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Commemorative medals and medallions, not including listed So-Called Dollars. The item shown is a Silver restrike of a U. S. Mint "Indian Peace Medal", Julian IP-36, the design originally struck under the James Buchanan administration. (Sold by Stacks in January of 2011)

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Medal Honoring the U. S. S. Wasp, War of 1812
Year: 1820
Condition: AU
Description: One of a series of (originally) Gold medals awarded by Congress to honor Naval heroes of the War of 1812, this commemorates the Captain of the U. S. S. Wasp, Johnston Blakely. Blakely was immediately successful against the British in 1814, sinking two combatants and capturing a third merchant vessel, all within a couple of months. Unfortunately, he and his command disappeared at sea in October, 1814, presumed to have been lost to a storm. Listed as Julian NA-6, 65mm in French Bronze. These dies were not cut until 1820, both as priority in awards was given to those officers still living, as well as the fact that no likeness of Blakely was easily available. Dies by Moritz Furst, the single Gold award medal was presumably given to Blakely's surviving family. This medal was later added to the U. S. Mint's general public catalog and copies were struck off either for stock or to order for a number of years. A rare medal, as are all from this period. Unfortunately, reliable records are only available from about 1855 onward. No medals of this number are shown struck between 1855 and 1860. With the onset of the Civil War and the corresponding patriotic fervor, 40 were struck between 1861 and 1866; afterwards only 20 are noted until 1875, and some small quantity in the 1880's. One can assume that a number were struck between 1820 and 1854, however given the somewhat obscure nature of Blakely's tenure at the helm, as well as the fact that numismatics did not "take off" until about 1858-1860, the numbers could not have been huge. Call it certainly 200 or less originals; later strikings into the 20th Century would have been in slightly altered materials, as the classic Bronze alloy was not used much past the turn of the Century. To put it into perspective, HK-12, the medal issued to celebrate the completion of the Pacific Railroad (CM-39 in Julian), was struck in the quantity of 300+ in Bronze in just the first two years available, and hundreds after, not including at least 100+ in Silver as well. Obviously a more popular and public subject, but this medal is considered a huge rarity (some of this is of course associated with its listing as a So Called Dollar) - this gives you some perspective on the rarity of the Blakely medals. This example shows some minor signs of mishandling, such as a couple of very minor edge nicks, but appears to be original. The color of the finish is just slightly off, suggesting that the antiquing applied may have been affected by less than ideal storage over the years.
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Harrison Presidential Inaugural Medal in Silver
Year: 1886
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: A silver impression of the U. S. Mint “Presidential Inaugural Medal” for William Henry Harrison. The dies by George Morgan, these were prepared in 1886 to help fill a hole in the Mint catalog of medals struck for Presidential Inaugurals. Harrison of course had died within a month of attaining office in 1841, so no medal was prepared at that time. Listed as Julian PR-7, however unlisted in Silver, thus probably a late 19th Century restrike. I have suspected that this might be a piece de caprice struck off for Virgil Brand, or the like – it is not one of the later Rice restrikes. Certified by NGC as genuine, however it suffered a cleaning at some point and is noted as such on the “tombstone” holder. It has nicely toned back, and shows an overall impression of “old silver” coloration with some russet highlights. Recently seen (and unsold) in the Stack’s New York Americana Sale (I am the original consignor); this has been off the market for at least three to five decades. Regardless of the moderately problematical surfaces, this is a rarity of the highest order and obviously has not appeared on the market in some time. If you have any questions about this lot, please email.
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William McKinnley Memorial Establishment, Santa Clara County, California
Year: 1901
Condition: Extremely Fine
Description: 25mm Bronze medallion from the memorial established in 1901 in memory of assassinated U. S. President William McKinley, Santa Clara County, California. McKinley was shot at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY, dying a few days later. A statue in his honor was erected in San Jose to mark the spot where he had spoken in May, 1901. Most of these tokens that appear show cleaning or damage, many showing signs of being unearthed. This is a nice problem free piece with just normal pocket wear.
Price: $22.00
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