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Commemorative medals and medallions, including U. S. Mint-struck items, not including listed So-Called Dollars. The item shown is a Silver restrike of a U. S. Mint "Indian Peace Medal", Julian IP-36, the design originally struck under the James Buchanan administration. (Sold by Stacks in January of 2011)

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Commemorative Medal Honoring David Garrick, English Stage Actor, 1772 Dies
Year: 1775
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: Bronze medal, 40mm, honoring David Garrick, famous British stage actor and head of the Theatre Royal. Reverse shows the Three Muses and the legend "He United all Your Powers", a reference to Garrick's perceived changes to how English stage productions were handled, and his stage acumen. Dies by Lewis Pingo dated 1772. A stunning medal with original surfaces, lightly toned blue with redder highlights around the devices. Some minor rim touches as to be expected, but no wear. Probably an original, early striking off the dies. I have a note with the medal that this is catalogued as Svarstad No. 73. An attractive and historic medal honoring one of England's greatest impresarios, if not its greatest stage actor.
Price: $239.00
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Naploeon Bonaparte, Battle of the Pyramids 1798
Year: 1840
Condition: Choice Almost Uncirculated
Description: Medal, 41mm, commemorating the Battle of the Pyramids in 1798, in which Napoleon Bonaparte's forces defeated the Mamluk army and vanquished the final remnants of the old Eqyptian pharonic kingdoms. Dies by Antoine (de) Bovy, 1841-42 Restrike in Copper by the Paris Mint, edge marked with the "Anchor" privy used during this period. While I suspect a light cleaning a very long time ago, very attractive and looks original at first glance. Very minor edge marks from contact, one or two more significant soft bumps noted, otherwise no wear or damage. There may be a small contact area atop Napoleon's hair at the highest point of relief, as there is a "bright" spot at this location - likely from being pulled/pushed in and out of an undersized plastic flip (this will be shipped in an oversized archival flip). Otherwise with lightly toned surfaces displaying much original reflective surface. A rare and popular medal with its association to one of France's favorite Sons, and a controversial figure to this day. Not commonly found outside European shores.
Price: $369.00
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Death of Oliver Cromwell, Dassier's 1731
Year: 1875
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: Bronze medal, 38mm, commemorating the death of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England during the Commonwealth period. Dies by Dassier, part of his 1731 "Kings & Queens of England" series of medals. Formal "Greek" bust of Cromwell (which knowing him, he would disapprove of), Reverse a scene of his tomb and "puti". Lightly toned original surfaces, a mark or two away from Gem. As to whether to call this "Uncirculated" or "Proof", most high relief medals were struck at least twice, traditional of the process used for Proof coinage. However, the traditional term to use is Uncirculated. A very attractive medal and nicer than most noted. Signs of some die repolishing and rust pits suggest that this is likely a 19th Century restrike, explaining my estimated date given.
Price: $119.00
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Pennsylvania Bicentennial Souvenir, Struck by U. S. Mint
Year: 1882
Price: Price On Request
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Harrison Presidential Inaugural Medal in Silver
Year: 1886
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: A silver impression of the U. S. Mint “Presidential Inaugural Medal” for William Henry Harrison. The dies by George Morgan, these were prepared in 1886 to help fill a hole in the Mint catalog of medals struck for Presidential Inaugurals. Harrison of course had died within a month of attaining office in 1841, so no medal was prepared at that time. Listed as Julian PR-7, however unlisted in Silver, thus probably a late 19th Century restrike. I have suspected that this might be a piece de caprice struck off for Virgil Brand, or the like – it is not one of the later Rice restrikes. Certified by NGC as genuine, however it suffered a cleaning at some point and is noted as such on the “tombstone” holder. It has nicely toned back, and shows an overall impression of “old silver” coloration with some russet highlights. Recently seen (and unsold) in the Stack’s New York Americana Sale (I am the original consignor); this has been off the market for at least three to five decades. Regardless of the moderately problematical surfaces, this is a rarity of the highest order and obviously has not appeared on the market in some time. If you have any questions about this lot, please email.
Price: $2,950.00
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19th Century Medal, Franco-Russian Naval Treaty Visit, Toulon, 1893
Year: 1893
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: 1893-dated medal for the visit of the Russian Imperial Naval Fleet to Toulon, France. 38mm in Bronze. This visit came about as a gesture of friendship between France and Russia after signing a Naval treaty about 1891, and follows the visit of the French fleet to Cronstadt in that year. Allegorical figures representing the two parties shaking hands on the presumed Obverse, and the City Arms of Toulon on the Reverse side. Presumably struck at Paris based upon logic and the workmanship, probably to the account of the City fathers of Toulon. This is a fully original piece, showing a bit of light "pocket wear" from being saved randomly as a souvenir. Most probably picked up in France during the period after the Second World War. Value wise, I am certainly guessing a bit, but it should be in line with other similar 19th Century material, given that these are no where near common.
Price: $95.00
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Medal Commemorating Climbing of the Eiffel Tower
Year: 1900
Condition: Almost Uncirculated
Description: Medallion commemorating reaching the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Dies by Alexandre Louis Marie Charpentier, 40mm. Technically I believe that this is struck in Brass rather than Bronze, based upon the color of the composition (the difference is less than 5% "white metal"). A famous medal, while of an "industrial" nature this borrows from features of the Art Nouveau style. Charpentier worked with Louis-Oscar Roty, another famous French artist, to create a resurgence in French medallic art. This is fairly common as a type simply due to the popularity of the Tower, but always a popular French medal design. Minor edge dings and perhaps some light wear, but still very attractive.
Price: $75.00
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William McKinnley Memorial Establishment, Santa Clara County, California
Year: 1901
Condition: Extremely Fine
Description: 25mm Bronze medallion from the memorial established in 1901 in memory of assassinated U. S. President William McKinley, Santa Clara County, California. McKinley was shot at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY, dying a few days later. A statue in his honor was erected in San Jose to mark the spot where he had spoken in May, 1901. Most of these tokens that appear show cleaning or damage, many showing signs of being unearthed. This is a nice problem free piece with just normal pocket wear.
Price: $22.00
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Medal Commemorating Defence of Verdun, Original Dies
Year: 1917
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: Bronze medallion, 36mm, the famous Verdun Medal designed and awarded by the Town to Allied servicemen who served in the sector between the Argonne and St, Mihel during the battle. While considered an "unofficial" award (i. e. not issued by the French military), it is one of the most iconic general award medals of the First World War. This is the early coin/medallion version with original dies by S. E. Vernier. As struck other than some exceptionally light signs of surface contact from storage, nice original surfaces. A very cool piece of French exonumia .....
Price: $49.00
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Medal Commemorating “Le Petit Provençal”, French Socialist Newspaper
Year: 1930
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: Octagonal Bronze medallion, 41x41+mm, referencing “Le Petit Provençal”, a popular French provincial daily newspaper that was forced to cease publication in 1944 by the Vichy regime. While a left-leaning publication, it was not an official Socialist organ, and was nationalist in outlook, opposing the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact of 1941, as well as supporting De Gaulle over Vichy. Classic Obverse representation of Marianne, France’s version of Liberty. The style of this medal and the reference to this publication certainly suggest an origin in the 1930’s. Very attractive – a few light touches on the edges, but nothing I would deem unexpected or serious.
Price: $49.00
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