Welcome to Tipsico Coin

For almost forty years, the Tipsico Coin name has stood for accurate “old fashion” grading, the kind that seems to have gone out of style elsewhere, solid value for the dollar spent and collector-oriented customer service.  We encourage you to take a prowl through our offerings here, as we have something for almost everyone!

From Print to Web:

We have been publishing a hard-copy catalog since before the PC was a glint in Bill Gates’ eye.  Our catalog offerings cover the traditional collector coin series from Indian Cents to modern Small Dollars in a range of “collector grades”, mostly “raw” as well as some certified higher grades, as well as Proof and Mint Sets, Commems, etc.  A link to a downloadable version of that catalog will be added to this website in the near future, which will allow "instant updates" to inventory which we carry, but whose lower values preclude listing seperately on the site.

The New Frontier:

With this website, we are moving into the 21st Century, recognizing that many if not most coin collectors now choose to do their looking on the web, rather than at a coin show.  The format also allows us to offer more specialized, individual items, and we can offer images that will give the prospective buyer more information about their purchase.

Of Service to The Collector:

Tipsico has traditionally specialized in servicing the beginning to mid-level collector, but we also commonly sell items of interest to the more advanced hobbyist, often on a “want list” basis.  As we expand the business here on the web, we plan to add more of these higher ticket items, as we come across those that we feel meet our standards for quality and solid value for the price, or that our customers have indicated they have an interest in..