A Rogues Gallery

Here we discuss one of the ugly truths of the coin business, one that is not usually revealed by most coin dealers.  This is that the majority of coins that exist in the collector market have some sort of problem - whether they have been cleaned, damaged or otherwise abused.  Unfortunately, many of my "competitors" choose to treat these coins as normal inventory and send them out to customers without comment as to their liabilities.

In these pages, which will be added to as time allows and as we have material to use as examples, we will show some of the overgraded, cleaned, damaged or otherwise abused numismatic material that we have purchased back from our customers.  While expensive, both in terms of time and money, our goal is to educate the consumer to help them avoid such pitfalls, and of course hopefully steer them towards considering doing business with us.  While we are not perfect by any means, we do believe that our standards for grading and quality make us stand out among the field of mail order coin dealers.