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1851-O Seated Half Dime, Choice AU, Nice Color
Year: 1851O
Condition: NGC/CAC AU-55
Description: A low certified population (13 NGC, 16 PCGS as of Dec. 2018), rare with a CAC sticker. Until recently, this was the ONLY such CAC'd coin (Dec. 2018 Pop = 2). Only 13 coins in higher grades with CAC, two AU-58 the rest Uncs. Well struck, attractive and original, this should easily cross to PCGS, should you desire to do so. Also, a scarcer date in better grades.
Price: $349.00
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1859 Seated Half Dime,
Year: 1859
Condition: PCGS PR64
Description: This is the first relatively common Seated Liberty Half Dime date available as a Proof, the Mint having started to publicly sell Proof coins and sets the prior year. "Common" is certainly relative as I do not see them often. This date is UNIQUE in American Numismatics as the only Half Dime (or any other coin denomination) with this Obverse Hub, modified by Anthony Paquet in an attempt to "lighten" up the design. The distinguishing characteristic is the "hollow center" stars, which can be seen even in low grade on a circulated coin (when you can find them - I have only owned two in the last three-four years). This is Valentine-1, a triple repunched date with the repunching showing plainly and boldly on the 1 and 9. Although not noted in Breen, the 8 is also obviously repunched. This would appear to be a very early die state of the die, as in addition to an exceptional strike, the coin shows some light Cameo contrast. This variety is scarcer than V-2 as a Proof, and probably more so as an EDS coin.
Price: $1,749.00
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1864 Small Motto Two Cents, RARE Uncirculated Coin
Year: 1864
Condition: PCGS MS-63BN
Description: A stunning glossy Brown Uncirculated example of this scarce variety, the first Unc that I have seen in a very long time. Unquestionably "new", with a bold strike and few if any noticeable marks - seems very PQ for only a "63". Bold luster pops off of problem free surfaces that have the wonderful slightly purple-red tones that old Copper and Bronze coins tone to if left undisturbed. This variety is identifiable even in lower grades by the shape of the "D" in IGWT - it is shorter and "squattier" than the Large Motto type (compare to any 1864 LM listed on this site).
Price: $1,699.00
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1868 Seated Half Dime, Choice Proof
Year: 1868
Condition: PCGS/CAC PR-64
Description: (SOLD February, 2017 by private treaty to a dealer for $825) An original old time Proof example in a brand new holder. This came out of an old Type set and was undoubtedly cracked out of a first generation PCGS or NGC holder to place into the album, based upon the age of the set. Nice deeper natural toning on deep mirrors, and this certainly looks to have some Cameo contrast, probably just not quite enough to garner a CAM designation at PCGS. Combined PCGS/NGC Pop of 112 coins; CAC only THREE (as of April, 2016). One of the other 2 CAC coins was recently available at $1,050 - it seemed just a touch darker and "less lively", so my equivalent price should be reasonable.
Price: Price On Request
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1884 Indian Cent, Gem Proof, Amazing Toning!
Year: 1884
Condition: PCGS PR-65RB
Description: (SOLD June, 2017 for $950) A stunning Gem Proof example with bright magenta colored fields surrounding the bust of Liberty, which shows obvious contrast to the deep watery fields. There are also some yellow and blue-green toning highlights here. The Reverse is a solid sheet of deep magenta with bright blue out at the rim. Proofs from this year certified with Cameo noted on the label are extremely rare and require full Red color to be so noted. In this case, the Cameo effect also appears to be on the Obverse only. Regardless, this is an amazing looking coin and well worth a premium for the color and surfaces. I might be asking "stupid money", but go find another like it!
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1888 Nickel Three Cents, Choice Uncirculated
Year: 1888
Condition: PCGS MS-64
Description: A scarce Business Strike example of this low mintage year, with only originally 36,500 struck. Very original with nothing serious in the way of marks present - the certified grade may be limited slightly by the presence of obvious heavy clash marks surrounding Liberty's head. These are common to the series, but some would find them mildly distracting. I find them interesting as it shows the nature of the production process by the Mint during this period. So much effort was going into making Morgan Dollars that minor coinage, particularly the "token" (non-Silver) coinage below the Dime denomination, was largely ignored as far as quality control. If it showed a date and denomination, it was OK to go. A few tiny specks from bank storage otherwise problem free and in an older light blue label holder. PCGS Price Guide value of $485.
Price: $449.00
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1901 Indian Cent, Gem Proof, Amazing Toning!
Year: 1901
Condition: PCGS PR-65BN
Description: (SOLD June, 2017 for $850) "Kissing cousin" to the 1884 Proof Cent listed as #5884, as they came out of the same old collection. Calling this "Brown" does a disservice to this coin, as it shows deep blue over mahogany brown surfaces, with some traces of deep red - the kind of color that only original Copper & Bronze coinage develops. There is also a sense of a bit of contrast on Liberty's features, noticeable as the blue is a bit lighter in tone here. The Reverse is a riot of mixed electric blue, magenta and yellow. Both sides show deep, watery fields with no major defects, made obvious by the stated grade. Certainly more than just an average "Brown" Proof Indian Cent! Similar coins have auction results to over $1,000, so I am not totally off the mark with my asking price - as the saying goes, "go find another".
Price: Price On Request
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1910 Lincoln Cent, Stunning Choice Matte Proof Example!
Year: 1910
Condition: PCGS/CAC PR-64RB
Description: A nearly razor sharp Choice Matte Proof example of the second year Lincoln Cent mintage. When I looked at the Reverse of this coin, my first thought was that I could just about shave with the Wheat Ears! Mellow purplish-red surfaces that show Brenner's design, and the technique of the Matte Proof striking, to near "perfection". They tend to give a bit of a "mulligan" when it comes to color designation with Proof Indian and Lincoln Cents. However, I have noted that CAC is VERY picky when it comes to stickering coins that are Brown, so I have no problem with the designation in this case. I will also note that this coin has more "life" and a brighter surface than a number of similarly graded coins that have transacted recently. Just flat out a pretty coin!
Price: $1,105.00
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