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1883 Morgan Dollar, Original Toned Gem Unc
Year: 1883
Condition: PCGS MS-65+
Description: Gem Uncirculated+ in an recently certified PCGS slab. Two sided "Sheet" toning in predominantly lemon-yellow with some sea green and light red undertones. There is a sense of a "textile" texture visible on both sides of the coin but unlikely to have been due to bag contact, as this is usually on only on side. Regardless, a nice coin for the lover of color. This is also definitely NOT a common date in Gem Unc, due to typically iffy strike and excessive bagmarks.
Price: $295.00
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1883-CC Morgan Dollar, Gem Uncirculated
Year: 1883CC
Condition: PCGS MS-65
Description: A nice Gem GEM Uncirculated coin of this popular Carson City date.
Price: $549.00
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1883-O Morgan Dollar, Uncirculated
Year: 1883O
Condition: Uncirculated (MS-62 to 63)
Description: A bright original Uncirculated coin, showing a scattering of marks, but nothing serious. Probably equivalent to a certified MS-63, but as this date is so common (I once bought a complete bag of 1883-O's), and as there are some VERY light roller marks on Liberty's cheek, I will call it a nice Unc and be done with it. The roller marks were caused by the process used to roll out the metal strip that planchets were punched out of. If the rollers were worn or scratched, it would leave a series of very fine, parallel lines on the planchet. The typically less than complete strike common to New Orleans issues would often leave these marks still visible on the finished coin. Nothing awful looking, just part of the fabric of an original coin of this period.
Price: $52.00
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Year: 1884
Condition: Circulated
Description: (Temporary listing at a customers request)
Price: $290.00
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1884-CC Morgan Dollar, Original AU, RARE!
Year: 1884CC
Condition: AU-55
Description: An original Choice Almost Uncirculated coin. Perhaps a bit odd to say, but as common as this date is in Uncirculated condition this is perhaps the RAREST circulated Morgan Dollar of any date (save the non-existant 1895 business strike), as 85% of the original Mintage was held and released in the GSA sales. This spent perhaps a month in circulation, somewhere in the inland Northwest, "Silver Dollar" country even through 1965 or so. Very little high point wear, mainly a loss of luster in the fields. About half of the luster remains under moderate original toning. In my opinion this would easily certify as a fifty-five if submitted (fifty-eight on a good day with a tailwind perhaps). It really does not matter, as if you want a circulated example to match your set, the opportunity does not come along very often. A very cool coin and suitable for someone who wants to match high end circulated coins in a set, rather than sticking in the usual bright white BU coin.
Price: $225.00
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1885-CC Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated, GSA case
Year: 1885CC
Condition: MS-63
Description: This is a nice bright original Choice Uncirculated coin in a GSA case - the GSA sales were the source of perhaps 90% of all of the Uncirculated specimens known. No problems or major marks, just the usual scattering of moderate marks that keep this out of the Gem category. No box or cert card with this coin (although I may be able to scare one up if asked to look) - sold for what it is, an attractive and obvious BU Carson City Mint coin.
Price: $814.00
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1885-O Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1885O
Condition: Choice Uncirculated (MS-63+)
Description: A bright original Choice BU coin, equivalent to a certified MS-63 or a bit better. Among the three most available 1880's O Mint dates, along with the '83 and '84, due to the 1960's Dollar bag releases. This is also an example of some of the striking problems that these coins faced, as the Eagle on the Reverse has a small "pit" or void on his belly. This the the thickest part of the coin, as suffered from weak detail due to a lack of striking pressure. Not horrible looking, just mentioned for accuracy. Guaranteed to certify at MS-63.
Price: $59.00
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1886 Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1886
Condition: Choice Uncirculated (MS-63+)
Description: A bright original Choice BU coin, equivalent to a certified MS-63 or a bit better. Traditionally one of the most common Philadelphia Mint dates in AU or BU, although not as common as the 1880's O Mint coinage.
Price: $59.00
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1887-S Morgan Dollar, Uncirculated
Year: 1887S
Condition: MS-60+
Description: A true original BU, this shows the typical mostly light, scattered marks that limit a Unc coin to a grade below MS-63 (one mark of note is mentioned for accuracy, on the eagle's chest). Otherwise fully lustrous and showing no toning, and has never been dipped. In my opinion equivalent to a certified MS-61, this could grade a bit higher with some luck.
Price: $159.00
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1888 Morgan Dollar, Doubled Ear, VAM-11A, Near Gem
Year: 1888
Condition: Choice to Gem Uncirculated
Description: VAM-11A, a Top 100 variety. The diagnostic clash marks show clearly, as does the doubled die nature of the Obverse. In addition to the doubling of Liberty’s ear, the denticles along the left rim appear to be clearly tripled. Very clean fields, this coin is one mash mark on Liberty’s chin away from a sixty-five or perhaps better. Bright, fresh and original.
Price: $279.00
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1888-S Morgan Dollar, Circulated
Year: 1888S
Condition: Fine-12
Description: A date that has become difficult to find in recent years, even up here in "S Mint Country". This example is your average Fine, as it shows some light marks but the color is reasonably good and no major "warts" to mention.
Price: $185.00
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1889 Morgan Dollar, Toned Unc
Year: 1889
Condition: NGC MS-64
Description: For those who appreciate original toning: a "one sided" example of this common date, with uncommon color. The Obverse is toned a mix of greenish-gray at center with light pink mixed with blue at the rims. This sort of toning commonly developed in Whitman folders, where the Obverse of a coin came in contact with the folded over end paper. The Reverse is just off white with a few color highlights. Not as dark as the image makes it appear - unfortunately, the best light angle to properly show accurate color and luster on toned coins is usually the same angle that reflects light back into the camera!
Price: $89.00
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1889 Morgan Dollar, Very Choice Unc
Year: 1889
Condition: PCGS MS-64+
Description: Odd as it may seem, while the 1889 Morgan Dollar is one of the half dozen MOST common coins in grades from EF to MS-63, at MS-65 it becomes a very tough coin and is priced twice that of a common date Gem BU. In my experience, MS-64 coins are not particularly common, but have virtually no price premium in the current market. This makes them a "sleeper" in terms of value in my book. This example is an original coin, well struck, lustrous and bright - not all that common for an 1889, which was a high mintage date that commonly comes dull and with rough fields due to extended die use. It also appear to have a minor doubled die Reverse, just visible on the tips of a couple of feathers of the eagle's tail (not in the VAM book as far as I could tell with a quick look).
Price: $90.00
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1889-CC Morgan Dollar, Very Good
Year: 1889CC
Condition: VG-8
Description: A nice original, problem free example of this Key Date. Difficult to find unimpaired, almost all specimens in lower grades seem to be damaged, cleaned or both.
Price: $630.00
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1889-S Morgan Dollar, Original Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1889S
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: An original Uncirculated example of this better San Francisco Mint date. Never common, most examples that I have run across over the years have been at best AU. This coin shows some light haze on the surfaces, which may suggest that it came from the Redfield Dollar hoard - he was known to have had several bags of this date - this shows that the coin has not been dipped thankfully. A scattering of light marks limits this to the equivalent of a certified MS-63.
Price: $365.00
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1889-S Morgan Dollar, Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1889S
Condition: AU-55
Description: An Almost Uncirculated example of this better San Francisco Mint date. It shows some light circulation and marks, typical of coins that emerged from Mint bags in the 1950's/60's and circulated briefly in the Nevada slots before being put aside. Nothing major however, and it escaped being cleaned - a reasonable alternative for the value conscious buyer.
Price: $99.00
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1890 Morgan Dollar, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1890
Condition: Choice Uncirculated (MS-63)
Description: A original Choice BU coin, but like most of this date it lacks some of the "pizazz" that the 1880's dates show. Poor strikes and bagmarks, with so-so luster are the rule, not the exception. This is reflected in the difference between the MS-63 price ($75 or so) and that of a true MS-65 Gem at over $2,000!! The coin offered here is bright and original, with light scattered marks to account for the grade; it does show some light weakness of overall detail due to the fact that both dies saw extended use and show die cracks.
Price: $75.00
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1891-CC Morgan Dollar,
Year: 1891CC
Condition: PCGS MS-64
Description: (SOLD Feb. 2015 - the listing left posted for the information value) An attractive, bright white "no doubt" Choice BU example of this tougher Carson City Mint date. Also an example of the "Spitting Eagle" variety (VAM 3), so named for a small die gouge in front of the Eagle's beak. While not rare, it is famous as one of the first "VAMs" to catch the public's attention after the GSA Dollar sales of the 1970's.
Price: Price On Request
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1892 Morgan Dollar, Original AU/Unc
Year: 1892
Condition: AU-58
Description: A true original AU/Unc "Slider", this is sold with a written guarantee that it would certify as a fifty-eight if submitted (you can contact me for details of my extended return privilege for certification). Some very light rim disturbances, nothing untoward for a coin that saw circulation, but totally original, lustrous and with light original "dusty" looking toning. No major marks and this is equivalent to what usually gets dipped out and "processed" to sell as "Select BU", whatever that is. True BU's are scarce and this tempts the unwary, at a discount price. This coin should offer a good value for someone as it would not look out of place in a low end Unc set, without the price tag for a true BU. This date has also been selling lately at above the PCGS Price Guide value in this grade range.
Price: $159.00
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1892-CC Morgan Dollar, Circulated
Year: 1892CC
Condition: Very Good
Description: A nice, average circulated example.
Price: $185.00
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1893-CC Morgan Dollar, Your Basic Circulated Coin
Year: 1893CC
Condition: Good+
Description: A low grade but basically problem free and original circulated example of this Key Date Carson City Mint issue. Suitable for the value conscious buyer as there is nothing wrong with it, somewhat unusual in a coin that saw this much actual use in commerce!
Price: $229.00
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1893-O Morgan Dollar, Very Fine
Year: 1893O
Condition: VF-25+
Description: A solid VF+ example of this tougher 1890's New Orleans date. Probably lightly cleaned a very long time ago, as most circulated survivors have been, but seem OK now. I note one small rim bump at the top of the Reverse.
Price: $350.00
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1894-O Morgan Dollar, Original EF/AU
Year: 1894O
Condition: PCGS EF-45
Description: A very original coin and close to AU - closer than the "45" grade would indicate. The classic slightly "greenish-gray" color that most original O Mint Dollars should look like if they have not been cleaned, with significant amounts of luster under the mild toning. Problem free, which is unusual, as most coins "close" to AU have been cleaned to try to get the 150% premium for AU versus EF. Images shown included of the coin prior to certification.
Price: $225.00
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1897-S Morgan Dollar, Prooflike Uncirculated
Year: 1897S
Condition: MS-61
Description: An original Uncirculated coin with obvious weak Prooflike surfaces, fairly common for this date. As typical, the fragile surfaces shows some hairlines and marks from light handling or sliding around in a bag of coins. Some of the "lines" however that show on the image of the Reverse are clearly die polish lines, explaining the surfaces. Unfortunately, I could not get my camera to focus properly on the very reflective surfaces, so the extra images provided are a bit "fuzzy". Please be assured that the coin is not. Otherwise a nice BU Dollar.
Price: $139.00
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1899 Morgan Dollar, Semi-Key Date
Year: 1899
Condition: VG-10
Description: Very scarce in any circulated grade below VF - flat out RARE as a VG! Few coins "got out" and were able to circulate this much before being snatched out of circulation once Dollars began to be hoarded in the 1950's. An original coin, but a bit more "average" surfaces, more than acceptable for a lower grade Morgan Dollar set.
Price: $150.00
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