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1826 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Choice Almost Uncirculated, Discounted
Year: 1826
Condition: Choice Almost Uncirculated
Description: Overton 113a. An original Choice AU/Unc coin, almost certainly originally put away by a non-collector when new, based upon my source and the appearance of the coin when I purchased it. This in fact had green "purse gunk" on it that I removed with a coin-safe solvent, certainly indicating such an origin. What actual wear exists appears to be from random contact with other coins in a bag, box or can - the typical places such coins were stashed. Phenomenal original color and full luster other than the slightly worn high points. Now the "but". As can plainly be seen, this was struck on a planchet with a grease streak rolled into the surface. Some benighted soul took it upon themselves to try to remove this, in vain, leaving a "shiny spot". Even if this had not been done, such a coin would be unlikely to certify except as a "Net" example. Regardless, still a very attractive coin and certainly worthy of a high end circulated Type set. The wiped area will likely darken over time, leaving a much less obvious impairment. As even a decent typical Half of the period in AU will fetch close to my asking price, and be less attractive overall (and likely more harshly cleaned if it has not been certified already), my asking price should be in the ballpark. This coin is also in or close to the Condition Census for the Variety, based upon my copy of Overton.
Price: $399.00
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1843-O Seated Liberty Quarter, Extremely Fine, Very Scarce
Year: 1843O
Condition: Extremely Fine
Description: A very scarce date in EF, and rare in AU. This coin has the overall details of an EF-45, and appears to be original, with attractive color and remaining luster. Unfortunately, at some point in the past someone scratched a light "F" into the Reverse, right above the Eagle's head. This is very old, but would obviously prevent certification in a clean holder. Regardless, an opportunity to acquire a demonstrably tough coin at a significant discount. For reference, the current Trends value is shown as $500 in EF, $800 in AU, although coins typically sell for more than these figures at auction - even occasionally "problem" pieces.
Price: $279.00
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1876 Indian Cent, Very Fine+
Year: 1876
Condition: VF/EF
Description: A nice example of this popular "Centennial" date. Probably very lightly cleaned long ago, possibly when pulled from circulation as a souvenir. Not really a problem coin today and could possibly still certify, however discounted a bit for the less than ideal surfaces.
Price: $105.00
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1987-S Barber Half, Very Good to Fine, Key Date
Year: 1897S
Condition: VG-10+
Description: A really nice Choice VG, close to Fine; certainly what you will typically get as a "Fine" from dealers who don't bother to grade accurately. Lightly cleaned long ago as most better date Barbers have been, but not horrible and it should tone back nicely over time. Certainly suitable for a decent circulated grade set, and you get almost all of the detail of a coin that would normally cost about $400.
Price: $264.00
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1903-S Morgan Dollar, Original Very Fine
Year: 1903S
Condition: VF-20
Description: A nice original example of this scarcer late San Francisco Mint date, at the grade where they start to get really tough to find - next grade up doubles in price). This just makes VF-20. Not as strong as I usually try to offer at the grade, so priced at Wholesale.
Price: $159.00
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1941 Mercury Dime, Choice Proof, Discounted
Year: 1941
Condition: ANACS PF-63
Description: No problems, the slightly limited grade is based upon the two very minor rim marks visible in the enlarged images (coin shown prior to certification). These were correctly taken into account by ANACS in assigning a grade, but are otherwise not really obvious now that it is in a slab. NO visible hairlines or marks otherwise; a slight sense of some original surface haze.
Price: $189.00
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