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Commemorative medals and medallions, not including listed So-Called Dollars. The item shown is a Silver restrike of a U. S. Mint "Indian Peace Medal", Julian IP-36, the design originally struck under the James Buchanan administration. (Sold by Stacks in January of 2011)

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HK135, George Washington's Headquarters at Newburgh, NY
Year: 1883
Condition: AU/Unc
Description: (SOLD March, 2015 for $125) Medal commemorating George Washington's Headquarters at Newburgh, NY, struck in 1883 for the celebration of the Centennial of Declaration of Peace ending the Revolutionary War. Co-listed as HK-135 and Baker R-456. This shows the building used by Washington at Newburgh on one side, the Washington family coat of arms on the other. 42mm in White Metal, holed with period ribbon remnant for suspension (usually pinned to the breast with a straight pin). AU/Unc, almost all of the Prooflike surfaces showing on this well designed, engraved and struck piece. The slightest bit of wear from being worn during the celebration, then apparently carefully preserved as no spots or stains, unusual on this metal. A few random surface marks. Based upon observed grading by NGC, this might certify as Unc. Dies by Abraham Demarest of New York City. A very scarce to rare type, even for the popular Washington series.
Price: Price On Request
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Harrison Presidential Inaugural Medal in Silver
Year: 1886
Condition: Uncirculated
Description: A silver impression of the U. S. Mint “Presidential Inaugural Medal” for William Henry Harrison. The dies by George Morgan, these were prepared in 1886 to help fill a hole in the Mint catalog of medals struck for Presidential Inaugurals. Harrison of course had died within a month of attaining office in 1841, so no medal was prepared at that time. Listed as Julian PR-7, however unlisted in Silver, thus probably a late 19th Century restrike. I have suspected that this might be a piece de caprice struck off for Virgil Brand, or the like – it is not one of the later Rice restrikes. Certified by NGC as genuine, however it suffered a cleaning at some point and is noted as such on the “tombstone” holder. It has nicely toned back, and shows an overall impression of “old silver” coloration with some russet highlights. Recently seen (and unsold) in the Stack’s New York Americana Sale (I am the original consignor); this has been off the market for at least three to five decades. Regardless of the moderately problematical surfaces, this is a rarity of the highest order and obviously has not appeared on the market in some time. If you have any questions about this lot, please email.
Price: $2,950.00
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Souvenir Denver Mint Medal, Significantly Off Center, Rare!!
Year: 1993
Condition: Choice Uncirculated
Description: Off center souvenir medal from the Denver Mint. Approx. 15% or a bit more off center, this is still housed in the original plastic bag it was sold in. An attached note indicates that it was purchased in 1993, so I give that as the date of "issue". I can honestly say that I have never seen one of these off center, and it is not like this is "just a little bit off". This is significantly off and should have been caught at the Mint! I almost considered sending this in for certification, but that that it was "cooler" as-is in the original packaging. This medallion is also slightly and attractively toned in purple-red highlights from contact with the plastic, and is otherwise a Choice to Gem BU medal. The unstruck portion of the planchet shows the typical slight roughness and small marks present on unstruck stock. As for my Asking Price, I am taking a shot in the dark and starting at "stupid money", as my research has not turned up an equivalent item to judge value by. I am sure that if I am too cheap, a buyer will let me know! Otherwise, you may feel free to make me a reasonable offer. This type of material is highly unlikely to be something that you can replace with ease, regardless of the potentially relatively low level of interest.
Price: $199.00
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