fletcher guide to the series.
Price: $399.00
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