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Early U.S. Copper Coinage - Half Cents and Large Cents. The image shown is a choice, problem free PCGS Fine-12 example of the classic 1793 Flowing Hair with Wreath Large Cent. (Sold mid-2013 for $7500)

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1785 Nova Constellation,
Year: 1785
Condition: PCGS XF-40
Description: A nice example of this classic early U. S. pre-Federal coinage, and a famous Colonial "Red Book" issue. This is considered both a "Pattern" (or more properly, a speculative issue), as well as it was meant to actually circulate at the value of an English Half Penny, so is a precursor to the U. S. Half Cent of 1793. A private issue of a New York business interest, struck in Birmingham, England to order. The designs & legend were copied from the 1783 Nova Constellatio Pattern series designed by Benjamin Dudley, which are extremely rare. The earlier Nova issues were the first attempt to establish a Decimal coinage system, and are considered the first U. S. Patterns in the true sense. Perhaps the original designs were rejected as commercially impractical as the population of the former Colonies would have undoubtedly been more familiar and comfortable with a system based upon the old English system. This is a nice problem free piece, freshly certified by PCGS. The images provided are courtesy of the PCGS "TrueView" service. This is also sold with the original old ANACS photo certificate of the 1980's. The ANACS cert shows the typical overly strict ANACS view of grading and attribution, as they were afraid of making a mistake due to the new nature of "commercial" third-party grading. This is in fact not "corroded" as ANACS stated, but is an example of Crosby 3 (the most common variety), all of which were struck from rusted, failing dies - as can be witnessed by the large "cud" along the bottom on the wreath on the Reverse. This example in fact has nicer surfaces than many. These are typically priced by how "pretty" they are, with strike being a major factor. A recent sale in the same grade brought $1,380 at Heritage, but that coin was exceptional and was probably seen as being undergraded. Regardless, this should be reasonable at my price.
Price: $795.00
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1794 Large Cent, Very Good
Year: 1794
Condition: Very Good+
Description: Head of 1794, Sheldon-21. A decent and affordable circulated example of this early Cent. Details of close to a Fine, the sharpness reduced by typical light surface issues. The surfaces show some minor roughness, as almost all circulated survivors do, as much due to the use of frequently poor quality planchets as environmental conditions. Regardless, no major problems and perfectly suitable as a Type example.
Price: $549.00
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1804 Half Cent, Crosslet 4 with Stems, Scarce
Year: 1804
Condition: Very Fine+
Description: Gilbert 5/Craig 9. Breen 8, die state 1 to 2. About R-3 as a variety, this is an early die state with just the beginning of the characteristic die crack through "IBE" of LIBERTY. Just a nib of a crack can see seen to the left of the stand of the "T" as a dash-shape. An image is included courtesy of PCGS CoinFacts that shows the crack in an advanced form for reference (not this coin). Breen reports this as Rare to Very Rare, as apparently the die cracked swiftly. As die states are not collected as popularly as basic varieties, not much premium applied. More importantly is that this is a nice, problem free example (for Early Copper at least). A solid VF, my impression is that this could certify as high as the 30 to 35 range. EAC standards would Net the grade down just a bit for the very minor marks, but then the "Copper Boys" seem to want the ephemeral "perfect" coin, as elusive as that might be.
Price: $264.00
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1832 Half Cent, Choice Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1832
Condition: Choice Almost Uncirculated
Description: A nice problem free coin, equivalent to what will certify as AU-55 generally. Original chocolate Brown surfaces, with some hints of original planchet color remaining around some of the stars and lettering. Perfect as an example to represent the Classic Head Type.
Price: $199.00
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1835 Half Cent, Unc Details
Year: 1835
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: Cohen-2. A nice sharp example, but showing a few very minor problems from storage. There is some minor staining on the Reverse, as well as what appears to be a grease spot struck into the Obverse at 3:00 (between Star #11 and the rim). Some minor marks here and there, signs of having been stored in a loose group of coins. Almost certainly to have been part of the Elmer Sears hoard of this date that emerged during the Depression, which consisted of several hundred to a thousand Uncirculated specimens, mostly spotted Red Uncs. Well distributed into the hobby through the 1940's and 1950's, selling for as little as 25 Cents each (!!), most survivors have faded to Brown by now. This coin has nice glossy surfaces with some hints of bricky red and much luster showing. This is Breen 2 (Gilbert 1), Die State VI, showing the characteristic and distinctive die cracks on the Reverse, plus multiple clash marks on both sides (the clashing of the dies causing the dies to crack). Due to the minor "problems", if certified this would likely grade AU-58 as a "Net" grade, however I recently submitted an 1830's Half Cent to NGC that was effectively equivalent that came back MS-62, so it depends on how they see the coin on the day in question (plus the phase of the moon, whether the grader had a hangover, etc., etc.). My price should be reasonable either way you happen to look at it, as it is priced BELOW the equivalent of an AU-58 value.
Price: $255.00
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1846 Large Cent, Small Date, Closed 6
Year: 1846
Condition: Very Fine
Description: One of three major date logotype varieties for the year, identified by the slightly "drunken" looking 6 with the top serif drooping down to touch the bottom loop.
Price: $47.00
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1851 Half Cent, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1851
Condition: PCGS/CAC MS63BN
Description: A nice problem free coin, with medium Brown glossy surfaces, that still show some obvious Red highlights around Liberty's head and among the stars & letters. Not the typical "mud Brown" coin that seems to commonly slip through at the MS-62 & 63 grades; 126 at PCGS + 108 at NGC in the grade, versus only 14 at CAC.
Price: $442.00
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1851 Large Cent, Almost Uncirculated, Nice Type Coin
Year: 1851
Condition: Almost Uncirculated
Description: Problem free and original, a nice coin to represent the Type.
Price: $119.00
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1857 Large Cent, Small Date
Year: 1857
Condition: PCGS EF-40
Description: (SOLD April, 2016 for $300, the listing left posted for the information value) As scarce as the 1857 Large Cents are, even given the inevitable hoarding by the public as the last year of the series, they are incredibly difficult to find problem free. Most examples I encounter have been cleaned badly, or are otherwise damaged so will not certify in a normal holder. This coin is a pleasant exception, being original and showing just a couple of smaller marks. I have also found that the Small Date logotype seems to be scarcer than the Large Date in my experience, by about 3 or 4 to 1.
Price: Price On Request
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