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U. S. Small Cents 1856 to Date - Coin shown a 1955 Double Die Cent in PCGS/CAC AU-58 with original Purple-Red toning.

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1857 Flying Eagle Cent, Choice AU
Year: 1857
Condition: PCGS/CAC AU-55
Description: A very attractive, original Choice Almost Uncirculated example of the Flying Eagle type, in the new (2015) PCGS holder. Very nice color and significant luster, not always obvious on these coins due to the material used to make them. Also, thankfully, no attempt has been made to "process" this coin to make it appear "Unc", all too common for well struck examples, as too few people apparently know how to grade these! Scarce as a CAC stickered coin - only 13 in the CAC Census as of April, 2016. PCGS Population in AU-55 is 228 coins + 129 at NGC, making the CAC Pop at 3.6% of the total grade. As noted above, many of those have been cleaned at one point.
Price: $349.00
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1857 Flying Eagle Cent, Sharp VF/EF
Year: 1857
Condition: VF/EF
Description: (Temporarily unavailable) A nice sharp VF/EF, what is typically sold as an "EF" commercially. The Obverse basically makes it, however the Reverse is a bit short. The certified equivalent would be a VF-30 to 35.
Price: Price On Request
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1858 Small Letters Flying Eagle Cent, Extremely Fine
Year: 1858SL
Condition: EF-40+
Description: A true EF example, the surfaces just a bit darker but original. What you see is the toning that develops on an undisturbed coin of this alloy type, the differences in shades being natural to this material which was hard to mix properly, as well as difficult to strike, which is one reason that it was abandoned in 1864. The Nickle in the alloy makes this one of the toughest coin metals ever used by the U.S.
Price: $129.00
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1859 Indian Cent, Extremely Fine
Year: 1859
Condition: EF-40
Description: A nice example of this one year Type, better struck than most - this date typically comes a bit weak on the Reverse as the Mint had trouble striking these with sharp wreath detail.
Price: $119.00
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1860 Indian Cent, Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1860
Condition: AU-50
Description: An original AU example. Well struck overall and with original color and luster. Just short of all four diamonds show. No longer common when found "unmolested".
Price: $115.00
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1860 Indian Cent, Original Fine
Year: 1860
Condition: Fine-12+
Description: An original example of this first year Type. I say that advisedly, as technically the 1859 Indian Cent was a one year only Type, as the Reverse die used a different wreath and of course no "union shield". Regardless, a nice "average circulated" coin with all the letters of LIBERTY visible, as are the bands above and below. Typical color for the Copper-Nickel Cents, a sort of mustard yellow-brown with darker toning around the lettering and devices.
Price: $28.00
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1860 Indian Cent, Rounded Bust, Choice AU/Unc
Year: 1860
Condition: AU-58+
Description: An original coin that shows the reality of where most survivors come from. Coins from this era were rarely set aside by numismatists, but rather purely at random by the general public, usually as souvenirs of one sort or another. This coin is basically "new", showing no wear on the Reverse, but what could be called minor handling or contact on the Obverse. Whether this would certify as an Uncirculated coin tends to depend upon the randomness of commercial grading, but this is certainly equivalent to what is sold in the marketplace as "Unc", or MS-60 if you prefer, especially once dipped out to remove very minor toning. Unquestionably original, sold as just a really nice example of the date which would easily fit into any high grade set.
Price: $189.00
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1862 Indian Cent, Sharp VF+
Year: 1862
Condition: VF-30
Description: A sharp example, with a bold "3-D" LIBERTY and bands above and below, parts of three diamonds on the ribbon. Slightly lighter in color, there exists the possibility that this was very lightly cleaned long ago, although there is NO sign of a cleaning now. My opinion is based upon the color alone. No marks or other impairments. Certainly what many dealers would call "EF".
Price: $30.00
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1862 Indian Cent, Nice Average VF
Year: 1862
Condition: VF-25
Description: Not quite as sharp a coin as the 1862 listed as #3071, but still worthy. The Reverse shows a touch of darkness typical of the Copper-Nickel Cents if they have not been cleaned - almost ALL original coins below AU or EF show a bit of this which is mild natural corrosion due to the nature of the coinage material.
Price: $28.00
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1862 Indian Cent, Sharply Struck AU
Year: 1862
Condition: AU-50
Description: A very original and sharply struck example, with 3.9 Diamonds showing and some remaining luster, especially on the Reverse. Not absolutely "perfect" as it shows a small mark or two, but the Civil War era Cents were used very hard as few if any Silver coins made it into circulation for long.
Price: $79.00
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1863 Indian Cent, VF
Year: 1863
Condition: VF-20
Description: A nice average VF example with full LIBERTY and bands above and below, and hints of three diamonds on the ribbon. One tiny ding on the edge of the Obverse rim, which should not show once placed into an album.
Price: $29.00
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1863 Indian Cent, Uncirculated Copper-Nickel Cent
Year: 1863
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: An original Unc example typical of coins put aside randomly by the non-collecting public during the Civil War. Nicely toned a honey-brown which is the natural color Copper-Nickel Cents develop if not disturbed or cleaned. Some minor scuffs here and there but no major marks.
Price: $149.00
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1863 Indian Cent, Original Almost Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1863
Condition: Almost Uncirculated
Description: An original AU example typical of coins put aside randomly by the non-collecting public during the Civil War. Nicely toned a honey-brown which is the natural color Copper-Nickel Cents develop if not disturbed or cleaned. Likely to certify above AU-50 if submitted. I note that the Reverse is slightly rotated.
Price: $79.00
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1864 Indian Cent, Copper Nickel, Last Year of Type
Year: 1864CN
Condition: EF-40
Description: A nice original EF, showing the somewhat less than spectacular strikes that this date tends to show, as by now the master hub being used to make dies had started to wear out. 1864 was the last year that Copper-Nickel Indian Cents were struck, as the Mint had gotten tired of dealing with the very hard alloy used for this series. Also, the experience shown during the Civil War that the general public would accept Bronze minor coinage, in the guise of private Civil War Tokens, allowing for the removal of Nickel from the Cent's composition. It may be difficult to imagine now, but at the time Nickel was almost a semi-precious metal, due to the difficulty and cost in producing it from its major ores. This was the first step towards a Fiat coinage, one where it had a lesser intrinsic value (melt value) than its stated Face Value. It should also be noted that there was a political angle as well. At the time, the U. S. Nickel industry was basically the output of of ONE individual's business interests, Joseph Wharton of the Wharton School of Business fame. His political influence was one reason for the addition of Nickel into the Cent in the first place. Its removal from this denomination, and the subsequent brouhaha in Washington (they had lobbyists back then too) led inexorably to its re-introduction into U. S. coinage in the 3 Cent Nickel and Shield Nickel series in 1865 and 1866 respectively.
Price: $119.00
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1864L Indian Cent, Sharp EF
Year: 1864L
Condition: EF-40
Description: A sharp EF example of this variety, with the "L" showing boldly. Just a bit darker, but original - this does show some excessive die wear on both sides and some signs of clash marks.
Price: $245.00
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1864L Indian Cent, Sharp EF+
Year: 1864L
Condition: EF-45+
Description: A sharp EF example, a good impression off of fresh dies. The "L" showing boldly and nearly full feather detail in the headdress. Details basically of an AU, but the planchet surface showing some "woodgrain" color typical of the early Bronze Cents as the Mint had trouble adjusting production to the new material - a different problem than that of the early Lincoln Cents, primarily from San Francisco, which seems to be due to problems faced by local suppliers of planchet stock.
Price: $299.00
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1866 Indian Cent, Original EF+
Year: 1866
Condition: EF-45
Description: A nice sharp example without problems.
Price: $200.00
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1867 Indian Cent, Close to Fine
Year: 1867
Condition: VG/Fine
Description: A better date above VG - this is very close to what the services will certify as a Fine-12.
Price: $95.00
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1867 Indian Cent, Fine
Year: 1867
Condition: Fine-12
Description: A true Fine, original and with decent if not absolutely perfect surfaces.
Price: $109.00
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1869 Indian Cent, A Nice Original Fine
Year: 1869
Condition: Fine-12
Description: The 1869 definitely becomes tougher in this grade and above. This is a nice original "brown" coin with no problems.
Price: $235.00
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1870 Indian Cent, Original Fine, Very Scarce
Year: 1870
Condition: Fine-12
Description: A nice original Fine example of this tough date, struck from the Type One Reverse hub used since 1864 with a "Shallow N". The Reverse hub was redesigned by William Barber this year, strengthening and evening up the heights on all the lettering, and used from later in 1870 onward with one very notable and critical exception: all Key Date 1877 Indian Cents are supposedly struck from a "Shallow N" Reverse, for some reason (some controversy around this pops up from time to time). Problem free, this does show a large die crack on the Reverse.
Price: $219.00
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1870 Indian Cent, Nice Solid Good
Year: 1870
Condition: Good-4
Description: The 1870 is a tougher date in the series, as are all of the 1869 to 1872 dates, even in Good.
Price: $59.00
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1871 Indian Cent, Nice Original VG/Fine
Year: 1871
Condition: VG/Fine
Description: A very tough date to find above Good. This is a nice problem free VG to Fine (say VG-10 or so), struck from Barber's redesigned Reverse with Bold N. This appears to be a minor Repunched date, Snow 1.
Price: $195.00
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1872 Indian Cent, Very Good+
Year: 1872
Condition: VG-10
Description: A very scarce coin above a Good, this is starting to show some definition in Liberty's headband with part of all of several letters showing. Typically pushed to "Fine" by most dealers (certainly by "East Coast" grading standards). Not absolutely problem free, as it shows some very minor surface issues likely related to non-numismatic storage, but original and uncleaned. A date I like in any Grade Good and better. The Reverse is rotated just slight to the left.
Price: $210.00
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1872 Indian Cent, Original EF Coin, Very Scarce
Year: 1872
Condition: EF-40+
Description: A spectacularly tough grade for this date. A leading specialist in the series notes that these are typically poorly struck, many from dies that had grease or other impediments on the dies, creating mushy details and strike-throughs. This coin displays a very bold "ONE CENT" on the Reverse, but weaker overall detail towards the rim. The tips of the feathers in Liberty's bonnet are also a bit weak (common), but LIBERTY itself is bold. A mixed bag to be sure, with an overall impression that the Mint was NOT doing its best job. Incredibly difficult to find at this grade level however, especially if not abused. I think that this is an easy EF-45 for the date by commercial grading standards. While I did not identify the Snow variety if any, this does display an interesting and very long, thin die crack running through the denticals from the E in UNITED around past the bottom of the date!
Price: $575.00
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