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Famous Shekel of Tyre, Judas's
Condition: NGC Ch. AU 4/5
Description: (SOLD October, 2014 by private treaty for $2,000) Silver Shekel of Tyre in Phoenicia, considered to most likely be the coinage of the infamous Silver given to Judas to betray Christ. Popular therefore due to the connection to Biblical lore. In addition, this example is Superb CHOICE with lovely original surfaces and a stunning strike. The 4/5 given by NGC for strike is likely due to the slightly less than perfect centering on the flan, as otherwise the coin displays about as complete a strike as you can hope for, especially on the Eagle. This side is also set off by lovely original toning highlights of blue and red. Recently certified, this had been impounded in the personal holdings of a now retired coin dealer since the 1970’s, so has been off the market for half a Century. Chosen for its quality and attractiveness during a time when quality examples were easier to find than they are now.
Price: Price On Request
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Silver Penny of Henry III, AD 1250-72, Nice Original EF/AU
Condition: NGC XF-45
Description: (SOLD June, 2016 for $125 + $49 S&H to England) Silver Penny of Henry III, S-1364A. A nice original EF/AU example of this common type, well centered although a touch uneven at the upper right edge of the Obverse. I was not able however to find a specific reference to the Seaby Variety, so this may be a slightly less common variation.
Price: Price On Request
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One Giglio of Robert the Wise, Original Very Fine
Condition: NGC VF-25
Description: (SOLD Feb. 2015 for $150) One Gigliato of Naples, Italy, under Robert the Wise. Robert was the son of Charles II (of Anjou) and also titular King of Jerusalem, so this may also be considered linked to the Crusades period. A nice solid VF+, well centered, shows just a touch of clipping at right.
Price: Price On Request
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Thracian Tetradrachm, in the Manner of Alexander the Great
Condition: NGC Ch. AU 5/3
Description: AR Tetradrachm, in the manner and style of Alexander III ("The Great"), 2nd to 1st Century BC. Head of Heracles right, Zeus enthroned with Eagle & scepter. Boldly struck on a huge, wide flan, showing the Obverse design to its fullest. Very attractive overall with better than average centering and no problems. I noted recently that lesser quality coins were being offered by knowledgeable dealer specialists at close to $1000; given that some of that is "fluff" based upon the popularity of the design, I feel that my asking price is in the ballpark.
Price: $899.00
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1684 Crown of Charles II, Last Year
Year: 1684
Condition: Very Good
Description: KM445.1, Dav 3776B. The last Crown issue of Charles II, the King restored to the throne after the collapse of the English Commonwealth with the death of Oliver Cromwell. Charles was relatively enlightened, favoring religious tolerance towards Catholics and Protestants "dissenters", and is actually one of the most popular monarchs in English history. Some of this may come from his Decade of exile as the result of the events of the English Civil War, which likely fostered a better understanding of dissenting views. Regardless, this is a pleasing problem free example, very scarce as such. Most large Silver coins of the period managed to get lost or melted at some point in the intervening 300+ years, and few show no ill effects. Likely carried as a pocket piece for some time as a "remembrance", possibly by a Huguenot or other Catholic immigrant to the Americas.
Price: $225.00
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Spanish Mexico 8 Reales 1738, Original Early
Year: 1738Mo/MF
Condition: EF+
Description: (SOLD June, 2017 for $500) KM-105. A nice high grade circulated example of one of America's earliest Dollar-sized coins. No major dings or dents and no scratches. Difficult to find in upper circulated grades without problems. Most specimens noted are either Unc (and worth several thousand Dollars), or lower end circs. This coin is know to me to be genuine, based upon its source - authenticity is of course guaranteed in any case, should you wish to submit it for certification. This coin was the basis used by Jefferson & Madison to establish the value of the U. S. Dollar. Legal tender in the US until the 1850's, an important and historic financial relic.
Price: Price On Request
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Spanish Mexico 8 Reales 1764,
Year: 1764Mo/MF
Condition: EF Details
Description: (SOLD July, 2017 for $300, to a dealer) KM-105. A decent high grade circulated example of one of America's earliest Dollar-sized coins, and the basis used by Jefferson & Madison to establish the value of the U. S. Dollar. Legal tender in the US until the 1850's, an important and historic financial relic. Certified EF Details by PCGS for cleaning, as almost all specimens have suffered. Certainly not horrible and with attractive old rim toning on the Reverse.
Price: Price On Request
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Peru, Spanish Colonial, 2 Reales 1788, Scarce
Year: 1788Limae/IJ
Condition: Good+
Description: KM-76a. All of the fractional Reales are scarcer than the crown-sized 8 Real, as they functioned all over the New World as minor coinage. This was legal tender in the United States until the 1850's as the equivalent of 25 Cents (i. e. "Two Bits"), and served in out of the way places after that. An evenly work coin with no damage or problems, unusual in such a low grade. Struck at Lima, Peru, which at the time was the most important Spanish Mint in the New World, the bulk of the Silver the Spanish took out of the ground coming from that area.
Price: $25.00
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1807 Neuchatel 1/2 Batzen, KM-68.2, RARE
Year: 1807
Condition: NGC Fine-15
Description: (SOLD November, 2015 for $160) Switzerland, Canton of Neuchatel under Alexandre Berthier. 1/2 Batzen 1807, KM68.2, Reversed 2 in value, Very Scarce to Rare and unpriced in Krause. A pleasing no problem piece, with no defects to note, a bit unusual as the billion composition spots readily. This is out of a very old holding and has not been on the market for close to 50 years, if ever. This is also the only certified piece at NGC, sent there mainly for authentication. As for price, it is very difficult to even begin to calculate a value, as few references are available. However, I was able to locate two European sale references from the last 7 years, the first sold at 285 Euros, the second UNSOLD with an estimate of 600 Euros (high bid 400 Euros). My Asking Price is therefore speculative, and you are free to make me a reasonable counteroffer - as this is a consigned piece however, I have limited latitude on pricing.
Price: Price On Request
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Spanish Mexico 8 Reales 1808, Last year of Charles IV
Year: 1808Mo/TH
Condition: Unc Details
Description: (SOLD May, 2017 for $150 to a dealer, cheap I think) KM-109. Issued the last year of the reign of Charles IV. Uncirculated, certified by NGC as a details coin for some old spots removed. This is not readily evident without looking for the minor "problem", and I suspect that this coin was professionally conserved. Possibly a sea-salvaged piece that was largely unaffected by water immersion, although no absolute proof of that. My estimate of an equivalent certified grade is MS-62. A true Uncirculated example of a popular 8 Reales, aka "piece of eight" of Pirate legend. This was Legal tender within the United States at the time of issue and up until the 1850's (and, in actual use after that time in areas farther away from nosy officialdom). This was also the coin the U. S. Silver Dollar was originally based upon. As such, all collectors of the U. S. series' should own a specimen - this is a nice coin, at a reasonable price for a BU. My price by nature is somewhat speculative, however is based upon actual auction results for other coins of similar grade & quality.
Price: Price On Request
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1814 Bank of England Token, 18 Shillings
Year: 1814
Condition: Fine+
Description: Great Britain 1814 Bank of England Token 18 Pence (1 Sh., 6 Pence), one of the classic "emergency" currency issues needed as the Royal Mint was busy with other work. Original and problem free, a bit unusual as the majority I see are damaged or have been cleaned, possibly as they were not Legal Tender and most likely survived simply as a souvenir after the period of need was over.
Price: $62.00
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Spanish Mexico 8 Reales 1816, Mexican War of Independence Coinage
Year: 1816MO/JJ
Condition: Fine
Description: KM-111. Struck during the period between 1810 and 1821, during which Mexico struggled to gain independence from Spain. Normal "federal" mintages continued from Mexico City, while subsidiary & insurgent backed coinage was struck or countermarked at various locations throughout the country, depending upon who was in power at the time. Nice smooth even wear with no damage or problems to note.
Price: $49.00
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Peru, Spanish Colonial, 2 Reales 1820, Scarce
Year: 1820Limae/JP
Condition: About Very Fine
Description: KM-115.1. All of the fractional Reales are scarcer than the crown-sized 8 Real, as they functioned all over the New World as minor coinage. This was legal tender in the United States until the 1850's as the equivalent of 25 Cents (i. e. "Two Bits"), and served in out of the way places after that. Problem free and seems original, these are priced stupidly as you never see them.
Price: $53.00
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Australia Token Coinage, J. MacGregor, City Tea Warehouse, Scarce
Year: 1855
Condition: Choice Very Fine+
Description: Tn152. Private token issue produced by J. MacGregor of Sydney, advertising The Sultan's Steam Coffee Works. A nice original example of this scarce token issue. By typical American grading standards, Extremely Fine, with some remaining signs of luster. Our cousins in the Antipodes would call this Very Fine or better.
Price: $285.00
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New Zealand Token Coinage, Mauri Warrior Design
Year: 1860
Condition: Choice Almost Uncirculated
Description: Tn49. Private token issue produced by Milner & Thompson of Christchurch, New Zealand. Typical of similar issues in the home islands, these were "coinage of necessity" produced starting in 1857 to ameliorate a shortage of British coin & currency in the country. There were 147 different token issues which circulated until 1897, at a typical value of 1/2 Penny or One Penny. Like American Hard Times tokens, the trust was simply in the acceptance of the receiving party of the token coinage. In effect, this was an early form of "fiat currency", which had no backing other than public trust. A lovely, lightly circulated piece, with problem free surfaces. 34mm, struck in Copper, and close to new.
Price: $159.00
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Kingdom of Hawaii, Original High Grade Dala (Dollar)
Year: 1883
Condition: PCGS XF-45
Description: An attractive original example of the largest denomination struck for the Kingdom of Hawaii. This still retains a considerable amount of luster on the Reverse, with some nice blue-gray toning. Designed by Charles Barber, this series was struck at the San Francisco Mint, on planchets of the U. S. standard. Original and unmolested, which has become scarce, as most that were put aside by residents were saved as souvenirs and suffered from the Island climate. This series lost its legal tender status after the "liberation" of the Islands by forces working for Spreckles Sugar, with the result that most Halves & Dollars were repatriated to the U. S. for melting and recoinage into U. S. coins. The total PCGS Population in EF-40 and better is a slim 690-odd coins (97 in BU grades) as of June, 2017, out of a mintage of 1/2 Million. If this was a U. S. Federal issue with similar mintage & survivorship, the price would be considerably higher. Should easily CAC based upon others I have seen that are NOT as nice.
Price: $685.00
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Kingdom of Hawaii Hapaha (Quarter), Nice Old Album Toning
Year: 1883
Condition: AU-50
Description: A nice, originally toned example of the Quarter denomination from the Kingdom of Hawaii. While relatively common as a circulated coin, they seldom seem to come with color as most survivors were cleaned at some point.
Price: $239.00
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British North Borneo 1891-H Penny, GEM Uncirculated, Great Color!
Year: 1891H
Condition: PCGS MS-65BN
Description: As good as it gets at PCGS and a TRUE no doubt Gem BU, in an old light blue label holder. Six total in the grade with none better, and unlikely to be improved upon unless this coin is submitted in hopes of a “66”. Stunning clean surfaces with bright flashy luster, a light chocolate Brown with hints of original Red. Likely this never made it to Malaysia but was retained in England, possibly at the Heaton Mint itself. A very attractive coin, especially for anyone who loves old Copper/Bronze. Krause cat value of $300 in Choice BU, however I am not sure that is in anyway relevant with this particular coin.
Price: $421.00
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Russia 1897 15 Rubles, Scarce Gold Type Coin
Year: 1897
Condition: PCGS AU-58
Description: Y-65.1, Wide Rim, a famous one-year Type. Fully original, with buttery yellow surfaces and no problems. Minimal wear as befits the certified grade, not a "gimme" grade but a genuine Slider that outside this certification most would call "Unc". Value is somewhat relative and "flexible" - priced based upon my estimate of a reasonable value, however interested parties are free to contact me if they disagree.
Price: $949.00
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1901 Canadian Cent, Original Red Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1901
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: (On hold for a customer - please inquire if of interest) Common as a date due to those put away as a remembrance of the death of Queen Victoria, but not like this. Not a Gem necessarily as it shows some light marks, and one Reverse toning spot, but a very nice coin overall (just not worth my submitting the one coin for certification). I apologize for the small cardboard sliver showing in the Obverse image, missed when I imaged the coin - I shall reholder the coin to avoid any problems this might create.
Price: Price On Request
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Brazil 200 Reis 1907, Choice Almost Uncirculated
Year: 1907
Condition: Choice Almost Uncirculated
Description: KM-508. Very little wear, just a touch on Libertad's cheek, obviously a lightly circulated hoard coin. This would certify as a fifty-eight if submitted to a U. S. service most likely. Very attractive and not too commonly seen in the U. S. This will be shipped the Airtite holder as shown.
Price: $49.00
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Prussia 2 Marks 1907A, A Nice Original Coin
Year: 1907A
Condition: PCGS MS-61
Description: Prussia, 2 Marks 1907A, KM522, J-102. Original and unmolested, I have been calling this "EF/AU" by typical European standards (American AU or better). I bend to the opinions of PCGS ... either way, my price should be reasonable.
Price: $99.00
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1913 Canadian Large Cent, Choice Uncirculated, Unbelievable Toning!
Year: 1913
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: (SOLD) When I walked by a fellow dealer's table at a recent show and saw this coin (along with the Large Cent listed as #5696), I about tripped over my feet. I don't think that ANY "fluff" is necessary to sell this coin to any lover of toned Bronze coinage - the images speak for themselves. Yes, this is genuine. I know the dealer who originally purchased the collection this came from - both coins were impounded for many years in a Wayte Raymond album, and I trust his word without question. You can make up your own mind as personally, I don't really care too much if these two coins sell, certainly any time soon! I would prefer however that the same person purchase both coins, to keep the pair together - to that end, while they are listed separately, if you wish to purchase both please contact me for a combined Invoice at a bit of a discount.
Price: Price On Request
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Russia 1913 Ruble, Romanov Dynasty Commemorative
Year: 1913
Condition: PCGS MS-62
Description: Y-70. Commemorative Ruble struck to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty. A fully original coin with light to moderate toning that does not hide the obvious luster underneath. Not easy to find as most specimens that survived in the West are souvenirs brought out by emigres, and seem to inevitably have problems such as cleaning.
Price: $425.00
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Russia 50 Kopeks 1913BC, Original Toned Refugee Coin
Year: 1913BC
Condition: PCGS AU-58
Description: Y-58.2/J-891, Type IX. An attractive coin with original color, long impounded in a family collection (60+ years). Typical of coins that came out of Russia during the First World War and early Civil War period, as refugees fled to Western Europe. I have included images of the coin prior to certification as I think those give a better idea of the color and surfaces.
Price: $139.00
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