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1899 $1 Silver Certificate, The Famous
Year: 1899
Condition: Good+
Description: The famous Series 1899 "Black Eagle" note, of the first "date above" Type. So-called as the title "Series of 1899" appears in small print above the serial number on the right. An intact, basic circulated note with the typical pinhole at center where the folds cross. No major problems and not excessively soiled. I find these to be definitely scarcer than the "date below" or "date right" types, even though typical pricing guides don't really show much difference in price until you get to EF and above.
Price: $125.00
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1899 $5 Silver Certificate, The Famous
Year: 1899
Condition: Fine to Very Fine
Description: (SOLD October, 2016 for $450) A nice, sound circulated example of the popular & famous Series 1899 $5 "Chief" Silver Certificate, named for the realistic portrait of a Hunkpapa Sioux Chief at center. These were used heavily and quality notes are sometimes difficult to find. This is a problem free circulated note that I am calling Fine to Very Fine; if submitted it would likely certify as VF20 or 25, as I have observed that the major currency certification services tend to be a bit overly generous in lower grades (up to about VF-30) and overly strict at the VF-35 to EF-40 range. The reason is value, and the desire to maintain the fiction that EF and AU notes are scarcer than they really are for the more common series, in order to support marketability and retail pricing. This is merely my opinion of course. My point is made in that this sold to a DEALER at my retail asking price; he had no problem seeing this as a VF note.
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Framed Display of Two Black Eagle $1 Silver Certificates, Plus Stereo View Image, Abe Lincoln's Birthplace Cabin
Year: 1899
Condition: Good+
Description: Framed display of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia. This contains a pair of Series 1899 $1 Silver Certificates, the famous “Black Eagle” note, one each mounted to show the Obverse and Reverse, as well as a stereo cabinet card by the Keystone View Co. This is Identified on the card as being the cabin Abe Lincoln was (supposed to be) born in at Hodgensville, Kentucky. I say “supposed to be” as this structure was a reconstruction of the original, which his son described as being a “ruin” by the time he had been elected President. I suspect that this particular view was taken at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition (Saint Louis World’s Fair), of the “Lincoln Cabin” that was displayed as a traveling road show by New York businessman A. W. Dennett. Dennett purchased the Lincoln homestead in Sinking Springs as well as a local building said to contain logs salvaged from the Lincoln cabin, using these to reconstruct a cabin for display. Later purchased by the Lincoln Farm Association, the cabin & additional logs formed the genesis of the display at the now NPS National Historic Site at Sinking Springs Farm. The structure in the picture most closely resembles the one currently at Knob Creek, KY, rather than the reconstruction at the NPS site, mainly as the NPS cabin is a complete “foobie” cobbled together to fit the available space. In any case, a very cool wall display for the Lincoln admirer or collector of U. S. Currency. Professionally framed and matted, this is an older work that hung on the wall of my coin shop & office for a number of years, after I purchased it from an estate. The frame is 17-1/2” x 22-1/2” and the “gilt” shows some light wear here and there, which I think adds to the historical image of the piece, but no damage. The glass appears to be UV resistant. This by the way was always hung out of direct sunlight as long as I owned it. The notes themselves are Average Circulated, so what you are purchasing is a piece of historical memorabilia. Due to the oversized nature of this piece, it will be shipped UPS or possibly Fed Ex at the option of the buyer, insured and well packaged for safety. Offered at $275; not priced here for immediate sale as the shipping needs to be invoiced after purchase based upon delivery address and choice of shipping service – please contact me for an estimate of shipping and total cost to you. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fragile nature of this item, it is sold AS IS, no returns – any damage that occurs in shipping is covered by the shipping insurance, however once delivery is accepted, the item becomes the responsibility of the purchaser.
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1907 $5 Legal Tender Note, Sharp Original Woodchopper
Year: 1907
Condition: VF/EF
Description: (SOLD December, 2016 for $248, on ebay) A clean, problem free copy of the famous "Woodchopper" note. A bright, fresh and clean note, with the common one vertical & one horizontal "wallet" folds. Grade wise it is a "50/50 split" chance, as one dealer offered as an opinion, that this would certify as an EF-40 or VF-35. Not terribly common condition today either way as the rigors of the First World War economy meant that these notes were used hard. Always popular for its classic design.
Price: Price On Request
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Leather Coin Bag, First National Bank of Pasadena, CA
Year: 1920
Condition: "Circulated"
Description: (SOLD May, 2017 for $50) An unusual offering: a leather coin pouch from the First National Bank, Pasadena, California, presumably a customer "premium". National Bank charter #3499, in business 1886 to 1934, no date known on the bag but the nature suggests early 20th Century. Well used but sound, the applied gold color 95% gone from the impressed lettering. Wear, as should be obvious from my images, from its intended use, there may be some minor damage to the string pulls (I have not seen enough of these to be sure); in any case the ends of the strings are mildly distressed and "pulled". A natural to add to a display of similar California material.
Price: Price On Request
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1929 Series 1 $10, Crocker First National Bank, San Francisco, CA
Year: 1929
Condition: AU/CU
Description: (SOLD August, 2017 for $120, on ebay) A very nice clean fresh looking note on this famous California bank. Probably never circulated, just picked up a minor bend/fold on one end while in non-numismatic storage (the "fold" matches one on the $5 B of A National listed as #5427, as they came from the same source). Crocker was originally chartered as the First National Gold Bank of San Francisco, changing names twice; this is the third title from 1925. To illustrate something of the nature of the National banknote market, this note has an approximate population of 20% of the total of the B of A note being offered (~400 vs. 2000+), but little difference in absolute value.
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1934A $10 Silver Certificate, North Africa Emergency Issue
Year: 1934A
Description: Fr2309. The largest denomination of the so-called North Africa Emergency Currency Issue. In actuality, this series was the first attempt at a currency for exclusive use by the U. S. Military, as it was issued to the troops during the invasion of North Africa in 1942/43. Meant to try to prevent problems with Black Market activity through currency control, as well as to allow identification of notes issued for circulation overseas so they could be de-monitized if necessary (similar to the Hawaiian Overprint series). Remember that the North African invasion was the first large scale military landing the U. S. attempted during the war, and was no sure thing - planners were considerably worried that it would fail, and Washington did not want large sums of Legal Tender washing around for potential use by Germany or even Vichy France. These notes are much more difficult to find in nice condition than those of the Hawaii series in my experience, but they have less of a "story" behind them so seem to be a bit undervalued. This is a nice AU note, with one obscure central vertical fold and some light signs of handling.
Price: $129.00
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1935A $1 Silver Certificate, Hawaiian Overprint
Year: 1935
Condition: Fine
Description: (The note shown has been sold - as I can almost always find a decent example of this type on the West Coast, if interested please inquire) A clean circulated example of this Second World War emergency note. Issued for specific circulation only in the Hawaiian Islands, based upon fears of a Japanese invasion. The plan was that these could be repudiated by the U. S. Government and made non-legal tender if needed to prevent their use.
Price: Price On Request
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